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  1. https://carnival-news.com/2019/08/20/st-thomas-heroes-recognized-during-ceremony-aboard-carnival-fascination/?fbclid=IwAR3QzHPj0wE9Uuuqb12QNNOXP2KkWSnDo1GLe3Vn3dOWAyQfQ9_MFP3PyfQ
  2. https://www.wftv.com/news/trending-now/watch-dramatic-video-captures-rescue-of-cruise-guest-in-wheelchair-who-fell-off-dock/977041492?fbclid=IwAR1xfzsqncjKfOGOdO7mt1sJQppIOwnc-9vMTVHHXa303am5j0g6vrpFTFE Well done
  3. Looks like the OP will miss out on any of the protected sailings and compensation, as they didn't respond by July 11th and their reservation cancelled automatically, where does the fault lie here, RCI or TA????
  4. Wow, chill out, not trying to "Flame" you, just trying to be helpful and pointing out a possible problem
  5. Curious as too how old the kids are, if they are minors they must have a stateroom next to or across from yours, and shouldn't book a guarantee
  6. When you collect your bags in PC if there is a line at customs, grab a porter, they have their own line with little or no wait, the only way to go if you're in a hurry
  7. At my age, the way time flies, that is recent lol 🙂
  8. Didn't they change recently to NRD on suites in the US too?
  9. Did you see that Carnival is bringing a floating dry dock to the Bahamas so the Vista can get her azipods fixed?
  10. DON"T cancel the 2nd person in the above scenario, canceling invokes the penalty for the 2nd person and then the cruise will be repriced as a solo, and the supplement will be added. just gibe them a name and then have them be a no show and the taxes and fees will be returned after sailing
  11. The 6 month rule for entry into the US does not apply to Irish Citizens, so no problem there, and most Caribbean countries treat you as in Transit so shouldn't be a problem there either
  12. Some, not all, of the price differences can be attributed to the extra protection UK cruisers get with their bookings, the rest is probably split between currency exchange rates, Royal don't change their rates daily, and GREED
  13. Our daughter made D+ at age 14, with her own points, and was joint highest cruiser, with us, at age 15 on VY, we got the champagne, she didn't lol
  14. His original BC and the judges adoption or custody order are what you'll need if you don't have the new BC
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