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  1. Port fees are always an estimate, if you paid more than the actual fees on the day of the cruise, they will refund as OBC, if you paid less than the actual you win.
  2. It can be used on a future booking, even if the booking already exists, what it can't be used on is the same ship and sail date as it was issued for, this stops people cancelling under the Corona Conditions and then re booking the same cruise as the price has come down
  3. When the cruise line have waived their policy on not paying commissions for canceled cruises, the TA should waive their policy on cancellation fees, they are double dipping, and the fact that RCI is paying the commission again when an FCC is used they are Triple Dipping. Very bad Practice
  4. So anyone have any idea when the Guilty Plea with the Deal will be entered?
  5. There have been previous reports of the Dyson Air Wrap not working on board, probably due to the way the electric supply is configured, it's different to how it is on land
  6. How much is the penalty for canceling, if it's less than $700, book again and then cancel the first booking, also you siad you were told there are no upgrades, that essentially may be true, but if there are better cabins available at a lesser price than you already paid you should be able to change cabins
  7. The country of Birth is very relevant is the person still holds citizenship of that Country
  8. The tarp is also easier to remove to allow damaged bits to be cut out and removed from the ship
  9. NO you wont, you will need a Real ID DL, very different from an enhanced dl that is only issued by, I think, 4 states
  10. What did he say no too, buying the OBC or getting money from the Casino? A lot of call centre workers have never been on a cruise and if the question is not in their script have no idea of the answer, it may have changed since July, but I doubt it
  11. Yes, all the time, the last being July this year, just have to make sure your on board account is set up as a cash account
  12. And then have a cash account onboard and you can withdraw money from the casino with no charge
  13. No you don't get the booking protection in the US that you do in the UK, When Thomas Cook went bust last month RCI was one of the first to stand up and say that all bookings would be honored, even when they themselves hadn't been paid, why? Because the knew TC was ABTA and ATOL protected and they would get their money, albeit may after the ship had sailed, no such protection in the US.
  14. Thanks everybody, this is the first time out of PC since they stopped the D+ line, so looks like good compensation from Royal for that. Now just hope our travelling companions have it on their set sail pass as well
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