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  1. It's normal for ships to be inspected when they arrive at a new US homeport, never knew they had to be inspected when just visiting a US port
  2. The only downfall is the 3rd person may have nowhere to sleep in the other cabin.
  3. In Brevard County, Florida, we just walk into the clerk of the courts office and have one issued immediately
  4. A photo ID is not needed with a Naturalization Certificate as that in itself is proof of Citizenship and a Photo ID, like a passport
  5. At the moment, correct, lets see what happens after March 29th.!!!
  6. Why would you even have an ESTA to print off if you have a B1/B2?
  7. The way I understand it, is that port charges are all estimated until the ship actually sails, fees and taxes, for the entire ship, vary by the number of passengers, the time actually spent in port among other things. When a cruise is first offered for sale, estimated taxes are collected at a rate calculated by factors know at the time, docking costs etc, as the cruise gets nearer more reliable information in known and the tax amount collected for new bookings may be adjusted, either up or down. When the ship sales and the final passenger count and fees charged by each port are known, then the total fees are divided by the passenger count to give a per passenger cruise total. If a passenger was initially charged less than this amount, the cruise line eats the difference, if the passenger was initially charged more, then the amount is refunded as OBC. In the event a port is missed, the percentage of the total port charges that was associated with that port is refunded based on the percentage that was estimated originally. So if on initial estimation the missed port was estimated to be 20% of the total then 20% of the amount paid is refunded, as the estimates change through the booking process two passengers may be credited difference percentages, dependent on the estimated charges for that port at the time they paid, and the amount collected with their booking. Just my understanding, may not be correct
  8. The ship will leave at 2pm ship time, that may or may not correspond to San Juan Time, just make sure you have your watch set to ship time when you get off and all will be fine, do not rely on a cell phone as it may change to local time, and that may be different to ship time
  9. This is what I have used many times, this one is for the Father of the child to sign, depending on the circumstance I had one signed my the Mother or the Father or both travel generic.doc
  10. Don't forget you must have lace up closed toe shoes to ride
  11. AT&T does have wifi calling, go to settings and turn on wifi calling, do this at home, not on the ship, once this is turned on, it may take a minute or so the first time, put the phone into airplane mode and then turn on wifi. Try and make a call, if the call is successful, you are all set. When you get on the ship, put the phone into airplane mode, and turn on wifi, login to the voom wifi service and your phone will make and receive calls and texts just as if you were home in the US.
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