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  1. cruiserjanet

    Distilled water for CPAP

    It’s a Resmed Air Mini. His sleep doctor actually recommended it. Like I said, it’s not cheap nor will insurance cover it. But no more humidifier and no more lugging around a big machine. He hasn’t received it yet.
  2. cruiserjanet

    Distilled water for CPAP

    The outlet behind the bed is such a pain to get to and it’s so dirty back there. My husband is getting a travel CPAP so he won’t have to deal with cords or distilled water anymore. It’s not cheap but it’s a lot smaller and will be worth it in the long run.
  3. cruiserjanet

    Distilled water for CPAP

    My husband takes an extension cord. It's Princess approved since it's just an extension cord and nothing else. Princess will supply one but it's like 100 feet long (I'm exaggerating) but we bring a 6 foot one since we don't know what wall the bed will be on until we get in the room.
  4. cruiserjanet

    Coral Princess

    We were on the Coral last month for a full transit Panama Canal cruise and had the best time. This was our second time doing this cruise and our third time on the Coral. Except for some obvious and normal wear and tear, she was great. The crew was the happiest I've seen on a ship in a long time too. The new bed was wonderful.
  5. cruiserjanet

    Just off the Coral

    Like Lois, we got off the Coral yesterday. Had a blast. This was our second time through the Canal and it was just as good as the first time if not better. Crew was very friendly. We had the best stateroom steward ever. Also, the new bed was amazing. I slept like a happy baby. One of the photographers was from our 2016 cruise. She takes the best pictures. I was stunned as to how well they turned out. We had the photo package and came back with more than 100 pictures. We went to Sabatini's on a sea day at lunchtime and had Alfredo's pizza there. Yummy! Main Dining Room food was good. I think it's time to change the menus up a bit. However, I never went hungry and they did have some of my favorites. ;) In Fuerte Amador, we did the Panama Canal & Locks by Boat excursion. It was one of the best excursions we have been on. We went through the Miraflores and Miguel locks (the older ones). We were so close to the locks we could almost touch the wall. The tour guides were very good. I highly recommend this excursion. In Puntarenas we did a Walk in the Clouds excursion where we went to a rainforest and walked over three suspension bridges. Very pretty. Just went out on our own in the other ports and walked around. I haven't been on this ship since 2010 but I like the layout of the Horizon Court and the happy crew member greeting us with silverware. I do not care for where they put the International Cafe though. I like the hand washing stations at the Horizon Court (similar to what is on the Royal and Regal). The water felt so good. Much better than the "cut finder" that is at other places. If you've never been to the Bayou Cafe, I highly recommend it. I was traveling with 5 other people, 4 of whom had never been to the Bayou Cafe. They all liked it so much that we went back a second time. My best friend was on Voice of the Ocean. She didn't win but she sang her heart out and we were proud of her.
  6. cruiserjanet

    15 day FLL to SFO Coral Princess Patters

    I ditto what cnkgirl said. Thank you.
  7. cruiserjanet

    Purchasing watches on Princess ships

    My BFF got a Fossil watch on the ship. Found it cheaper when we got home. It might be a good idea to research before buying. I got some Effy jewelry much cheaper in Aruba than on the ship and it was the same jewelry.
  8. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. I haven’t had a chance to read through this whole thread but does anyone have actual dimensions of the medallion, like how many inches across and how thick it is? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. cruiserjanet

    How early do you pack?

    We have packing lists that we edit but don't get the suitcases out until a week before. Packing happens during that week as regularly scheduled laundry gets done.
  11. Is it worth doing this excursion? Also, is it better to book a private tour when we are in Quebec a few days early or do the ship's excursion the day the ship leaves?
  12. cruiserjanet

    Photo Package

    We got it for $49 last year when they were testing it out on the Royal. We ended up with more than 60 pictures for 10 days. We got not only the hard copies but the electronic ones on a ship USB drive. When it was offered for $99 earlier this year, we jumped on it because that's an excellent price especially since you know how expensive each picture is when purchased on their own without the photo package.
  13. cruiserjanet

    Frontenac to the Port in Quebec

    When we did this cruise the last time, we stayed at the Hilton and took a taxi from the hotel to the ship. This time we are staying at the Frontenac and have booked a princess transfer. I know we will get a letter when we get to the hotel and there will be a Princess rep on hand, but by that time, it would be too late to change our mind since the transfer would have been paid for. Approximately what time does the hotel pick up our luggage? Once the hotel picks up our luggage, do we see it again at the bus at the port or does it get delivered directly to our stateroom on the ship from the hotel?
  14. That is correct. I spent much unnecessary time with several Princess reps regarding excursions. It showed our excursion confirmed and no balance due for each one. However, in the payments and credits portion, it showed we still needed to pay the balance and had all of our OBC. The rep stated that this would all be cleared up on our shipboard account when we board the ship. She also stated they were still working out the bugs. I hope so because it's confusing.
  15. cruiserjanet

    Paris to Switzerland

    Our plan is to spend a few days in London so I think we will do it beforehand and take the tube to Paris to meet our group. We have never been to Europe before.