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  1. The same post was on one of the Facebook Viking Groups and the comments for the most part were what one expects on Facebook versus the learned knowledge we grasshoppers learn from the Master Kan's (David Carradine of Kung Fu) of this group. You all know who I am referring to.
  2. FlyerTalker you are so right. My wife and I flew American LAX to Reagan National in July. We had and still have an abundance of miles to use up so we opted for First Class. Absolutely the worst First Class experience ever. It wasn’t even Covid-19 related, it was the airframe. We found that our last flight coach from LAX to Paris in 2018 had a superior experience than this recent one. my best experience was Boston to LAX first class upgrade on a new (10th) flight of a 757 or 767 in the early 90’s…hot fudge sundaes
  3. But some people Clay might be one have not seen their face in a long time, so a magnifying mirror might not be a benefit
  4. They didn’t load up on Stone or Green Flash departing from San Pedro? Shame
  5. We are going on a Nile Cruise in 2023. Given the expected heat of the upper Nile, I have considered purchasing a Thobe, the traditional man dress that one sees in the Middle East. I think it would help with both the heat and sun. Would I be able to wear it to dinner?
  6. Actually some of us, me included are thrifty, some would say cheap. As I said, your mileage may vary. My wife drinks very little these days, thus the package, both have to purchase, does not pencil out. If she drank as much as me it might make sense. it does make sense to spend the money for business class seats LAX to the Middle Easr, but that is for another thread.
  7. I listen to many podcasts while walking the dogs. Early last month Malcolm Gladwell on Revisionist History interviewed a dog trainer and scientists about how well dogs can be trained to detect the smell of disease, as I recall it focused on prostate cancer. The trainer was convinced that a dog could be trained to sniff for COVID-19 and have dozens of people every five minutes walk by and be cleared as being free of infection. There might be false positives from crayons😜
  8. All mileage may vary. My wife does not consume much alcohol anymore. When I price both of us having the package for the duration of the cruise versus what we would pay by the drink, the package does not make sense. I am not a big drinker but I could envision drinking two beers at lunch and two glasses of wine at dinner, but that is included free. Might I have a martini or G&T in the afternoon and a bourbon in the evening? Of course, but what is that? $15-20 per day. My wife might have a drink every other day. I really can’t see myself having 2 beers, two glasses of wine and two drinks day after day for two weeks. Five days yes, but not fourteen. Enjoy your cruise
  9. You might also get a great deal. We booked a Vancouver to San Pedro cruise in 2019 17 days before sailing and had a better mini-suite for less money than friends who were on a package tour
  10. This thread continues to bring back memories. I grew up in semi-rural Maine, outside of Portland and many would still consider it “the sticks”. My mother was raised in Montreal and she wore a uniform to school. We had school clothes and play clothes. We changed when we got home, but school clothes were not a uniform. When I was in grade 10 my mother relented and allowed us to wear jeans to school. I did once but it never felt right. Move into work life. I wore jeans to the office on relocation days or stopping by on a weekend to pick up a file, but it never felt right. I retired two years ago and at that time I was one of the few who always wore a jacket and necktie, people would often ask if I was going to court that day. No, I am not a doctor….nor a lawyer
  11. During Covid, my son got married. They went on a Honeymoon to Jamaica with flights included. What had been a Denver-Miami-Montego Bay flight turned into Denver-LAX-Miami-Montego Bay. The good thing was that there weren't many people at the resort and they are young and can handle crazy flight schedules easier than I
  12. Broker you nailed it. Changes in COVID requirements are in a state of continual flux. We are on a Princess cruise to Mexico in late November ( a lot of sea days and we can drive to the ship!, not to mention it was a deal last winter) but when increased Princess requirements came out last week others on that cruise freaked. I reminded them all that no one can predict what the requirements will be 100 days in the future and there is no reason to get ones panties in a bunch worrying. If you worry that much you should never leave home......I forget, home is also a dangerous place. Just ask Homer Simpson, Doh!!!
  13. I recognize that this is a virtual explorers lounge, but would anyone mind if I wore my old blue jeans with paint splatter?
  14. Correct! Ensenada is only a short walk to stretch ones legs, although on a short Thanksgiving cruise a few years ago we had an enjoyable wine excursion, but I would not repeat it.
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