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  1. For us, it was worth the price, especially since Viking doesn't wildly price it. Just make sure to pay attention to your account. If a server doesn't input the drink within the package, it can erroneously be charged full price to your room as happened on our Sky voyage last week. Easily taken care of. My main problem with Viking's alcohol program are the selections of wine. I wish they had better premium by-the-bottle offerings.
  2. I'd be interested in hear how Viking followed up with this. How a company handles problems says a lot about earning future, repeat business.
  3. Frankly, for a port-intensive schedule, I'd forgo the onboard drink activities and get into town to drink locally. Same goes for food. Why eat on the ship when you could experience a local kitchen?
  4. This is why airport lounges exist. Also, you can check your luggage and then explore San Juan a little more. No reason to have lunch in the airport when you can have something local and authentic.
  5. What I like most about Viking's air-inclusive option is that they almost always use fare buckets that allow higher-level elites to upgrade the ticket with their airline at no cost. Just did this with the upcoming Iconic Med iten. DFW-LHR-BCN and FCO-MAD-DFW. Bumped them all up on AA. Earning full mileage and EQD. For us, this was a no-brainer to take, especially with end of year elite mileage earning coming up.
  6. I'll say this much... When traveling, even if you don't think you'll need or use the visa, get it anyway, just to be safe. I travel 350k+ airline miles a year and would never just take the word of a random phone rep. I make sure to cover my @ss at all times so that I don't end up in your situation. I'm sorry it worked out this way: Don't let this deter you from seeing the world.
  7. Darling, this isn't Cunard... A tank top isn't going to give British people the vapors. And some of us have had a proper amount of Botox and don't sweat that much.
  8. Poolside and at the gym are perfectly acceptable. Otherwise, no.
  9. It was as legit a circumstance as I could have had it. A day in-between calls and a world of price difference. It felt... Wrong.
  10. I've also found that calling several different times to Viking (direct) can elicit varying rates and stories about what's actually available. Case in point: Upcoming Iconic Western Med, I call on a Monday to take advantage of free air and they quote me above what was on the website for a cabin, as the lower cabins were 'sold out.' I said I'd think about it and waited 24 hours, called back. New agent. New price. Much lower. The lower DV cabins were suddenly wide open and the price lowered by $600/pp. I booked it, but it didn't put a good taste in my mouth when it c
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