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  1. pnhmrk

    Favorite Foods Aboard

    Who on earth could you mean? :)
  2. pnhmrk

    In cabin coffee

    Why on earth would you take all those things with you? We take a travel kettle to make tea on the last morning when cabin service isn't available but we don't use our kettle at any other time. Just remember to get room service to bring you a couple of extra mugs, some extra tea bags and to put the milk from your last tray on the day before you disembark in your fridge and you're set.
  3. pnhmrk

    Queen Victoria - Our Thoughts

    [quote name='Norfolk Brit']Whose time zone? Sir Martin[/QUOTE] I didn't think there were time zones in Hades. I thought there only was one time - too late :)
  4. pnhmrk


    Not just clean - it would have to be new! :D
  5. pnhmrk


    Seriously? Don't you find it rather a turn-on to think of all the bits (of whatever gender you prefer) that have been dried on the towel that you use to dry your face? (Hey - I'm out to halve Cunard's laundry bill with just one post! :D )
  6. pnhmrk

    Queen Victoria - Our Thoughts

    [quote name='capnpugwash']Oh God, I hope so.:)[/QUOTE] I hope not :p reading it is so much fun :D
  7. pnhmrk

    Smoke Smell in Cabins

    Oh no :) I suspect there are quite a lot of us ;)
  8. pnhmrk

    Smoke Smell in Cabins

    That does raise the question of why people who smoke should have their use of their balcony affected by nonsmoking neighbours.
  9. [quote name='MadScientist_01']Not a problem - my rates actually aren't that competitive - expensive things cruises, got to pay for them somehow[/QUOTE] Yeek :eek: It's another one in the style of the ex!
  10. pnhmrk

    Lifeboat stations and wheelchair users

    [quote name='3rdGenCunarder']O I believe he's out shopping for bin bags and bricks, even as I type.[/QUOTE] No need as far as that particular ex-cat is concerned. I was very disappointed to see that they didn't use its earthly remains to grit to roads during the last spell of cold weather :(
  11. pnhmrk

    Lifeboat stations and wheelchair users

    [quote name='Norfolk Brit']Even more importantly, how does an ex-cat get off in the event of an emergency? Sir Martin[/QUOTE] This ex-cat doesn't need to. It's already at its final destination.
  12. pnhmrk

    Lifeboat stations and wheelchair users

    [quote name='glojo']I could say I have a 'friend' who knows the answer or is an expert in this field but have I? [/QUOTE] I don't know about your friends but I do know that NonDePlume HAS such friends.
  13. pnhmrk

    Lifeboat stations and wheelchair users

    [quote name='Norfolk Brit']Hear hear! A welcome spot of realism at last. Mary[/QUOTE] Am I too late to add my agreement as well?:confused:
  14. pnhmrk

    Lifeboat stations and wheelchair users

    I'm afraid that it is far more than just a "point of view". The sad fact is that most of the people who have posted so far on this thread simply don't know what they are talking about and are far more keen to see their own (wrong) opinion on the internet than they are to get the correct happenings.
  15. pnhmrk

    Bow tie, to tie or not to tie...

    I'm getting worried - I'm agreeing with the ex-cat again! :D