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  1. People die more from the flu than this Coronavirus. My wife and I are in good health and no where near the age of people that unfortunately have passed from this virus. As of now, all the ports we are going to are allowing cruise ships. That could change but as for now, we are planning on sailing out Saturday.
  2. I am not saying there is no risk, but I don’t feel there is any more risk than me being around hundreds of students and staff every day.
  3. My wife and I are both teachers in our 30's and still planning on going this Saturday unless the cruise line cancels.
  4. I am sailing out this Saturday out of San Juan. My wife and I still plan on going. Today marks the last day people can cancel and get the refund Celebrity offers. I am hoping that Celebrity themselves will not cancel since the Caribbean has very few cases.
  5. I am still cruising leaving out of San Juan this Saturday 03/14. My wife and I are 30, and 33 in excellent health. I am hoping that with all the cancellations, we will be able to get some upgrade deals.
  6. We are sailing out on March 14th as well. Thank you for letting me know. I will look into this.
  7. My wife and brother and sister-in-law and I will be in Bonaire in March off the Celebrity Summit. We have heard nothing but great things about the snorkeling in Bonaire and want to do a snorkeling excursion. Unfortunately, Woodwind tours does not have openings for 4 people. Any other snorkeling companies that are highly recommended like Woodwind?
  8. Thank you for the suggestion. I think Trikes would be fun, but after showing the wife them she is a little nervous about me driving in Aruba. We have had close calls driving in other Caribbean islands.
  9. aleboeuf

    2nd visit Aruba

    My wife and I in March will be visiting Aruba for the 2nd time. We did an island tour last time and it was great. We are looking for suggestions on what to do this 2nd time around. There will be 4 of us total in the party. All of us are in our late 20's or early 30's and are in pretty good shape and open to any adventures. We are already snorkeling in Bonaire, so unless Aruba has some outstanding snorkeling we would like to do something else. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We will be arriving on the Celebrity Summit on Tuesday, March 17 from 8am-5pm.
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