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  1. Every credit card company seems to handle these situations differently. I disputed a charge for $2700 with Citibank. I also had 2 other smaller charges ($950 and $800) toward the same cruise, but charged at different times. I had to file 3 different disputes with this one card. The $2700 dispute prompted them to ask for additional information. I provided it and got a ruling this morning in favor of the merchant....what??? I contacted them immediately. They said sometimes it just depends on the investigator. I initiated another dispute. If they ruled in favor of the merchant for the $2700 amoun
  2. I had charges on 3 cards for an Alaskan cruise. I contacted all 3 cards separately. One card (Chase) has already resolved the dispute. Citibank has asked me for additional information. American Express provided me with a a conditional credit (all 3 cards did), but HAL made a refund to that card (for 2 beverage packages).
  3. I've also disputed a charge with Costco's Citibank. I began the dispute 4/24. I received conditional credit within a few days. About 10 days ago I was asked to provide additional documentation. Thankfully, I booked through Costco so I had emails on online chats with them. Were you asked to provide any additional documentation to Citibank? I've been told that the matter will be resolved no later than July 13.
  4. The charge on my Chase card was made on 2/11/20. I disputed it on 4/22/20. It was resolved on 5/10/20.
  5. My amount from Chase was $950. I wonder if there is some sort of dollar limit that requires further investigation.
  6. Who is the credit card company? I had charges on 3 different cards - American Express, Chase and Citibank. They all provided conditional credit within a few days. Chase has already been resolved (in about 3 weeks time since i initiated the dispute). HAL actually refunded the amount to my American Express card (it was just for 2 drink packages and I just received the credit this morning), so that dispute basically resolved itself. Citibank required additional paperwork. This was for a June Alaskan cruise that I cancelled on March 19th. We were within the "fully refundabl
  7. I filed a dispute with Chase on 4/22 for a charge made on 2/10. I was credited the amount ($950) in a matter of 2 days. This morning I received a letter from Chase saying that the matter had been resolved and they were sending me a check for the full amount. It took less than a month. I filed a dispute with Citibank for the same cruise in the amount of $2700 (I was trying to maximize accumulating points, thus the use of different credit cards). Citibank credited the amount again within a few days, but just recently asked for substantiating paperwork. I imagi
  8. Same thing happened to us. I made the final payment on my credit card, but hadn't paid that bill since the statement hadn't closed and no payment was due to my credit card company. I called immediately and disputed the charge.
  9. I could have written these very same words. We've only cruised 3 times, but were very much looking forward to our Alaskan cruise in June. We would much rather explore on our own. I really have no desire to cruise again anytime soon.
  10. I don't know how the FCC works because I opted for a full refund. I cancelled on 3/8 for a June Alaskan cruise. I've received no monies back at this point. I actually used 3 different credit cards to pay for my cruise and disputed each one separately. It's a relatively easy process. You'll have to visit each credit card's website. The CC company credits you back the monies...conditionally. They will give you a date where they expect the matter to be resolved between themselves and HAL. It is my understanding that once that date passes, the credited money is yours. They
  11. I had charges on 3 different credit cards for an Alaskan cruise in June. All 3 have credited my cards the amounts I paid, with 1 exception. One card (citibank) is taking longer with a portion of the payments because it was charged in 2019. I did all of it online. I do believe there is than a time frame (the credit card company will give you that date) when the matter is considered "resolved".
  12. I did the same thing. Let the credit card company do the chasing.
  13. What specifically will your credit card company do for you? I ask this because we hadn't paid off our cruise as of March 19th (the day we cancelled); the balance was sitting on our credit card but since the bill wasn't due yet, I didn't want to pay--why give HAL more money at that point. I called the CC and they put the amount "in dispute". We will continue to incur interest charges, but they told me that once HAL refunds the money, I can call the CC company back and they'll refund the interest. I guess my question is this, if 60 days goes by without a refund, what will the credit
  14. We canceled entire cruise on March 19, and haven't even gotten a refund on 2 drink packages and additional OBC we bought separately. Initially we were told 7-10 days; now we are told 60 days. The enormity of this situation is worse than any of us could have ever imagined. I'll be happy if I see any money at all.
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