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  1. Well done. Should you not chase the Tanzanian Visa. Should have been granted by now. You need to check
  2. Hope Cruise and Maritime lives up to its advertising. Have heard mixed reports
  3. Hi Thanks for the update. Yes I have also been granted Tanzanian and Indian visas for our trip. Sri Lanka to go at the end of the month. See you on board
  4. Thanks once again for your reply....sounds a good trip of yours We sailed with FO on the Boudicca about 6 years ago a cruse to the Amazon (fly cruise from Barbados)...We were disappointed in the cruise probably the itinerary also the ship had been previously damaged to the stern (but Sailed) Lots of passenger violently sea sick due to the damage I believe.(I also was confined to cabin due to sickness)...FO disputed this.....Found the ship needed a total refurb. Dining experience not great....lounges shabby....This was 6 years ago .....I am sure things have changed.We have never sailed F
  5. Hi Tring with thanks for the info.....Yes CMV have been most unhelpful with the TANZANIAN e visa application.....CMV are pushing all passengers to apply through Visa Companies at the Visa company cost We passengers are very able to apply ourselves on line I have had many attempts with CMV to extract the information I require to complete the e visa form....eventually I have received the information and I now hope when I apply for the Tanzanian e visa all will be correct and our e visa will be granted. I have success in the Indian e visa (granted) CMV voluntarily sent all pass
  6. sri lanka visa apply end of NOV Hope I have got this right
  7. How soon or late can I use this visa? Your Sri Lankan ETA visa allows you to make your initial entry into Sri Lanka no later than three months from the date of grant. A Sri Lankan ETA visa is valid for three months only.
  8. When will be the start date of the visa and what are the maximum days of stay in Tanzania? All Visas are valid from the date issued. 90 days from the date of entry/arrival.
  9. When will be the start date of the visa and What are the Maximum days of stay in Tanzania? All Visas are valid from the date issued. 90 days from the date of entry/arrival. On the Visa application form, what is the reference in Tanzania? Name, address and phone number of your contact person in Tanzania, if you don’t have contact person, the name, address and phone number of hotel/accommodation while in Tanzania. JUST FOUND THIS INFORMATION https://tanzaniaembassy-us.org/?page_id=85 Might be different for UK or Canada....I will stick to 3 months and then i
  10. with thanks.....To be safe I will apply after the 14th NOV which is 3 months from arrival date (a lot of effort for a few hrs stay) I am wondering if we need this visa at all if a passenger elects not to go ashore....You will also need (I think) a letter headed with cruise and maritime showing your booking along with passport and separate photo to upload.....Do you know if SRI LANKA VISA is 3 months or 6 months
  11. Ok. Let me know if successful. Also if you find and more info on Tanzanian Visa. I am going to apply for this e visa after the 14th Nov. (3 months) before departure
  12. referees for INDIAN e visa........as photo.......all other questions (not compulsory) answer NA (not available)....last visa...(if you do not know number and details answer with 0000000000 and NA....anything else I can help with please contact me through this chat or my e mail.....
  13. yes same cruise CMV Marco Polo sailing from Bristol (uk) 6th Jan 2020...good luck Indian Visa 120 days before landing you can apply now....Have you got the names of the referees in India...you need this to complete e visa....SRI LANKA VISA....I believe valid for 3 moths from the date of application ....same for Tasmanian e visa......Hope I have got the right...let me know....or you could go through a Visa Company and pay their fees
  14. Hi Blue Lady....Did you sale on the Arcadia world cruise Jan 2019. Cruise and Maritime have not been helpful in providing information to complete the Tanzanian visa.....I would say they could not care......They just direct us passengers to the Visa company.....Cruise and Maritime do not want to be bothered with passengers.although they must have provided to my booking agent the name and address of referees in India for the Indian Visa ...I have been granted the e visa for India......I do hope Cruise and Maritime will have a more caring attitude once on board....There behavior in this Vis
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