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  1. I'm no longer working for NCL. Enjoy the Epic its an amazing ship! Best tip was a watch, i'm watch aficionado and i had a guest with who i've spent hours talking about watches(it was a slow cruise), on disembarcation day he comes to my bar takes a watch from his wrist hands it over to me and says "For you collection kiddo", i'm still wearing that watch every day.
  2. DSC always ends up in the staff's hands, NCL doesnt pay us salary you do, DSC is our salary, how it works is everything gets pulled and distributed evenly among hotel workers(galley,housekeeping, restaurant, bar etc). If you choose to withdraw your DSC and give cash to your steward or anyone else you may do so, that cash will be only for that person he/she doesnt have to report to anyone how much cash she got or from who. Example you want to tip me cash, that cash is only mine, nobody has the right to take it away from me not even the captain. Hope i menaged to explain it well enough, eng
  3. For the first 2 its just be nice, stay for a chat if its not bussy you will usualy get best info on anything ship related from us. If its bussy, there is a long line, please understand that we are working as fast as we can, sometimes its phisicaly imposible to make drinks fast enough, if you are impatient and you are in a hurry to get somewhere try looking for some other bar there is usualy one less than 3 minutes walking
  4. Much worse in any case u can imagine. Most bars werent designed to suport the amount of guests they are reciving. We are earning less.Slower service becouse we canot make drinks fast enough, drinks got more complicated over the years with the incresing popularity of craft coctails, sometimes we dont have enough glasses its a maddnes atm.
  5. Hello its my pleasure to answer and keep them coming😄 Cuting people off is a tricky bussines you never know how that person will react, for super wasted people that come to my venue already in that condition i always called my supervisors/security and notified them before doing anything. For people that i served for some time and i saw are on the good road to get wasted i had a routine, i would start talking about the port that we had next day, excursions, food, stuff to see/do then i told them too bad you will have bad memmories of it, food will make you vomit, thats when they would figu
  6. Cash tips are ours to keep it goes directly to our pockets, some bars/bartenders split tips but that depends on idividuals. Sometimes cash tip can be a faster service, there are moneygrabing bartenders that will run from acros the other side of the bar if they see a dollar.Ultimately its your interaction with us that will get u better service, just be nice
  7. Hello everyone I have been working for NCL as a part of Bar Staff for 5 years, I will try to answer all of your questions to the best of my knowledge, it doesnt have to be related to bar operations only.
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