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  1. Thats what I was thinking too. We had Viking trip mate for the cancelled cruise and was going to shop around for the rebooked cruise just to compare, however if we ever did have to cancel how would we ever be able to “prove” what we paid for the rebooked cruise? Years ago we had to cancel a trip and I remember having to show credit card statements showing our costs.
  2. Im not sure I understand your comment about the insurance cost being so low? Even with vouchers you still have significant amount of money Invested.
  3. Just being announced. Ships in excess of 500 passengers banned till July. Certainly glad now we did not book Alaska for May...we were that close to doing so but decided to just let things ride for now for our June river cruise
  4. Hand sanitizing when entering any dining area should be mandatory all the time.
  5. In our situation, we opted against the 65 minute connection time. We will haveva long long layover, but its our choice
  6. Thats certainly a great idea however I have no clue how the airline can control it, at least here in the states. Its like a stampede to get off the plane! And with airlines now offering early boarding to people needing assistance, its amazing how many people suddenly need to board!
  7. We did the air plus so I think we will change
  8. We are able to get direct flights on Delta from and to Tampa. On our return there have been schedule changes on our Basel to AMS flight where we will only have 65 mins...obviously if the first flight is delayed we would be in trouble, but if its on time is 65 mins sufficient?
  9. Thank you so much for the info! We are in Tampa and Delta currently has a direct flight to AMS. We are doing this for our river cruise in June. Looks like we have options connecting in JFK, Newark, Philly, and Washington for the Lisbon trip .
  10. We are on the Trans Atlantic from Lisbon. Is it better to fly to Lisbon direct from an American airport, or flying to lets say Amsterdam and then connecting to Lisbon?
  11. For our pre-cruise extension for the Viking Rhine Getaway we have been assigned to this hotel. Thoughts, recommendations please...our first adventure to Europe.
  12. Agreed however there arent non stop flights to every city...lol
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