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  1. If the vaccine works why would we worry about those who don’t get it? Not trying to be a smarty pants, just trying to understand?
  2. We are definitely looking forward to the TAD. I doubt we'll leave the ship at this point, just relish to fact that we don't have to deal with all that comes with getting to the ship, i.e. getting out of the hotel, traffic, rental car return and check-in.
  3. We were fortunate enough to be able to book the same cabin!
  4. I'm looking forward to the feeling of having the ship to ourselves. Are the pools and gym accessible during that time?
  5. Thanks! Wish someone had given us the same warning about a balcony cabin (not that it would have helped LOL). So, I assume that we can just plan on sleeping in on that morning?
  6. That's great. I'm sure we'll enjoy the time onboard between the sailings. I'm imagine that can be a really relaxing time.
  7. We've talked about it for years, but I was always the one not wanting to take that much time off work or be gone from home for that long. My wife was surprised when I suggested it. She keeps asking if I can really do it! LOL Thanks for the tip in regards to the liquor and souvenirs!
  8. Do you stay onboard or go into town for the day?
  9. I am excited about not feeling that we have to do everything on the ship within a weeks time, plus shore excursions. We always have things that we didn't get to do. Thanks for your response.
  10. My wife and I have our first B2B booked for next year. Does anyone have any suggestions or things that you do differently when planning for a B2B as opposed to a single cruise.
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