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  1. Since I wanted to change cabins, my TA had to rebook but was able to get the lower fare. Seems like Princess is offering lower prices to existing customers. Nice to know. Perhaps your SIL can get that price since you are traveling together.
  2. My TA is working on a refare for me today - second time in 3 weeks. However, the Princess agent cannot see the lower fare. I can see it when I log in to my account but if I search without logging in, the higher fare is listed. I've never experienced this before. Sent the TA a screen shot of the lower price. Hoping it will get ironed out as it was a price drop of $149pp. Total savings over the last 2 refares is $560.
  3. I refare as often as possible! Just did it for the Enchanted 10-day Caribbean on 1/9/22. Our cabin category had been sold out but I check just about every day and it popped back up last week at a lower fare and additional OBC. And it's not greedy to be careful with your money! It's wise. 😊
  4. We book the Plus package even though neither of us drinks alcohol. I'm a coffee snob and can't stand the free stuff, so the specialty coffees alone make it worth it to me. We also enjoy soft drinks and hubby likes hot chocolate. The unlimited internet is also a great benefit for us.
  5. I have the same problem. I can't see any way to delete the cancelled cruises that are still showing. Also, a newer cruise I just booked doesn't show but when I tried to add it, the app said it was already part of my journey. Ugh.
  6. I remember reading that the break even capacity was around 50%. I would imagine that depends on the size of the ship and other variables, but they don't need a full ship to make money and at this point they are probably anxious to get some cash flowing.
  7. You sound like a fun group! Enjoy your cruise. We are actually scheduled for Antarctica in January 2022. Had a Panama Canal cruise scheduled for next month -- hope to reschedule that one for later in the year.
  8. If I sign up for this cruise, can I be your friend? Let me know so I can bring an extra suitcase for all the swag! 😁
  9. We booked a mini-suite for the January 4, 2022 Antarctica and Cape Horn cruise. The price has dropped three times for a total of $600 per person since January 28th. Is this happening on other itineraries and room categories? It certainly has me guessing about the reasons and the likelihood that the cruise will actually take place. Since we have some FCC from other cancelled cruises, it makes us feel like we're getting a bargain (ha ha!).
  10. We cancelled an April cruise on March 11 - the day before Princess cancelled. At that time, the cancellation fee (50%) was applied to a future cruise per a Princess offer. We subsequently requested Option 2 and when the refund was finally processed (June 18), it did not include the 50% which had been previously applied as FCC. (The 25% FCC for Option 2 had already been added to our account.) So, TA called and was told that Princess would correct the error and we should receive the refund in 7-14 days because "they are all caught up on the refunds." Coming up on day 14 this week. You might want to call and see if they same thing happened on your account.
  11. Exactly. We go from 50% penalty to 75% on March 14 for a 3-week cruise, so would prefer to cancel earlier and get the larger refund. It would be helpful to be able to indicate the desire to cancel now and have it processed at a later date.
  12. We are in a similar situation - scheduled for a 21-day Mediterranean cruise and have until the 14th to cancel at 75% penalty. My only input into your decision is the fact that Princess did take care of people who cancelled cruises in Asia that were subsequently scratched. I would hope they would do the same in the future should more cruises be cancelled, and hopefully, apply the same grace to any change in cancellation policy. Best wishes to you and your family!
  13. Here is a link to a website that will calculate the time needed to navigate between ports. https://sea-distances.org/ My understanding is that the Crown's top speed is about 18 knots. You can plug in the stops on your itinerary and compare the times to the Crown's schedule. I did this for our upcoming Mediterranean cruise on her. I'm sure there are plenty of variables that could affect the actual sailing time, but it might help you to know whether it will be tight or not. Good luck!
  14. If you book the Coral, do yourselves a favor and grab The Sanctuary for Glacier Bay day. We just happened on it while touring the ship after boarding (our first cruise ever) and got the last 4 spots. It was our favorite day of the trip. The cost was a little extra but well worth it. Beautiful views and a great day of pampering!
  15. I was able to use it on a cruise booked several months ago. I don't think they really look at that.
  16. After you click the green "View Details" button for the excursion, the next page has three tabs across the top. If you click "Excursion Details" it gives you very specific info on travel times, etc. All 3 of the Milan excursions I looked at mentioned free time for lunch and shopping or lunch on your own. I wasn't planning on an excursion to Milan, but after reading this thread I am reconsidering!
  17. Thanks for all the helpful information! I'm sure I'll be able to come up with a good solution.
  18. Our travel agent gifted us with a Birthday Celebration package for my husband whose birthday is on the 2nd day of our upcoming cruise. The package includes a shave, $25 casino credit and a bucket of beer. We don't drink alcohol and we're not big gamblers, so I'd like to exchange the package for something more suitable. I'd prefer not to ask the TA to make the switch. Any advice on making this happen before we board the ship? I'm thinking it might be difficult to connect with the right person to handle this on the first day of the cruise. Thanks for your help!
  19. We did that same itinerary on the Coral Princess last year. It was a great cruise. As newbies, we lucked into reserving The Sanctuary for Glacier Bay day. It was our favorite experience on the entire cruise - wonderful day of pampering and incredible scenery! Our traveling companions are avid photographers and The Sanctuary location on the Coral is perfect for that.
  20. Our first Princess cruise was on the Coral to Alaska last August. We just happened to find The Sanctuary on our tour of the ship after boarding. We managed to snag the last spots for the day in Glacier Bay. What a fantastic experience! Highly recommend it!! Enjoy your cruise.
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