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  1. I'd rather have it set from the get go. All my bookings so far have been by TA so I guess that is why it doesn't show for me. I'll try it out when I book a direct Princess cruise next week.
  2. I’m guessing no one knows but it obviously can’t be some astronomically mathematical coincidence. It would be nice if they actually compiled an accurate rating and allowed for reviews but I’m guessing Princess specifically would rather not have that.
  3. Since you're obviously a vodka and soda person, have you ever tried the Absolute Lime and Soda drink? If so, thoughts?
  4. Good God. In this day an age, it's sad they can't have this as a preference setting when booking.
  5. I would acknowledge that weddings are a regular exception and have attend a couple myself at hotels. But those hotels clearly have "wedding packages" of some sort that they offer as normal part of their operations, although I'm sure exceptions are made my certain hotels that don't normally do them.
  6. Nevertheless, I would hardly consider a regular occurrence as it is on a ship. I have stayed in over 70 hotels in Portland alone, constituting hundreds of days, and have never seen it once there or anywhere. I'm not saying it NEVER happens, but it would be a rare thing.
  7. Most of the hotels offer a free shuttle to and from the airport. Make sure that is the case before booking. I plan on staying here the night before my cruise (since I am an IHG member): https://www.google.com/maps/place/Holiday+Inn+Express+Vancouver+Airport+-+Richmond/@49.1924706,-123.1198742,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x9edc2c008c303700?sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjt3abj5JDnAhXrN30KHYI3B58Q_BIwC3oECBsQCA You could take a short ride on a taxi to the Bridgeport station about a half mile away, or even walk it if you don't have too much luggage and are up for that. Or you could shuttle back to the airport and take the train from there but it would be a $5 surcharge per person.
  8. It's obviously an older ship but it seems like I've been reading more and more negative things about smells, worn look, etc. and since it is being sold off soon, I'm somewhat hesitant to book though there is a 3 Day pacific coastal over the summer that could work well with my schedule. For those of you who have been on the ship the last few months, what are your general thoughts about the conditions, cleanness of room, food, etc. I'm not as concerned about entertainment.
  9. Is the Lobster that one can order in the Grown Grill better/same/worse?
  10. But with land based hotels, they are usually blocking off meeting rooms that have to specifically be reserved separately, and anyone has the option to reserve them. I've been in a lot of hotels in my life and can't remember a time when a public space was blocked off, other than that one might feel that way since there were just too many of them in the place.
  11. IMO, probably the best bang for your buck that Princess offers.
  12. That's very helpful. So one could do 1 coffee card and one of each of those?
  13. I was wondering about this myself. I couldn't do an inside for that many days but the Oceanview might be worth a try sometime in the future.
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