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  1. Two questions: 1) Which side of the ship would one want to be on. 2) Will early October be a good time for this trip?
  2. Thanks for the heads up! I was just about to post another question about this ship and am very glad to hear that it is going into drydock.
  3. Can anyone comment on if they have watched the classical musicians play, probably in the Grown Grill bar since there is no Crooners. Also, anyone order a hot dog on the Majestic? Where? Any good?
  4. I have rather pedestrian preferences when it comes to food so you will have to forgive these types of questions. The one time I had a hot dog on Princess (which was on the Lido Deck of the Royal), I recall the bread being way too big for the dog. And I recall the dog size was a little bigger for my preference as well. Is there like a kid size dog with an appropriately proportioned bun that I can get quickly somewhere on the ship, like the buffet or one of the cafes? One of things I occasionally find myself thinking is that I don't eat a hot dog anywhere near as much as I'd like. It doesn't help that the vast majority of Wienerschnitzel franchises in my area have closed down over the past couple of decades.
  5. You know as I think about it, having been to the majority of the major airports in the country, I can only think of two where you can actually walk from the airport to a nearby airport hotel. So certainly it would seem natural that this normally couldn't be done. I'm not counting a handful of airports that have hotels attached to or in the terminal itself. Obviously, Seattle is one where you can and you can also do this in Phoenix using the airport tram to get to a few hotels you can walk to. To address the safety issue, I've walked that stretch (and much more; never stayed in CP) in the afternoon and there really aren't any areas for vagabonds to congregate in unless they used the light rail station though I don't ever recall that happening. And there there is no foot traffic in the area ever so no incentive for anyone to want to panhandle there. I would feel very comfortable walking it with the universal caveat that anything can happen at any time, especially further into the night.
  6. Possibly here: https://parkingaccess.com/blog/los-angeles-cruise-parking
  7. I would expect it to be hot, but you probably knew that. I would not worry about hurricanes. It would be a total anomaly if you ran across one of any consequence.
  8. Florida is hands down the 500 pound gorilla in the room. It has about $9 billion per year in cruise line revenue. But the thing about that is that they go all over the place. TAs, world cruises, Panama Canal runs, South America, etc. and then of course the two core regions of The Bahamas and Caribbean. It's very probable that the one or both of the latter are bigger, but are they with the same or same enough itinerary as they seems to constitute various different itineraries? Not to mention, it's hard to ascribe too much popularity to those when you have a ton of local retirees looking to cruise anywhere and they hop on those itineraries all the time, often with no intent to go ashore. No one is retiring to California because of the insane financial proposition involved with that so we don't have a ready pool of probably over a million retired cruisers looking to just throw their money on any cruise. Moving on to California, it is a distant second at about $2.6 billion. But the vast majority of that (probably easily over $2 billion) comes from the 3 city itinerary, because there is no where to go on a 7-10 day cruise from any of the western cities. There's a spattering of Alaska cruises from CA, a handful of Hawaii runs and Panama Canal, but by and large, it's all about the Mexican Riviera. It is a very popular and lucrative itinerary however you want to look at it. So yes, I'm serious. Are you?
  9. Who cares who the competitors to Carnival are? We're talking about the popularity of a given itinerary. And it wouldn't surprise me at all if that itinerary of the 3 cities I mentioned comprised the highest cruising revenue within the US, and probably worldwide each year.
  10. Is the Royal the only barometer by which we should measure? And if it isn't so popular, why are they deciding to sail now of all times just after a pandemic and all?
  11. Yes, I was basing my comment on pricing out for the next year or so as I was planning. And for whatever reason, it seemed that Panaroma was on average $100-300 less that the Navigator at least when I was looking a few weeks back. I was also comparing the shorter cruises which are also more expensive even though I'd personally take Radiance (post dry dock) than the Navigator.
  12. Yes, I would consider it very walkable. It's probably less than couple of hundred yards from the light rail station. So if you follow the signs for the light rail, then exit the station, it's a pretty short walk north from there.
  13. Long Beach is not a factor. It's few minutes more vs. LA/San Pedros terminal. Besides, RCL runs cruises out of Long Beach that aren't anywhere near as cheap on much older ships never offering any decent perks.
  14. Probably not. But as with everything, it's supply and demand and there are lots of cabins to fill on the Mardi Gras with itineraries that are not very sexy to most cruisers. So if they can't fill them at the rates they want when the dust settles which I suspect they won't be able to, I'm sure you'll see plenty of deals, just not sure how low. And there really is no reason why the Panorama should be so cheap. Plenty of other ships do that same itinerary on much older ships for a lot more money. Not sure what that's all about. In addition, the Mexican Riviera itinerary is very popular as all of the 3 regular cities (Cabo, Mazatlan, PV) are very popular with tourists.
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