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  1. I find it wrong that each D+ member does not get their own gift. If they were each in different cabins, they'd each get a gift.
  2. MAHA

    Some new sailings released

    Good to know. We've been waiting for the Canals and Canada and New England for 2019.
  3. We booked a 3 night specialty package onboard the Radiance Hawaii cruise last May. There was no extra gratuity included. The price was discounted from what 3 nights would cost and we were allowed to go to whatever restaurants we wanted. We went to Chops all 3 nights. It was a nice savings as the 3rd night at Chops was probably only about $10 per person or less.
  4. Waiting for Panama Canal cruises for Spring of 2019 and Canada/New England for Fall of 2019.
  5. They've had 3 ships for many years in Alaska - Millenium, Infinity and Solstice.
  6. With the definition of Sophisticated Chic including designer jeans, my husband now wears nice dark pants with a cotton polo for all nights on Celebrity. I wear black pants with cute tops and have somewhat sparkly tops for Chic evenings. It's what we wear to a restaurant such as Morton's or Capital Grille in warm weather.
  7. Looking at the drawings, there does appear to be less storage and more open shelves. I personally want my things organized and stored where they are not seen and won't fall off an open shelf in high seas. There is no where near enough space for a 14 night cruise in cooler climates or in Europe, where you need more than a bathing suit most days. No shelves in the closets either. Where will the safe be? I saw pictures of the bathroom on another site and there is hardly any shelf space. No cabinets or drawers like the S class. Don't like the new designs. No desk drawer.
  8. MAHA

    No more kids under 3 allowed in the Pool!

    I am a nurse. Urine is sterile (no bacteria) when it comes out of a person's body unless they have a bladder or kidney infection. Bowel movements contain E.coli, which can cause people to become sick. This is what they are afraid of when a small child is in the pool and not toilet trained. Same with any adult who may have diarrhea or be bowel incontinent.
  9. Does anyone know how long Richard Spacey will be on Equinox as Cruise Director? He just started May 26 from what I can tell. Is he usually on for 4 months at a time? We sail September 4 and have heard he is a great CD.
  10. Just loggeg into the new Celebrity website and when I look for a cruise and put in the Go Best offer, the beverage package is only the Classic, not the Premium. Does anyone know if this is what they are offering now? Thanks! Mary Anne
  11. MAHA

    New Look on Celebrity Website

    One thing I noticed today that I had not seen before. On the new website for the Go Best, the drink package is only the Classic. Has anyone else noticed this and is this the new package on the Go Best promo? Thanks!
  12. We lock up our I-pads, phones, cameras, camcorder, wallets, car keys, passports and jewelry in the safe. With the cabin lef topen during cleaning, someone could come in and take those things. The chargers for the items are put in a drawer or cabinet out of sight.
  13. Our phones are in the safe while cruising except when getting off the ship for excursions. The I-pad is locked in the safe almost all the time because we don't buy the internet packages - way too expensive for such slow internet. We check e-mail when out on excursions on our phones as we have T-Mobile and get international data and texting included in our plan.
  14. Another travel insurance website to check is tripinsurancestore. You have 2 choices for travel insurance policies. I would purchase one since medical evcuation from a ship is very expensive. The firs option is a policy that would be secondary in coverage to any existing coverage you have outsied the US. The second would be a primary policy that pays without using your existing insurance coverage. Make sure if you have any pre-existing conditions that they are covered. Some policies have lookback periods where any change in prescriptions, including a doseage change will disqualify you. Some have waivers if you purchase within a certain time frame after initial trip deposit. There are a few policies that will cover pre-existing conditions with a waiver if you buy them by final payment. A pre-existing condition is anything that you have been diagnosed with, even if stable with or without medication. These include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. If you don't get a policy that covers pre-existing conditions and have an event related to that pre-existing condition, the coverage will most likely be denied. That would include a stroke or heart attack due to high blood pressure, etc.
  15. MAHA

    Rhapsody of the Seas for sale?

    We love the smaller ships that Royal has. Freedom was too crowded and we have not sailed on Quantum or Oasis class. Don't know what we will do when all the smaller ships are sold. Voyager is only a few years newer than Grandeur and Rhapsody, having been put into service in 1999 versus 1996 and 1997. Even the Radiance class are only 4 or so years newer. The behemoths cannot get into too many ports and I doubt that the poor Caribbean Islands have the money to dredge their harbors and build new piers for these huge ships. So, they just have limited itineraries. Was looking at a family cruise for Oasis ( our adult sons want to try it) and the ports are not that impressive. Only so many they can go to. Not sure they can go to the ABC Islands. Many will suggest going to the luxury cruise lines, but the prices are so much more that we can't afford them. Just for the record, Celebrity has 2 Millenium class ships for sale as well, Millenium and Constellation. I was hoping they would keep those as it is my understanding that they could fit into the Baltimore harbor.