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  1. We have used FCC to book a cruise in Jan 2022 and many cabins are already booked ..... so obviously they are getting bookings, which I am pleased about. Don’t want to see any companies go out of business.
  2. My Dad - 88 - has had the vaccine today. Second shot in exactly 3 weeks. Unfortunately we are not likely to have it for several months, husband before me as he is older 😅 but just thankful for my Dad.
  3. Having read through these replies it left me seriously worried about having booked our first 'luxury' cruise on Crystal. So I was pleased to read your reply. The decision was taken on itinerary more than anything as it seemed that the main 4 luxury lines were pretty similar, bar the fact that Regent includes some excursions - which apparently from Summer 2022 Silversea is also offering. I see that Crystal's cabins are smaller. Which we have accepted. We like the restaurant choices. But to hear about rife snobbery made me quite concerned. The CC Crystal group seem pretty friendly to me, so I h
  4. Well we are new cruisers, or at least we are trying to be having had 3 cancelled so far this year. This new offer from Silversea of the inclusive excursions has certainly encouraged us to look seriously at the itineraries. Our 3 cancelled cruises are with another luxury company and the excursions we had booked added a considerable amount to the cost, which we accepted, but having looked at Silversea prices (we had checked them before, but maybe not closely!) they look comparable to other companies. Our gripe is the fact that they have a couple of restaurants you have to pay extra for .... thin
  5. Question for U.K. people. If our cruise is cancelled and we elect FCC do we have to use it with the same travel agent? Thank you.
  6. Yes we booked through a cruise specialist - best idea here as we are then covered through holiday protection schemes. We obviously don't know if they have received it from Crystal, but as they have thousands of customers I can't believe they could afford to pay out such large sums of money without having the money back? Doubt we'll ever know.
  7. Full refund received from our U.K. travel company. It’s taken 166 days from the request. No Credit card dispute was implemented. There’s been a few emails and a couple of phone calls. Full amount in bank this morning. Feeling fairly relieved today.
  8. And just had another call to say the TA isn't sure ....so now we have to wait. A bit of confusion here - sorry!
  9. Just heard from our UK travel agent that our Asia cruise in January has been cancelled. Not that it's a surprise.
  10. So far as I can see, the only luxury cruise line to defer to July seems to be Seabourn. The others are mid May and early June, same as Crystal.
  11. Glad you chose this one. We are on this too, first time on Crystal. Very much looking forward to it, and hope it is not at all stuffy!
  12. I’m shocked. I haven’t sailed as yet on Crystal - and now won’t until probably next year as we are moving our cruise from March. But I expected a higher level of common sense from Crystal clientele. We’ve done Marella and after that didn’t expect to cruise again ... but chose Crystal because we looked forward to more luxury and generally a higher standard. We’ve done AI holidays in Mexico and Dominican and although they were 5* most people always used the sanitizer before eating. Even on Marella I remember most passengers used the gel before entering restaurants. What is wrong with people 🤷‍♀️
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