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  1. I have seen those, but hadn't thought about using them without a vest. Very good idea. I'll see about getting one. Thanks
  2. Exactly, some dogs can't make it as good citizens and that's the difference between dogs that are chosen as SDs. are well trained/behaved and those that aren't. It's stress enough to have a service dog with you at all times, without the added problems of handling a poorly trained dog, not to mention the stress on a dog that can't handle public access. That's why we pay competent trainers to train them. As for the jacket, I don't always put a jacket on my dog, especially in hot weather. The response I get most often from the public, when they are denied permission to pet him (I'm sorry, he is a service dog...) is "Well, how would I know? He should be wearing a jacket!" He wears a jacket in restaurants (unless it's a regular), most Dr's offices and places we haven't been before. I wonder what the response is to a jacket-less SD by the cruise lines.
  3. CCI, while a worthwhile organization, does not train dogs for all types of disabilities. That does not preclude the rest of us from also walking with great pride with our Service dog or being proud to be with him/her, even if they aren't a walking advertisement for an organization that provides limited services. Nothing wrong with generic 😉
  4. Unfortunately, yes it is! That 's all the DOJ law requires. The law gives store owners and others an out, if the dog is misbehaving, allowing them to refuse service to the dog, but not the owner. Real SD handlers, on the other hand, realize that an uncivilized SD is bad for the whole community . We make sure our dogs are well trained and worry when they might go rogue on us (act like a dog!). Poser SD owners don't worry about that. They are law breakers and have no concern about the damage they do.
  5. But then, how many are actually sued? It would be great if store owners would eject bad mannered dogs, even if they are SDs. The law allows that. However, I was refused service in a salon and my dog was quietly sitting under my chair. The manager eventually said it wasn't because of the dog, but because I was "arguing" with her, as I tried to explain the law to her! I was upset, but I didn't sue. They just lost a customer. Once, I was harassed by a Sheriff's deputy who was also eating in a Taco Bell. He obviously was unfamiliar with DOJ regulations and didn't think the dog should be in a restaurant. When I first started going into my local stores, I was asked often, but he is so well known now that they don't ask.
  6. The dog and the disability you saw might be fake, however. I will agree to that, but not that the entire reason and service of the dog is, just because the vest was purchased on line. I would bet that even SD training organizations order their custom made vests on line. The vest identifies the dog as a service dog, so people will leave it alone and not distract it. My sister currently has been attempting to get a SD for extreme vertigo (due to brain surgery) as recommended by her doctor, because she is home bound and he wants her to get out more. However, CCI.org does not train mobility dogs and she has yet to find any organization that does. If she gets a SD, it will have to be either self or privately trained or purchased directly from a trainer. For her, all of these options are problematic. In any case, the vest would be purchased on line. Am I detecting a sort of discrimination against handler-trained SDs, based entirely on where the vest came from?
  7. I bought the float coat, but am returning it. It fit around his girth and neck just fine, but only came about a third of the way down the length of his back. When I filled the sink with water and pushed the jacket down, I was able to dunk it with almost no effort at all. I don't have any faith at all that it would support a 65 pound dog. Has anyone had experience with a life jacket where a dog, weighing over 60 pounds, was not swimming, but was just relying on the jacket to keep it afloat? I was also concerned that this jacket doesn't have a chin rest to keep his head above water.
  8. How did you determine that the vests were "fake". There is no law requiring any vest be worn by a SD. Also, I have read that Chihuahuas make excellent alert dogs. Of course, they do have to be near the person they are trained to alert!
  9. I looked into this and the actual delivery to the ship for passengers is somewhat complicated. Here is the email I received: "Our delivery service is primarily for crew but we can certainly accommodate a delivery for you as we have done multiple times in the past for other guests. However, we do not have access to the ship and would normally deliver at the terminal by crew shuttles. "Having worked on cruise ships before, I am familiar with on-board processes. If you are travelling with a service dog, you might have already been in touch with the special needs department. Through them, you could potentially request the help of an on-board team to collect the items on your behalf. You may also inform them of our special delivery and we could possibly leave your packages with the Guest Port Services who has a team taking care of your luggage upon arrival. "We would however have to be expected for them to accept the packages for you.I would suggest you reach out to that department and inform them of our delivery and they will certainly guide you and tell you where the package must be delivered. We'll be happy to follow their instructions. Feel free to copy us in your communication." I am always concerned when one side puts the responsibility on someone else. Many times, neither takes responsibility in case of failure. If anyone has actually used this service to get dog food or other items ordered directly from Amazon, etc., on board, please let me know what the logistics were. Meanwhile, I will contact Guest Port Services and Princess' access dept. Thanks
  10. When you say "they", to whom are you referring? I will be leaving from Ft. Lauderdale, end of March 2020, Island Princess.
  11. Me, too! My travel agent assured me, just now, that both the tub and the toilet in my cabin on the Island Princess have grab bars, even though it isn't an accessible cabin. Good to know.
  12. I just ordered one, from Amazon. It got few bad ratings (I always read those first!) and seems to be pretty sturdy. My dog doesn't swim and is afraid of the water due to a bad experience as a pup with a dog sitter. I only hope it can hold up a 65 pound dog, thrashing around! Of course, the best thing is never to have to find out...
  13. I'd like more information about this, too. Where did you find this? The luggage delivery takes stuff from your home and back, so you have to pack everything ahead of time. Does this mail drop deliver directly from the web site to the mail drop and then to the ship? My boy only eats dry food, but it might be good to have water and non-caffeine drinks ordered and delivered as well.
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