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  1. 11 minutes ago, BlerkOne said:

    That's how they cruised last year in Europe. Cruisers who can, and will follow simple instructions are likely to have successful cruises. How many cases of covid did they have? And this was pre-vaccines.


    Masks didn't prevent covid on the ships. The number of cases remains controversial with the CLIA claiming 50 cases but cruise critics claiming otherwise. 



  2. 31 minutes ago, BlerkOne said:

    Ah, but if the choice is to wear a mask on the ship or wear a mask in port. Decisions, decisions. And you know some of the people on the ship will be unvaccinated.


    That's more of a choice to cruise or not to cruise for many. I doubt many will want to cruise with masks and those that do will be complaining the entire cruise about those who are wearing their masks wrong or not at all. 2020 all over again. You'd have to be nuts to pay a bunch of money to put up with that proposition/drama. Cruising is cool but not that cool.  

  3. 3 minutes ago, firefly333 said:

    I dont know I'd go so far as saying the majority of cases are found because of testing of unvaxxed. True poster here was found that way. The crew onboard for shops on horizon didnt feel well, the first celebrity case got sick, last celebrity case he felt like he had a cold and went and got tested,the was vaccinated. The 4 found on rcl adventure, everyone over the age of 16 I think is vaxxed, 4 adults and 2 kids tested positive. All are tested both ways out of nassau. I havent looked into how they were found on rcl to alaska. Nassau you have to buy insurance upping the cost but it's coming that it's worth it to those who were positive to get home. 


    I dont think the majority were found because of unvaxxed testing. Rcl going forward will require all to present tests to board. Some like crew on horizon and the guy on celebrity just didnt feel well and got tested. All these cases getting kind of scary to me.


    I never claimed that, only that ignorance is bliss. A few asymptomatic cases are a nothing burger if nearly everyone is vaccinated. Most people aren't going to go running to medical for the sniffles or a headache either and ruin their trip. The only real threat is to people who probably shouldn't be risking a cruise anyway (medically vulnerable/fragile). There would be a lot less testing if all passengers were vaccinated and ignorance would, indeed, be bliss.  

  4. 5 hours ago, deweytrader said:

    it appears the reason the majority of covid cases is being found on the ships is because of the required testing of the unvaccinated.  there are certainly more undetected cases on board, maybe ignorance is bliss??


    Indeed it is! Vaccinated asymptomatic cases aren't really a problem. If everyone was vaccinated there would only need to be testing if someone presented with symptoms to medical staff. Even minor stuff can be dealt with with OTC meds and keep the vacay going!  

  5. 3 hours ago, snowballs mom said:

    We are doing a B2B on the Panorama at the end of September. We have not done the Mexican Riviera in years, so we have snorkel/beach excursions booked for the first leg. We are planning on staying on the ship for the second one. 




    I doubt they'll have a mask rule in Mexico and staying onboard the second go round will be great. We stayed on board at two of the three ports and it was very enjoyable and the ship was empty. All the ports are interesting and have a lot to do so most people get off. I was actually able to swim laps in the main pool it was so empty. My youngest son loved the water slides to, he must have went on them 100+ times, all the staff knew his name since we spent so much time there. You'll have the best of both by doing it the way you are doing it. Have a great trip!   

  6. 10 minutes ago, Cherries Jubilee said:

    While I completely understand why places would want everyone to wear a mask, I also understand why travelers would choose not to get off the ship. Honestly there are places I won’t be going locally this summer because I know the masks (that I do feel safer wearing) are going to make for a stuffier outing.


    It’s probably pretty hot in some of those places so I would probably skip the ones that are repeat stops for me.

    I don’t think the ports should change their mask mandate for safety reasons but they should expect that some people will skip them.

    Hopefully enough people are getting off the ship to help any struggling economies out a little.


    Yup, just got back from camping at a large lake in CA and chose that specifically because we wouldn't have to wear masks and deal with any nonsense and different rules at different times. Didn't see a single mask, even in the very crowded town village that serves the area and campgrounds. Just a lot of happy folks going about their business and enjoying nature and the water. We would have chosen one of the beach areas we like but the mask nonsense/uncertainty made the choice for us.  

  7. 2 hours ago, soremekun said:

    That would be me.  However, some of their older junk I will never sail again.... anything older than Vista.


    Different strokes for different folks. I would totally sail on even a fantasy class ship. As long as it is clean and offers the same base general product, I have zero problems and the value potential is much higher. Some of the rates I see people tossing around for this new ship hardly seem like a value proposition compared to AI options and even a general land vacation at some of the higher price points. Most folks are lounging around eating and drinking basically while cruising. The same limitations and benefits of cruising don't really change enough for me to drop a large amount more on a cruise. All the things I truly enjoy about cruising are available on any of the class of ships. If I can get them cheaper on a older ship, even better! A lot of the shiny things that others are excited about won't really add to my cruising enjoyment or improve my value-to-cost ratio. 

  8. 1 minute ago, IntrepidFromDC said:

    An "environmental adaptation" tinged with an unhealthy portion of dishonesty and shame is what I see.  Which seems like a character disorder to me.  Or just a symptom of denial.


    If someone where to interject themselves into your life and make sweeping judgments about you and your free choices, I suspect you would feel some kind of way too. I'm pretty sure most people couldn't care less what some stranger thinks about their choices/decisions and never asked them in the first place, yet that doesn't stop the rude behavior and audacity. The view from that high horse must be spectacular!    

  9. 2 minutes ago, IntrepidFromDC said:

    So in addition to suffering from addiction, they have character disorders?

    When you're bullied, berated, talked down to, lectured etc, you tend to adopt methods of avoidance. Just ask the unvaccinated, they are treated similar for their personal choices. I expect many of them to simply say they are vaccinated and/or avoid the topic in real life conversation(s) as well. Just as folks who may enjoy a smoke do. People learn to take the path of least resistance/irritation/judgment. I wouldn't call that a character disorder, more like an environmental adaptation.  

  10. 22 minutes ago, wemjam said:

    You should be able to upgrade your room NP, we do it all the time before we cruise, if your new room is less you should get the balance back as OBC.  If it cost more you would owe.


    You would need to decide on what rates and what is included (cheers or not) work for you.


    Yes, I would ask for a new PVP and try that for sure!  Wish I could give you my guys name but not allowed.  HE is the BEST


    For a fee or for free? I was told any changes would incur a fee, even an upgrade (self initiated). Are these free upgrades you're referring to Carnival initiated upgrades or you deciding you want a better cabin and calling in? 

  11. 9 minutes ago, cruisingguy007 said:


    The reality: "Current smokers are defined as people who reported smoking at least 100 cigarettes during their lifetime and who, at the time they participated in a survey about this topic, reported smoking every day or some days."


    I'm sure most drinkers will report that they drink only two alcoholic drinks for men and one for women, in one sitting, if you asked in a survey. Or that they all ate healthy "most of the time" and/or exercised regularly too. 🙄 

  12. 21 minutes ago, Brew12 said:

    Not catastrophic but definitely not good. The WHO will approve vaccines as long as they are at least 50% effective. Only very long term use of vaccines will eradicate a disease. Even at 50% effective it will still greatly slow the spread because of the exponential nature of how it spreads. 


    The problem is Dr. Fauci said this “The chances of it being 98% effective is not great, which means you must never abandon the public health approach.” back in Aug 2020. The never abandon the public health approach is alarming, especially with vaccination rates so low. I thought we'd be much higher by now. It was looking like some light at the end of the tunnel and there was some palpable energy for getting things back to "normal" but now the tunnel is dark once again as we circle back around again and rehash the same problems, drama and restrictions. So frustrating.  




    He also recently said it probably wouldn't end in his lifetime.


    "I think within the immediate future and within our future, I would say within my lifetime, it would likely is not going to all of a sudden piddle out and be the common cold."



  13. 51 minutes ago, Tom-n-Cheryl said:

    I always chuckled in the past whenever they wanted to charge a percentage when getting $ off your S&S acct to buy chips. I'd tell them "You're already going to be getting a 100% back, you don't need to rub it in" - lol




    If you stick to one arm bandits this is true but if you're playing table games and are having 100% losses all the time, it may be time to rethink strategy. 😁 

  14. 28 minutes ago, BlerkOne said:

    I think I'll just drop this fact here:, not that it will stop the smoke blowers.


    Current smoking has declined from 20.9% (nearly 21 of every 100 adults) in 2005 to 14.0% (14 of every 100 adults) in 2019, and the proportion of ever smokers who have quit has increased.2


    I say that's bull and based on admitted information. A lot of people are casual smokers and not full time smokers. They smoke when they drink or are in social situations. Every time I'm at a bar there are a bunch of self claimed "non smokers" asking to bum/buy single ciggs from people. I bounced for many years at a well known popular bar in the marina district in SF and seen it a thousand times.


    There are a lot of non smokers who are secretly part time smokers and/or consumers of nicotine. A lot of folks just won't admit/report it publicly, to family, or even their Dr's for any number of reasons but shame and getting lectured seem to top the list. It's also why vaping took off like a rocket. Better concealment options, more opportunities to consume and avoiding judgement/shame. Many of these folks consider themselves non-smokers as well, even though most are consuming much more nicotine than they did on analog cigarettes.


    Real life experience points in the direction that these numbers are fudged and inaccurate. Even in so called healthy green areas like CA. I'd venture there are probably many cruisers who may only smoke while on vacation and enjoying themselves. It's not as cut and dry as smokers vs non-smokers.      

  15. On 7/28/2021 at 9:26 AM, Saint Greg said:

    Give it a year. They’ll all be over there and they’ll put more slot machines in the nonsmoking section.


    Exactly. Been tried many times, every time they return to smoking again because revenues eventually drop. Endless examples of it all across the nation. Of course that won't stop the ultra liberal Berkeley California based group "Americans for non-smokers rights" from continuing their crusade. They enjoy poking their nose in every states business. They've been particularly active in all casino corridors. Plenty of news stories of them on casino .org.    

  16. 15 hours ago, Saint Greg said:

    I think they’re trying to cut back on smokers by removing the people who just go to the casino bar to smoke. They’ve allowed smoking to keep smokers from leaving their gaming positions to take a smoke break every 5 minutes. Not to give non-gamblers an indoor smoking lounge.



    If it's as big of a problem as everyone claims and that popular, maybe they should. 

  17. It's the same as pre covid basically, only the antiva's have restrictions on dining room, they group the antiva's together but all the vaccinated folks shouldn't see a big difference. There may be less folks wanting to be seated with strangers but there should be plenty of folks who won't mind and are looking for the same, especially other solo travelers.   

  18. 5 hours ago, coffeebean said:

    My concern is not that I will contract Covid. My concern is that if masking for the un-vaxxed is not enforced, there may be problems with other un-vaxxed contracting the virus. Ships do not need an outbreak on board so why not just enforce the protocols?


    You live in FL and are worried about possibly coming into contact with an unvaccinated cruiser who has been tested for covid? Do you just not leave your house? Simply being in public is more of a risk statistically. No tests required to be out in public. Some of you are having emotional reactions and thoughts about this and whipping yourselves into a frenzy over a very small statistical possibility. If you're that scared stay home. The ship, with their protocols, is much safer than your typical outing anywhere on land.  

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