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  1. You're absolutely correct. That would be an acceptable equivalence for comparative sake. They represent the same set of challenges.
  2. I'd concur it's very close but much more time is spent indoors on a cruise ship. At a AI, I am only sleeping indoors with fresh air, door open or individual AC, not recirculated shared air and even try to eat my meals by the pool/beach. Basically, indoors as little as possible. AI's are also much larger grounds and allow for much more distancing. Square foot per passenger/visitor isn't even close. Cruise ships afford these opportunities as well but not in equivalent abundance or equivalent space. It really depends on the passenger but some folks just aren't sun/pool people. I'd say it's approx
  3. It's been my experience that most people underestimate their "donations" and are quick to tell you about their wins (I call then David tales) but willfully omit the stories about Goliath kicking their backsides. Most people that think they get something for "free" are incorrect. I've seen people do crazy things and spend crazy amounts chasing "free" or some status that allows them trivial free things that they could easily pay for many times over. Free can get real expensive sometimes...lol.
  4. I think the judge will have a hard time ignoring the unique environment of cruise travel and the unique conditions/challenges of close quarter accommodation. There is nothing else to compare it to, though many try and make false equivalences with regard to ball games, amusement parks, shopping malls etc. The favorite false equivalence, air travel, may be in the same zip code but even it's not a comparable equivalence (hours vs a week). I don't see how any person, looking at this objectivity, could gloss over these stark differences. The state has a heavy heavy burden IMO and I just don't see t
  5. I imagine he's not alone. Makes you wonder who hit this hardest? I've seen some mention 6-8 of these "opportunities", though it wouldn't surprise me that a few might have between 25-50; especially since they allowed the pushing back of final payment; which basically invited folks to take advantage. All those $600 scoop ups might not seem that great of a deal when prices are inflated to offset them. It might end up being a genius reversal rope-a-dope that ends up getting many to spend more than they already would in order to cash in all those FCC and "save" $600. 😄
  6. It's a great idea. I'd love to take cruises up and down the west coast or visit other states on the US perimeter. Sure I've been to some of the places but I still enjoy them and would absolutely cruise on a voyage that only hits US ports.
  7. I guess it does if you want to ensure the demise of cruising. Why would anyone sail if they risk being booted off the ship and have to wear a mask? What's the point of getting vaccinated then?
  8. That's even better! Should be zero cruises being ended on vaccinated cruises due to the threshold. That's plenty of cushion and very fair/reasonable IMO. This is fantastic news actually and should help the lines and passengers feel more comfortable that their cruises would continue if a few breakthrough cases show up or a few people fudge their paperwork and crap out or even worse, roll snake eyes.
  9. Both of my teens got them the first day it was available. Both fully vaccinated now. No issues beyond normal side effects of sore arm. Not conjecture or speculation, just a fact. Over the counter pain meds, pools, driving etc etc etc etc etc are all more dangerous than a covid vaccine. Statistics over sensationalism.
  10. I get your frustration but it's fluid, if they said nothing people would complain too. They deserve a bit of slack, I'm sure it's just as frustrating for them as well. There is much to be happy about.
  11. This is actually great news for vaccinated cruises 1.5% (50-60 people per cruise) is a solid allowance on a 95% vaccinated cruise, it will be even better once the younger youngens can get vaccinated as well. I expect a case or two here and there with a lot of testing but hopefully they can reduce testing on vaccinated cruises. There is no need unless someone falls ill enough to need medical.
  12. From article: "One of the state’s main arguments was the CDC’s requirement of 95 percent vaccinations in order to avoid simulated cruises is not in line with President Biden’s goal of having 70 percent of adults vaccinated in order to reach herd immunity." Talk about a false equivalence. He is in trouble if that's the best he's got. I'm sure the judge will see the two cases on the fully vaccinated cruise tonight on the news too. Won't play well for Desantis.
  13. Covid is cunning and the mutations make it much more contagious.The India variant is just now surging in the USA.
  14. You three going to have a party! Sounds like fun!
  15. LOL, me too. I'll only get to experience her vicariously unless they bring her or a similar ship out west. Looking forward to the review as well.
  16. They are free to operate how they see fit, it behooves them to have vaccinated passengers and avoid negative press and/or get operations suspended again. This whole restart is fragile and must be done right and be successful lest they make headlines and invite scrutiny over the entire industry.
  17. We have a similar issue in CA. Cal Osha is butting heads with the CDC, Governor and HHS director and trying to make some arbitrary rule about masks after the full reopening next week. Me thinks they will be reversing their decision entirely June 17. They can feel the pressure and stink eye from everyone lol. I feel bad for employees, they are so ready to be done with masks and we have high vaccination rates. They shouldn't be penalized for the unvaccinated.
  18. Things will probably look great until flu season. Come late fall though, it may be a different story.
  19. Any lawsuit will be a waste of time and puffing of the chest and and leed to a bruised ego. Business has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason (outside of protected class). Age discrimination is a federal act and for employment.
  20. Any word on when the 3 & 4 day cruises will return?
  21. Don't ask, passengers volunteer info to be counted as the 95%, restrict those unvaccinated to 5% plus add testing/restrictions for unvaccinated and choose kids mostly/entirely.
  22. Age discrimination is perfectly legal. Age discrimination is for employment only and only for those over 40. It's perfectly permissible for Carnival, or any other line, to choose children first.
  23. I agree but I believe kids specifically, who are not yet eligible for a vaccine, will have their fees waived or subsidized by the others who choose to skip the vaccine and deal with the headache. One major line has already said on record that kids will not have to pay. I suspect the others will follow suit.
  24. Good point. If all is well halfway through flu season and there isn't a resurgence of covid or some crazy variant, It's very likely to be loosened if case rates continue to drop precipitously. There will come a point where it doesn't make sense or risk minimal/none.
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