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  1. It's actually not really up for debate. The truth is that many folks, particularly those who sling around Dr. Fauci's name, actually haven't heard what he has actually said. People have selective hearing and then misinterpretation through their own filter of understanding/beliefs causes them to selectively choose individual facts to draw a conclusion that fits their perception/narrative. Everything I have posted he has actually said. The vaccine WILL NOT be a panacea and IS NOT a cure for covid (he has said as much many times). It is simply a mitigation tool to help us live with covid in a man
  2. Wishful thinking and isn't going to happen. If vaccinated people, who are afraid to face the same reality they face on land, are left in the wake, they will be a casualty of the short term. Some cases will occur, it's an absolute certainty, there WILL be cases, even on a cruise with "supposedly" all vaccinated people. The vaccine being a panacea is where emotion is overriding logic. Many folks are under an illusion that it is some kind of magic vaccine. The scrutiny will come whether it's on a ship of all vaccinated folks or not. Then there is the matter of how to guarantee that all passengers
  3. 2022, should be fully rocking by the second quarter.
  4. Long Beach, it saves me (and any of us coming from north) a lot of driving. I love San Diego and try to vacation there at least annually, but to answer your question as far as ports, Long Beach most definitely. Five hours is much better than six or seven.
  5. As soon as vaccines are numerous and available on demand and assuming the industry doesn't trip over itself by agreeing/implementing changes that they will later regret, it will take off full steam ahead. If they can stay out of their own way and bide time until the vaccine availability is fully saturated, it's off to the moon like a rocket! The rebound will be staggeringly swift and there will be some newly minted millionaire diamond hands who will be very happy.
  6. It's like that Disney commercial, I'm usually "too excited to sleep"..lol. Toss all my stuff in a suitcase right before catching a few zzz's for the long drive to the cruise port (pack and roll). The Mrs. is the few days before, check and recheck type. Thank goodness too, she's saved my bacon by packing things I've forgotten on many a vacations. Can't wait to be packing for the next cruise, it usually seems a bit of a chore but I will welcome it with enthusiasm the nest time to be sure.
  7. You'll be around those same people in public in your everyday life, what's the difference? Will you not go to work, shopping, church, social gatherings, restaurants, hotels, shows, events, stores etc? There will be no mandatory vaccines in regular life, will you simply stay home forever? Why should cruise ships be treated any different than any other business or organization? You can only control you, thinking there will be some magical vaccine bubbles that you can participate in, at the exclusion of the unvaccinated is wishful thinking at best. Get your vaccine to protect yourself
  8. There will be no mandatory vaccine unless the government mandates it and implements/pays for the application, monitoring, and compliance issues that may arise from such a program, as well as provides some form of blanket immunity from any type of liability. The USA has virtually zero mandatory vaccine policies. Even the largest, pubic schools, has many opt out options for a variety of reasons. No private business or organization would implement such a program voluntarily when there has been no successful similar program to date (besides military). Plenty of headlines d
  9. This proves exactly what I've said. "To be clear, this isn't United Airlines policy, yet. (A company spokesperson said United is "strongly considering" mandatory vaccines.) Frankly, there aren't enough doses yet to make this policy possible." When there is, they'll be no reason to make it mandatory (things will work themselves out naturally). Makes zero sense for a company to jump the gun and hamstring themselves.
  10. Covid isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. Even with the vaccine. People WILL get sick on the ships, just as they do in schools, work sites, grocery stores, churches, hospitals, dental offices etc etc etc. Community infection is happening everyday/all day. The vaccine lowers odds of infection and lowers risks of major complications from the highest risk groups but DOSE NOT eliminate or cure covid. Mitigating transmissions by environmental controls (ie masking, social distancing etc) is one thing. Requiring vaccines is a government function that entails ongoing compliance/verificatio
  11. Ensenada is pretty sad to be perfectly honest. They have a few excursions that are interesting but each has drawbacks that could be remedied to make for a better experience. I'd like to see some more nice day hotel/beach option excursions that are more efficient with time/transportation (more time enjoying the destination) that offer good food/drink packages. The shopping is much the same everywhere (same junk all over) and many of the restaurants could use some sprucing up and deep cleaning. When you drop a few hundred on drinks and food and then see filthy restrooms with no soap and roaches
  12. That may work on a Viking river cruise type deal but it is the antithesis of Carnival's whole business model of mass-market cruising. The economics wouldn't add up. They use economy of scale. I doubt vaccines will ever be required (it would serve no purpose) but even if they did, they certainly wouldn't do so until the majority of the public (customer base) has been vaccinated and they are readily available. I suspect the masks and social distancing will eventually be optional once vaccines are no longer rationed and fully available on demand. Mandating vaccines would be pointless (individual
  13. I'd cruise with these conditions, at least initially. Seems pretty reasonable all things considering. I hope that the cruise lines, in return, will not be forced to do ridiculous and unnecessary quarantines if a few folks end up catching covid despite best practices. Folks are getting it in the community (by the hundreds of thousands everyday) so it's not like it isn't already out there. They are also talking about opening more schools all over so there will be a huge number of community transmissions there as well. They're not closing down big box stores/malls or making anyone who
  14. Yeah, because every other rule is strictly enforced on cruise ships. I would not count on anywhere near 100% of compliance. If you are in the endangered group, protecting yourself will ultimately be your responsibility. Good intentions/guidelines are one thing, reality/compliance another. They aren't mutually exclusive. Choose wisely, each person is willing to accept different levels of risk and should not cast that care to others or a organization/company. And them's the facts.
  15. Just wanted to update that I have been fully refunded as of today. Jan 22nd was my cancellation day and refund request; fully refunded Feb 5th. Great turnaround time!
  16. Interesting. Will they ban Canadians from traveling to other countries to cruise and vacation as well? What about flights? If not, it seems pretty self serving and hypocritical. Also bias against the cruise industry.
  17. Best deals on last min cruises seem to be from the 3rd party travel agents. Expedia has great deals for cruises that are looking to fill empty cabins. I got an incredible deal by booking 3 days before sailing, basically pack and go.
  18. I've seen some folks mention that Carnival is allowing changes for bookings without fees right now. I accidentally booked the wrong week next year (early saver rate) and would like to move it back one week and possibly upgrade my cabin selection; or even possibly upgrade the trip to a longer duration and different ship, around the same time, since our Panorama trip was canceled this year. What are my chances of getting this accomplished without a $50 pp change fee. Paying $250 to change it seems rediculous.
  19. Very strange. Just received my deposits back a few min ago. Looks like the turn around times are indeed much faster and streamlined now. Hopefully the cruise fares aren't far behind.
  20. Thanks for the info. Just curious, what was the turn around from the request date? Trying to gauge when I should expect the refund to hit the account.
  21. It's been reported that refunds for canceled Carnival cruises are being processed quicker. Anyone get a refund from April cancellations yet?
  22. Were you able to get an immediate refund by calling? I have heard some horror stories about refunds taking many months. I'm hoping the auto form will reduce this. I'd be frustrated having to wait months as well, especially if you have many grand tied up.
  23. Got my notification this morning as well. Kinda figured it was coming as it looks like summer will most likely be when cruising resumes. My kids will be super bummed but spring 2022 is already booked and I may try and squeeze one in before then once sailing resumes.
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