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  1. 59 minutes ago, Ohio Bucki said:

    Is the tides pool area on the Horizon set aside for adults only?


    No but it's a interesting place. Sometimes it can be overran with kids and other times it can be nearly empty. It really varies. The tides bar is pretty good too. I found it to be enjoyable hanging out back there, especially later in the evening as it quiets down considerably. With the casino bar closing down it may become my new favorite night spot, especially if they stepped up the music. It even has a smoking area just up a flight of stairs for those inclined. It can get a bit chilly is the only downside. The casino bar was much nicer in that respect. 

  2. 24 minutes ago, sanmarcosman said:

    All the pools are wading pools if you were thinking of swimming laps 😉 

    Yup, I actually like the outdoor showers they have better. Step in, get wet, hangout/relax and repeat as necessary. You aren't really swimming in these pools, though you can get some short laps in on a port day in the main pool.   

  3. 8 hours ago, ontheweb said:

    The real question though is how will these people (other than children) be identified.


    The better question is, why do they need to be identified? There isn't many of them, most are below 12 years old and all have been tested for covid. I'm not sure why people even want to know? 

  4. 5 minutes ago, BlerkOne said:

    On Horizon, much of the mixology happened outside and they would the bring the drinks to the inside. It was more of a bar than the inside.


    On Panorama they have two bartenders inside working and the outside is basically pool runners who come to the side. I only really hung out there during the Latin music anyway. It's my least favorite bar.  

  5. 13 minutes ago, DramaQueen22 said:

    Not entirely correct.  The bar on the "inside" is open to all.  The outer portion with the pool is only for Havana cabin guests.


    I wouldn't really call that a bar. The Havana bar is open to all. 

  6. 43 minutes ago, Jasonsterling said:

    Yes and no- attracting new clients is definitely a huge focus in marketing and busines but so is, typically, maintaining an existing client base. Maybe you'll keep the new client, maybe not, with a great offer BUT you can almost assure you'll keep an existing client by extending them the same offer. In a market where increasing competition from other lines moving to non-traditional ports with greater numbers of ships and increasing prices on Carnival's side along with moves placing it in line with it's rivals in regard to economic stratification within the experience i.e. reserved areas, higher end suites, upcharge eating, upcharge entertainment and so on maintaining your base takes on greater importance because the base in a field of identical choices needs a reason not to move. 


    In my case Carnival has always been an excellent choice because the port was nearby, they placed newer ships there quickly better insuring there was availability when I was free on a nicer ship and the price was competitive on top of that. Plus, I figured the difference between the lines would not be great enough to go on RCL to justify the price difference or flying to Miami. Now with RCL preparing to move their massive mega liner to Galveston, something I've always wanted to sail on, in addition to Carnival's increasing ala carte schedule of pricing I have to say that I'm tempted to at least try RCL and if I try them I might stick with them, I might like them better. Most companies don't ever want to give you a reason to try anything else. They don't want to give you a chance to find out if it's better. That's what Loyalty Programs are meant to do always give you the reason, the little nudge or edge to stay with what you know over something else.   


    Very good points made here. Carnival seems to be moving in the direction of the competition. Moving from the every man/woman line into the up-charge for everything market will mean customers will try different products since the value equation has changed. Their base product is probably the best in the industry IMO, I think they could keep it the way it is and increase the quality of that base product and the prices to match. Some of the competition is trying to do too much as far as different levels for everything and passengers end up losing out in the end.


    It seems like you simply have more options but it's really a bamboozle trick to slowly move people from a base/included product into a base/up charge product. Why not improve the base product for everyone and then just raise prices accordingly? If they lower the quality of the 'included' items or continue to give you less and less, they essentially have conditioned folks to pay for what used to get. Make the pools so crowded you can't enjoy them and then offer a solution. Keep the food choices basic or lower the quality and then offer a solution etc. Packing too many people on the ships will naturally lead people to seek out solutions that will happily be provided for an up charge. At a certain point the base product may lose its value and/or not be enough of a reason to stick around. 


    It seems crowding is the most complained about issue. Makes you wonder if folks would be willing to pay more for less crowded ships. Say factoring double occupancy as a maximum and tailoring it to per passenger price so a party of 4 would be better off getting two cabins vs 4 to a cabin since the per passenger rate is the same, no discounts for packing folks in like sardines. They can do lots of small things to improve the base product for everyone while still maintaining value and not emulating the class system of the competition. If Carnival fully embraces the business plan of the competition, who will be there to replace Carnival as the every man/woman line? That space is big and needs to be filled, hopefully it wouldn't disappear forever.         

  7. Last min bookings can be a great deal if you're not picky about cabin selection and just want to cruise. It's not always the case on fuller bookings but there are some great deals even pre-covid. It's not unusual IMO. It also pays to check with travel agent sites and booking engines to compare prices for last min cruises as well. They book blocks of rooms and will sell them at/below cost as the cruise closes in to get them off their books, many times offering large OBC or cash back incentives as well. If you're not picky and can pack and go on short notice, it can be a significant savings. 

  8. 1 minute ago, codeyell0 said:

    Thank you 
    I'm looking for ideas
    I did search amazon for key scrunchies but got pages and pages or hair scrunchies. 
    have a link you can share i'd like to see what your talking about
    the cards have no holes right? so you can't just attach them like a key ring?  so you must take them in and out of some sort of holder or keep it in your pocket





    Yes, they have a hole punched since the vast majority uses lanyards and you have to use them so much and for everything. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, ALWAYS CRUZIN said:

    Royal is using a wrist band. Silicone and thick, which I think is very dumb. let's say you are cruising with a couple that is not vaccinated. They want to go to a dining for vaccinated only and you lend them your wrist band. What use is it then? If they intend to do a wrist band. Do one like a hospital. Thin, light weight and all the info on it. Cannot remove it. Water proof etc. heck, when I have one on, half the time I forget I even have it.


    I think some folks are going overboard (pun intended) with the whole mark of the beast thing. It really shouldn't be that many people in the first place, most will be under 12, and all have had covid tests already. Plus everyone else should be vaccinated. I think it's pretty safe and some people are WAY over thinking this. If anyone is that scared they ought to just skip cruising and sit it out for a bit.   

  10. I noticed some folks used key scrunchies for their sign and sail instead of lanyards. If you go to Amazon and punch in key scrunchie you'll see what I mean. They even have some that you can hide cash in on the same page. Good for when you're in port and want to carry as little as possible! 

  11. 20 minutes ago, tallnthensome said:

    I read when that deal was being discussed that a whole lot of people that had way more carnival cruises under their belt didn’t get that offer on Panorama. There were plenty that wanted it. The point I was trying to make is, while not really one, was the platinum gift is weak and real bonuses were being offered to those with few carnival cruises taken. 


    I think most people are loyal not for some small perks but because they get the value that they are looking for overall. Even if they ended the little perks altogether, the overwhelming majority would still sail with Carnival because the alternatives aren't the same experience, and more importantly, aren't the same price/value. I shop at certain grocery stores because of location, convenience, and price. I shop their stores frequently, even though I don't get to cut in line, get free chocolate strawberries, or trinkets. I think folks appreciate some of the perks but don't sail because of them, but in spite of them.     

  12. 6 minutes ago, tallnthensome said:

    So people who strive to reach platinum by staying with Carnival get ….. a luggage tag. People like me that that sail multiple lines and  have only sailed Carnival twice got the $200 cabin offer for the Panroama 7 day Mexican river Cruise for august ….. while platinums didn’t. Makes sense ….. 


    I got that deal too, a lot of folks did. I don't think it was some special deal. I think it was more to fill cabins. 

  13. 2 hours ago, Aplmac said:

    Wrist-bands are visible to everyone -and hard to hide.

    Those who are vaccd.

    get cool, green wrist-bands to be worn with pride

    for the duration of the cruise, to maintain one's visible status.


    Others do not, they get nothing.


    A cool red, white and blue carnival branded lanyard would be better. I don't like wrist bands. Even having a bright ring green florescent ring around the sign and sail would be better. Most folks wear a lanyard anyway.   

  14. 21 minutes ago, kids-in-2-centuries said:

    These have been such helpful responses! I’m glad to hear that it comes Fed-Ex, at least it doesn’t look like junk that way. The problem with that is Fed Ex couldn’t deliver something to the correct address around here if we covered the house in neon lights 🙄 I’m also thankful to hear that they can track and cancel the cards. 


    They can use the tracking number to confirm delivery but not sure about canceling cards. They should be able to theoretically, if they haven't been used but they may not have their system set up that way. That's why you should call ASAP. 

  15. My gift cards came in a Fed-Ex envelope to my address on file, after a week or two and yes, it was simply left at the doorstep and the driver didn't even ring the doorbell. Luckily I happened to be getting home right after it was delivered. They deliver hot cards already activated and ready, there should be a tracking number, that would give you more info. Call Carnival ASAP, don't rely on PVP. 

  16. 12 minutes ago, BlerkOne said:

    People continue to miss the boat that airlines provide transportation and are essential, and cruise lines don't.


    Airlines are also essential for covid spread. First lambda case now reported in TX. Kdr69 is right in his point earlier that airlines have spread more covid than any other form of transportation. They have brought the original covid and all its variants to our shores. The real petri dishes of travel that spread disease worldwide.  

  17. 33 minutes ago, kdr69 said:

    My point was that the narrative keeps focusing on Airlines providing an essential service without acknowledging that they werent mandated to ONLY provide for essential travel during this Pandemic but instead were open to everyone not just essential travellers who would make up an extremely small percentage of an Airplanes passenger count thereby negating the argument that Airlines dont spread COVID as much as a cruise ship would.  COVID did not spread by cruise ship in the beginning but by Air Travel.  Im not arguing the fact that Cruise Travel isnt essential travel just that the definition of an essential traveller was not applied to Airlines in the same way it was applied to Cruise Lines. 


    Thanks for clarifying. It's spilled milk at this point but I can see your angle.  

  18. 3 minutes ago, vacruisin said:

    Okay...there are ways around that pretty easily.


    Also, IMHO, the CDC determined that airlines are a lot more essential to the country post-COVID than cruise lines.  If multiple airlines were forced to shut down all this time, resulting in many airlines going under, that would be much worst for the country post-COVID than losing cruise lines.  As much as I love cruising, if I HAD to make the hard decision on which travel to restrict the most, I'd choose cruises over air travel.  Which is more essential?


    Lots of Americans who work for the airlines would agree with you. It's a big industry. 

  19. 7 minutes ago, kdr69 said:

    Same way i had to and that was carry a letter from my company identifying me as an employee providing an essential service which required travel to perform my duties.


    The definitions were so broad that nearly everyone qualified as an essential worker. A lot of folks also printed/manufactured those letters too..lol. So much so that they quit asking for them when they started the covid vaccine shots for essential workers. Anyone with a printer could be an essential worker..lol. 

  20. 2 hours ago, asalligo said:

    Not true, NCL and MSC are almost always cheaper. Especially if you add the often free drinks at NCL. 


    I just figured this out myself. Carnival does a good job of breaking things down so it can be a value for those on a budget but for those who end up paying extra for dinners, drinks, excursions etc, other lines that include all those in a package type deal can be a better value when it all adds up. I'll be sure to pay attention to totality and not base fair when doing future bookings. I think Carnival will still win out the majority of the time but not always. Norwegians 'free at sea' was an eye opener for me. I did some comparative analysis and it's a fantastic added value for some cruises when the special promos apply.  

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