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  1. 6 minutes ago, takeabreath3 said:

    So if the plan is to stop smokers from enjoying their vacation, then maybe the next step should be that no one can wear those stinky perfumes and aftershave, that are so loud they burn the hair in my nose and then the smell sticks to me for days!!!.  Oh wait,  how about they need to stop people from wearing thongs and speedo's.  I find those terribly offensive and vulgar.  My list could go on and on and on.  But, instead I just look the other way, move away from the stink or otherwise let them be.  If you don't like the smell in the casino....then how about you just don't go in there....or better yet, stay on the non smoking side!  What a concept.  We have become so offended by other people that we think we have a right to tell others how to live their lives!  I just can't!!!




    ^^^^Real American right here! Well said! 

  2. They may not smell the best but smokers are the funnest people on the ship! Seriously, hang out in the smoking section and it's salt of the earth people, laughing people, people that will talk to others, interesting people etc. The smoke acts like jerk repellent for some reason. Everyone has a great time and it's some of the coolest folks on board. 

  3. 3 hours ago, garda said:

    One more question,,,if glass is over $20.00, do they charge you just the difference?



    Used to be but they changed it, in reality, there will be none. All the by the glass stuff is less than $20 (around $12-$14). I believe the most expensive drink you can get with cheers is a top shelf tequila at Blue Iguana that is like $20 a shot. The better bottles of wine will need to be purchased and you'll get the following discounts with cheers.

    • 25% discount off the menu price for any spirit or wine by the glass above $20.00
    • 25% discount off the menu price for wine and champagne by the bottle
    • 25% discount off beverage seminars and classes


  4. 6 minutes ago, firefly333 said:

    ....and there you go assuming ....when I did not accuse people of not being able to afford a passport. I was responding to other posts saying that ...and said IF they couldnt ... you seem to be a expert on assumptions and what I really meant but didnt say.... and there was also a thread on the cost and discussion which wasnt specific to carnival and got moved. 


    This thread was about carnival following royals lead and trying to restart closer to the usa since it is looking like no cruises before the CSO is lifted nov 1st from the usa ..and some said it wouldnt work with carnival, too many newbies who dont have passports. You seem very defensive about your choices to spend money on. Why make assumptions about what I might have meant instead of sticking to the thread subject? 



    Adult passports last for what 7 years? More? If they cant handle $135 spread over 7 years, it's taking a big risk to cruise and get hurt in a port they cant afford if they are that poor. You can take your own picture free, my dad has done mine, last time I paid about $12.99 at CVS and you mention postage. Yes it's a lot to renew, but the risk costs even more of not having one.


    If this is why people dont like the idea of cruising out of another port, they cant afford the risk of cruising. Save up until they can afford it. At the higher prices of cruises right now, passports are a small amount. "




    It's just as arrogant of me saying "oh you live in TX, you must not be able to afford California". You're far from the only one as I've seen a lot of arrogant posts make similar references and assumptions.    

  5. I should add that even at the bars, though they have lists, many times they simply won't have it. It's the most inconsistent as far as alcohol choices with regards to cheers. The best way to see what they have is to physically look behind the bars and see and visit a few bars to figure out which ones are stocked better, on Panorama is was the Serenity bar and Tides bar. It can be a bit inconvenient but as I already stated, they all will have something that is serviceable unless you have particularly discriminating tastes, in which case I'd skip cheers and bring one onboard (for each adult) and buy a few of the better ones from the main dining room or the steakhouse.   

  6. 6 minutes ago, garda said:

    Hi Everybody,


    Would anyone have a list of the wines offered with the Cheers Beverage Package.


    Thanks in advance.


    You may be able to find menus for the various bars and possibly a wine list for the main dining room but they will be of little use. The wine selections will vary all over the ship, they will all have something serviceable, it just won't be consistent from bar to bar. Some of the better selections in the main dining room will also only be sold by the bottle. The steakhouse is also another good location to look for better options and they will have some selections that are available by the glass that would be covered under cheers. 

  7. 19 hours ago, firefly333 said:

    Adult passports last for what 7 years? More? If they cant handle $135 spread over 7 years, it's taking a big risk to cruise and get hurt in a port they cant afford if they are that poor. You can take your own picture free, my dad has done mine, last time I paid about $12.99 at CVS and you mention postage. Yes it's a lot to renew, but the risk costs even more of not having one.


    If this is why people dont like the idea of cruising out of another port, they cant afford the risk of cruising. Save up until they can afford it. At the higher prices of cruises right now, passports are a small amount. 


    Though I did mention the reasons stated including too broke to buy a passport. These cruises will probably cost even more than normal. Airfare from texas not cheap (someone checked and about 550 pp out of dallas right now). I can understand someone saying they dont want to pay the extra airfare but not because they cant afford passports which cost less.


    I've always been extra good at managing money.  Better than friends. Penny wise and pound foolish.


    Personally I'm going to wait. I got the friends of Bella the dog cruise in march 2023 which will be my splurge .. not this june out of nassau with tests and vaccination proof and flights and probably hotel. Too much for me. I wouldnt do it just to get on a ship. Real life enough. Planning another visit to florida beaches for a condo I'm buying. Probably flying. When cruising out of Galveston resumes im there.  Only easy peasy stuff. I seem to be the only one saying no it's too complicated.


    It's kind or irritating and arrogant when people automatically accuse others of "not being able to afford" something simply because they choose not to spend their money on something they don't see much value in. There are many reasons why a passport isn't a great value, particularly if it will only be used for cruising or single trip or two. That is why there are so many people who don't have passports. This seems to come up also with cabin choice (people staying in inside cabins can't afford a balcony) and even flight situations. Someone assumed I couldn't afford to fly simply because I don't enjoy flying. Choosing not to spend your money on something isn't the same as not being able to afford something. You know the old saying about assumptions.    

  8. You can buy reloadable visa/mastercard/american express gift cards for just these types of situations and others where you may feel uncomfortable about potential credit card issues. Most grocery stores, Walmart, other big box stores, and even online (usually the lowest fee) from various places. They work just like a credit card and you can refill many of them easily to monitor spending.  

  9. Not a problem at all. Ignore any hecklers and move on. Honestly, no one ever stops me but it could be how I look (I'm generally one of the biggest folk on the ship) but that said, just keep it moving and don't engage if you don't want to be bothered. I actually felt offended when the spa ladies didn't even consider speaking to me...lol. I'm used to being discriminated against because of my size (think NFL linebacker). 

  10. I don't think the cruise lines will flourish without American ports and passengers. Sure, some of the premium lines may be able to exist but the mass market lines? Forgetabout it. The lines may be forced to do something drastic in order stay solvent. Maybe taxiing/ferrying passengers out in smaller boats (below the CDC requirements) into international waters or something along those lines or working with neighboring countries (Mexico) and airlines to circumvent the death sentence imposed upon them. There has to be a way to make it work with a little ingenuity.         

  11. 1 hour ago, Baron Barracuda said:

    If it will take several months before US has enough vaccine for everyone, and we are better supplied than just about anyone, and all vaccine production for this year is sold out to govt's (no corporations), then how can Royal promise that Adventure's crew will be 100% vaccinated by early June?????   


    Capitalism!  That's how. It's cute that you believe everyone plays by the rules and everything is done for altruistic reasons. That's the Santa Claus story the worker bees and little guys are told their whole lives to keep them in their place...lol. Winners and upper echelon get it done no matter what! 

  12. 8 minutes ago, time4u2go said:

    Would vaccines be required? Would masks be required? We don't know yet but I'm guessing that the answers to those might influence a lot of people's response. 


    Yes for vaccines, no for masks. Kids need negative covid test. 


  13. 1 minute ago, 2wheelin said:

    And you completely twisted what I said. Everyone sacrificed but to say the hardest hit segment was “privileged” to have early access to vaccine is ridiculous. And I am a health care worker.

    I don’t know any elderly vaccinated people who are yet even socializing, let alone attempting to go maskless, although guidelines now approve. They are as a group extremely careful—-to protect their young family members.


    Now you're being obtuse and trying to deflect from your ridiculous assertion. Good day.  

  14. 1 minute ago, 2wheelin said:

    I can see the short-term need for masks for all alike but disagree with your statement about the elderly being selfish/privileged in wanting to demask. They were the ones told to stay home away from ALL other people. They were the ones put on hold. They were the ones suffering the mental effects of social isolation. Yes, others are too but the scales aren’t balanced. The elderly are the ones where a year in isolation is one of the last years of their lives while the younger mostly have many years to make up for this one year lost.


    I'm not sure what country you're in but here in America the lock downs, restrictions, closures, etc were for everyone, not just the elderly population. So yes, the world did stop for them. Everyone suffered/sacrificed for the sake of the old/venerable and everyone suffered. People lost jobs, business, industries collapsed, faced isolation, kids were pulled from schools etc. It's a completely crap argument that only the old suffered or "suffered more". Complete nonsense.   

  15. 25 minutes ago, 2wheelin said:

    So right. I have been saying this for months about vaccinated people not needing masks but being told to wear them just to make it easier for the mask police.

    There is now gathering evidence that vaccinated people do not spread the virus. Unfortunately one poster here does not believe in “studies” being evidence of real life. When the institutions test every individual equally, the study IS real life.


    While being vaccinated (fully) is probably enough to toss the masks, many see it as a selfish act by those who have been vaccinated first and also an opportunity for those who have been rebellious against masks the entire time, many who are also anti-vaxxers, to spread covid. I can see both positions, I don't like the masks myself, but I do see why many feel it selfish of the older/privileged population to now want to remove the masking because they are now protected, while others in different groups are not yet inoculated and still venerable.


    The world basically was put on hold to save the elderly/compromised and anyone who didn't want to sacrifice at the alter of the old/infirmed was a totally selfish d-bag and ridiculed; but now that they "got theirs", they don't care anymore. It also gives those who still call it a hoax, anti vaccine crowds, and others who are not at risk and want to "let it rip", expose others who aren't yet protected.


    I'm really hoping vaccine production ramps up because that will be the true equity and provide a prophylactic for those who want to be shielded from risk, the opportunity to do so. Until that time of equity, I can and do understand the intention and grievances of those still exposed so I will continue to follow the guidelines and be glad that "I got mine", while still respecting those in the struggle.  I hate wearing a mask more than most, can't stand it actually, to be perfectly honest. The vaccine (for all who want it) is our solution to this problem.          

  16. I should also add, make sure that the kids are able to attend the kids club on the first day. It helps them get familiar and make friends with the other kids. It takes a little bit for everyone to start mingling and getting to know each other and the first day is where a lot of that happens. Also makes the kids feel comfortable and like they have their own thing going on that is special for them. My older son still keeps in touch with two kids he met from past cruises.   

  17. Cruise ships are perfect for groups, you can do as much or as little together as you want to. Just go with the flow and don't try and plan everything out, it's much like Vegas, you go with all these plans and you're lucky if you do a handful of the things on the list because being structured, rigid, and keeping a strict itinerary isn't fun and relaxing. Don't be that annoying super planner guy/gal and don't let one of those annoying guys/gals pressure you into locking into some rigid checklist/schedule. It's much more relaxing to just do stuff on the fly and allow everyone their own pace and participation comfort levels rather than expecting/having participation requirements/expectations. Plan as little as possible (only the top priorities) and the rest will work itself out organically. Oh and make sure everyone has their own credit card under their sign and sail if you end up booking cabins for others! That will save you a headache also! Have a great trip!     

  18. 8 minutes ago, CruiserBruce said:

    Lets clarify things a bit here...


    Yes, numbers are doing very well in California. But numbers are raising in 15 states. And the Spring break craziness is at its peak...


    The 100  million doses was Biden's promise for his first 100 days...he states it will be achieved tomorrow. Prior to that, about 14 million doses were injected prior to his swearing in. So we are at about 115 million people with at least one dose on board. 200 million is probably doable.


    The child vaccine testing is in progress, but everybody I heard today doubted any EUAs would happen before about Thanksgiving, if everything goes well. The normal process there is to start with the lowest dose possible to see if results are achieved, and then increase as needed. So it takes a while.


    The situation with the AZ doses with Canada and Mexico is complicated...it probably will become more common, as we have commitments from the 3 current provides to vaccinate all eligible adult adults without AZ's 300 or 400 million dose commitment...we bet all the horses in the race, and many won. But AZ is a little tarnished right now, and given the hesitancy out there, this won't help. The vaccine hesitancy is probably the biggest problem out there. Second is the supply/demand issue, but I suspect that will diminish rapidly in April.


    200 is all but certain IMO, i suspect it may very well be somewhere closer to 300 with the ramp up. The first round of child trials (of older youngins) went much faster than anticipated, I suspect this round will be similar. Folks are wanting their kids vaccinated before the next school year and political pressure may very well help move things along. Either way, lots to be thankful, happy, and excited about! Certainly going much better than many thought possible. I'm stoked!  

  19. 403 but with the way things are going, I'm seriously considering booking a Nov cruise. Things are looking good and I see no reason that the cruise lines couldn't get the green light by the end of June with actual cruising resuming after that within a few months, after ships are recrewed and reprovisioned.       

  20. Yes, very good news coming down everyday. A lot of counties here in California will be in the orange tier in as little as two weeks and yellow two weeks after that. Things have moved so fast that they are now scrambling to come up with a green tier because they hadn't even considered it and figured it would be much further down the road. Numbers are only rising and plateauing in a few states, the rest are seeing steady declines in case rates/infections. The second phase of child vaccine tests (for the youngest youngins) are now under way and that will be a game changer! It's also looking like the USA will hit 100 million doses in as little as 58 days, as opposed to 100 that the current administration promised to deliver. This should put us on track, with the stepped up production that was worked out with manufacturers, to hit 200 million in 100 days! This is all great news! Fantastic in fact! Millions of doses will also be going to our NAFTA allies so this should improve numbers there as well. Things are certainly looking up!      

  21. I go with lowest fare, don't care about refundable deposits because I'll buy travel insurance anyways and that will cover any unforeseen cancellation reasons. Most of the time the money saved pays for the travel insurance and then some. I'm also not worried about the cruise lines adding a bunch of restrictions because if they change the cruise contract significantly (beyond ports of call for weather etc) then I would be entitled to a return of my monies based on the goods and services contract. This is why I won't take a FCC and find it strange when some wouldn't book a nonrefundable deposit but would also take a FCC which essentially turns their cash into store credit. Seems strange but whatever works.     

  22. 9 minutes ago, Tiger0613 said:

    I didn't know 13 was old.


    I'm 32, I stay up late, and I have always had assigned dining.  I have had early dining on 9 cruises and late dining on 2 cruises.  I went on my first cruise when I was 13.


    I choose early dining when it is available because I usually get bored in the afternoon, and I can only take the boredom for so long.  I have run out of patience by 5:30pm.  I don't drink, do trivia, or play bingo.  I only go to the casino for a couple hours on the last night.


    It is very much relaxing.  I like not having to stand in any line for any amount of time.  I go in about 5 minutes after the dining room opens.  I don't have to deal with the people that crowd the space outside the doors.  I already know what I want to eat because I looked at the menu for the entire cruise in the app not long after boarding the ship.  I can get in and out in 60 - 75 minutes.  I don't stick around for the musical numbers.  I make sure to ask them to bring my dessert early.  I got tired of melted ice cream.


    Sounds very contradictory and like cruising is something you have to endure but hey, whatever floats your boat! Different strokes for different folks! 

  23. Too popular, not going anywhere. Having a set dinner time is not relaxing and only older passengers with early bed times enjoy eating dinner early. They will find a way to make it work. Some dividers and upgrading the air filtration may be enough. They may also need to turn over passengers a bit faster so expect those dishes to come out faster and more ordering everything (starters, mains, and dessert) at the outset. Many restaurants are already putting hard 90 min limits on diners in order to churn customers and have some consistent numbers/patterns. No more long drawn out dinners, enjoy your food but go hangout somewhere else to chat and have after dinner drinks.      

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