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  1. 14 minutes ago, stellarose said:

    my hunch is that the demographic from now until end of 21 into 22 will be from 18 up.  JMO.


    I doubt it, that demographic is much more problematic than a young kid demographic. Young kids don't drink, aren't aggressively defiant, and won't be yelling about "their rights & freedoms". I know who I'd pick if it were up to me and the unvaccinated adults aint it. The young kids don't have choice to get vaccinated, the adults do. The wiser choice is the under 12 kids with vaccinated families.  

  2. 28 minutes ago, Noami said:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the vaccination requirement is still in place next fall.


    I agree, Summer 2022 is the earliest I see them going away. If you look at how fast alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and lambda mutated and spread, it could be a rough fall/winter. Pathetically, Canada has now surpassed the USA vaccine rate. That's double face palm worthy. Going to be a long fall/winter unfortunately. 

  3. 20 minutes ago, tallyho8 said:

    I guess FTTF people will hate me for this but I hate FTTF and think it is just another way for Carnival to charge people for something that costs them nothing.


    As soon as they realize they can charge some people more money for something that costs them no more they will start with other things, such as:

    * Pay extra for early dining

    *Pay extra to view early show

    *Pay extra for a guaranteed seat at the comedy show

    *Pay extra to get your luggage delivered to your room sooner

    *Pay extra to use the Platinum line at guest services

    *Pay extra to use the Speedy line at Guy's or the Pizza place.

    *Pay extra to get your Platinum card at your first cruise.


    I thought most folks liked the whole ship within a ship concept? This is just a natural continuation of that. Pay more for your cruise, get more for your cruise. How much a passenger spends can be just as important to the bottom line as how many times passengers show up. It lines up especially well with the ship within ship concept that many cruisers espouse as being awesome. Not so much on an every-man/woman line but people vote with their wallets. They're giving the people what they want, good Ol' class status is back, much to the delight of many. Everyone wants to feel special and have "status" over others. Why give it away when you can sell it and people will buy it? Profiting off ego makes a lot of sense (and dollars) to me.       

  4. No, it's not! The big bonus is that It peeves the diamonds and platinums off that they have to mix with the unwashed masses lol. That's worth the price of admission alone.  

  5. 4 hours ago, SwordBlazer Cruising said:

    There will be no more alcohol purchases after 15 drinks in a 24 period, at all. The card will become deactivated for any drink coded as alcohol in the same manner it will be prior to the safety briefing. It has not been 15 for years outside of the Cheers package. This is a newish policy. Enjoy! 


    For single drinks I can see and for those on cheers but what about those not on them who buy group drinks like buckets, shareable large format, bottles of wine, bottles to the cabin etc. It really doesn't make sense for those type of drinks. You could buy a lot of those and actually only drink very little if traveling with a group or even a small party.   

  6. 1 hour ago, bdever said:

    Why not? There are people getting 3rd shots from their doctor and rightfully so… some of us need a 3rd dose…


    “Some immunocompromised people have, on their own, received additional doses of the vaccine, and a study last month by Johns Hopkins researchers suggested that an extra shot may help increase Covid-19 antibody levels for some organ transplant recipients who did not have a full response to their original vaccinations. 

    On Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden's chief medical adviser, acknowledged the reality that some people are acting ahead of official recommendations, noting that there are individual physicians "right now that are saying, 'I want to go the extra mile with someone who might have a lower level of immunity.' "




    This is absolutely correct. Israel is already doing boosters for immunocompromised folks because their efficacy is less on these folks. There may also be boosters for larger folks with higher BMI's as data seems to indicate that they too, may need booster vaccines to keep up their antibodies. Some people will absolutely need them.    

  7. 1 hour ago, cruisemom2 said:

    Well it did happen that way for us.  Here's a screenshot of part of the letter I received via email from Carnival the day after I got our price adjustment.  The part of the letter not showing had our name, booking number, ship name & sail date and amount due.  It's possible my SIL may have also received an email with her payment due notice but if so, it would have been after I told her she needed to pay her deposit in full.  




    Interesting. Was this request emailed or called in? I've only called. 

  8. 13 hours ago, EngIceDave said:



    One thought about the issue with drink service in the casino with the bar removed, it's the first cruise back with an all new set up.


    They'll work it out, quickly I'm sure


    They already have lol. Less drinks given away = more profit! I'm sure a lot of the 'drinks on us' folks will now need cheers, plus no casino bar, so the already awkward hard to get a drink Hero's bar just outside the casino will be extra busy. Brilliant!    

  9. 2 hours ago, Purvis1231 said:

    Just find a moderate drinker and slip them a $20 to order you a drink. 

    Nah, just hit up wives/girlfriends/significant others, they always have plenty of drinks left on their cheers. 😁 Sometimes having to buy for both has its benefits. It's like a backup insurance plan lol. I suppose there may be a few ladies who enjoy this fringe benefit as well for the light weight husbands/boyfriends/significant others as well but it's usually the former in my experience.     

  10. 36 minutes ago, CarelessAndConfused said:

    Here's my opinion.  I think it sees single digits sometime in the future.  Who knows if I'll be right, but the fundamentals look awful and all of these companies are still in potential bankruptcy territory even as we get things back to "normal". 


    I saw a few of those buy and dump recommendations today and unfortunately, Carnival made the dump list on a few. The covid numbers will definitely drag down travel in general. Even vaccinated folks are becoming apprehensive with all the stories of fully vaccinated folks catching the delta variant and testing positive. Calling it a panic is a bit of a misnomer IMO as most of these are mild or low grade but I can understand people being apprehensive and not wanting to take chances.

  11. 20 minutes ago, HillBilly Bob said:

    Enquiring about my medical records sounds like it violates every HIPAA law on the books.  But then again.....maybe not.    😀


    Your latter inclination is correct. You can absolutely exercise your privacy rights and not cruise. Same with buying anything that requires ID. It's private information that people hand over all the time for goods/services. No one can force you, they can only ask but they can deny you if you don't provide it voluntarily. Even something as simple as a return without a receipt. Kids have to show vaccines to get in school and adults for some professions. Nothing new.     

  12. 1 minute ago, sailingships said:

    Thats what i meant theres no photo on the S&S Its in their security files They check it every time you get on and off the ship at ports.


    I get that, I was pointing out that they do have your vaccine record tied to your photo and sign and sail account info. The information is being recorded, not merely "flashing your vaccine card" as some have suggested. 

  13. 24 minutes ago, sailingships said:

    The cruise lines just need to test everybody prior to boarding or require the PCR test within 72 hours. Since the matter is back in the hands of the CDC they will loaded for bear and looking for any excuse. 


    Not necessary for vaccinated cruises unless someone presents with symptoms. If NCL prevails, they can run 100% cruises and forgo testing for anyone (unless they present). The CDC guidelines don't call for testing, even if exposed on shore, for the vaccinated. No need to change anything and it's not in the lines interest. 

  14. 4 minutes ago, sailingships said:

    Carnival never use to even in Europe. They would just take their own photo for their security files. One each cruise for B2B.

    Isn't this done when they take your photo for your sign and sail? I've seen photographic evidence of them doing this on a blog. Someone else posted that review of of the news lady doing a cruise and she mentioned that someone was also recording down the information on the cards. 

  15. 2 minutes ago, ontheweb said:

    Yes, and our TA informed us. When I used the term malpractice I was referring to the situation mentioned by an earlier poster that her SIL was not informed and would have lost her cruise if she had not saved her.


    Yeah, that's strange. They usually won't even give you the adjustment unless you pay on the spot. I've never heard of anyone getting the adjustment and them just billing for the difference in deposits. Very odd indeed.  

  16. 3 minutes ago, ontheweb said:

    Right with interest rates so low, it makes sense to bump up a deposit to get a large savings. But not being told you had to do it seems to me to be malpractice.


    I was notified. I'm not even sure how they couldn't notify you. The nice lady I spoke with informed me that I would need to pay the deposit difference on the spot, in order to secure the OBC from the sale. 

  17. 5 minutes ago, ontheweb said:

    That is a shame! You would think that the cruise line representative she spoke to had to be aware of the rules.


    We once had a nice price reduction, but it no longer came with a reduced deposit. Our TA made sure he told us that we had to add to our deposit. That should be how it is treated whether through a TA or directly with any cruise line.


    Similar experience. I got the additional OBC that a sale offered but it required me to bump up deposits significantly, which I happily did. 

  18. 1 hour ago, firefly333 said:

    Its trading as if bankruptcy is back on the table. We know these first cruises  arent profitable. Who hasnt seen the many many casino deals at give away prices to fill the ships. Add in many have 600 obc which is the profit margin. No way these cruises are turning a profit, just restarting.


    I used to see posts from those who act like dropping the dividend and issuing secondarys means nothing, shares worth the same as before, sure it might rise back to 40 .. in their dreams near term.


    Could be a very long time, that debt is no joke. If covid disappeared tomorrow it would still take a decade or more to pay down everything. As it stands now, cruising is tenuously resuming. Any complications, shutdowns, or a large drop in consumer confidence and restructuring starts to look like an option for some lines. Dragging out the inevitable or pretending that insurmountable debt is a reasonable risk is just prolonging the pain. Though I'll admit, restructuring too early (before industry viability is certain) is also a foolish move. They're doing as best as they can do right now under the current circumstances.  

  19. 8 minutes ago, MamallamaAndDaddy said:

    With Carnival you input the information ahead of time but you still have to show your passport. 


    Aren't they photographing it as well and tying it to each cruiser? A recent blogger mentioned "health workers" recording lot number information as well. 

  20. 56 minutes ago, TooManyWakeUpsTilWeSail said:

    If you are referring to the Zaandam, there were US citizens aboard.  Either way, your logic is a slippery slope as I would hope aid is rendered to a ship full of Americans sailing in European ports.


    Good point and I totally agree but it's also a reason why I prefer sailing ships that originate and conclude in American ports. Makes me feel much more secure and confidant that should anything go wrong, actions will be swift and immediate. 

  21. 1 minute ago, mz-s said:

    I think we're still at least 10 years away from smoke free casinos being the norm anywhere, land or sea. The last thing the casino wants is someone leaving the casino to go smoke - better than 50/50 chance once they're done smoking they're not coming back in.


    Same reasons that cocktail waitresses are a thing. Good cocktail service keeps folks in their seats and playing. Problem is that many milked that out and abused it. Having a casino bar at least kept folks in the casino area and it was a happening place that delivered on the overall cruise experience (socialization). Two birds, one stone. Removing them will also be two birds, one stone but in the opposite direction. Gamblers will have to go further to get a drink (outside of casino) and not having a happening place to hang will reduce some cruisers cruise experience and drive traffic away from the casino. Real boneheaded move IMO.  

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