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  1. The problem is that they have been proven wrong over and over again, that is the truth. Yet the nonsense continues from Qpublicans and evangelicals alike. We had a large outbreak at a church near Clear Lake because folks were told simply to "believe" and forget about using your brain. E.W Jackson, Bob Bryant, John Hagee, London Spradlin, Gerald O. Glen, etc etc. When you simply believe that you are right and "hope" that you will eventually be proven right, in the face of mounting evidence that you are wrong and backed by science, it may be time to consider that you may be wrong or going about
  2. It was miller light. They probably laughed and said "let him keep his water". 😜
  3. Yeah, the whole 50% of the country being vaccinated isn't really split evenly. Here in CA, 70%+ of adults have had at least one shot and those numbers should shoot up soon since a lot of people decided to get vaccinated due to the Jun 15th full reopening and not trusting others to be honest. Employees are also wanting to get vaccinated in order to go mask free at work. We do have pockets of resistance who believe in conspiracies or that they can pray it away. They better look at what happened to Pastor Paul Van Noy. Prayer is great but if I'm going out into the snow, I surely won't go in short
  4. I think what he was hinting at was large scale defiance. I absolutely concur 100% with the free for all "zoo" assessment. Staff can control offensive small anomalies but there is no way they can deal with a large contingent of rebellious folks who feed off each other, are looking for offense, and drinking liquid courage in the hot sun all day. The idea that they would put a bunch of people off for infractions is preposterous if you've sailed with Carnival. Isn't happening. It would be a certified shyt-show.
  5. Don't care for exclusive areas on ships (class status). It reduces the amount of public space on ships and is subsidized by other passengers. As far as loyalty programs, couldn't care less. I'm loyal to my wallet and privacy. I don't even use my players cards when visiting Vegas because I don't like them tracking me. Most of these loyalty programs are schemes that are far from free. Knock yourself out trying to get free laundry, a couple drinks coupons, a snack, trinket etc but don't reduce public areas on ships. That irks me.
  6. Exactly! Masks, social distancing, tests, more tests, heath checks, temp checks, restricted port access, no sitting at the bar, no shows, eating a sacked lunch outside etc etc etc. No thanks, that's not a product I want to pay for, wouldn't even cruise for free under those conditions. Not even sure why the lines would even waste time with such a pointless endeavor. Fiscally imprudent to say the least.
  7. McAfee? Really? You still using AOL dial up for your internet and a yahoo email? 😋 J/K man. Sort of. 😁
  8. Amazon, like Apple, wants to keep you in their walled garden. Kindles are Android devices but crippled on purpose (like apple) and are unlike nearly every other android device. There is a reason they are so cheap but the good new is that you can side load 3rd party apps by jail-breaking just like you can on apple devices, only much much easier. The instructions above should work. Me, I'd send it back and get a Samsung tablet....lol. Good luck.
  9. https://www.howtogeek.com/232726/how-to-install-the-google-play-store-on-your-amazon-fire-tablet/
  10. Two upper pullmans, one upper pullman and a sofa bed or one upper pullman and a trundle bed. If you booked for four, there will be room for four, or rather, beds for four.
  11. Oh I abhor these folks. They need to simply remove the option to remove tips or juice them into the price. Some claim the lines pilfer these funds, others do it & so should I and a whole host of excuses. They should just juice it in and call it a fee or include it in the fair rates to circumvent the cheapskates.
  12. I don't live in Silly Con Valley (I'm from there though) and not everyone who does pulls down 6 figures. A few bad passengers pulling their tips don't represent the majority. I also have zero issues with those who save up and take a cruise and don't have discretionary funds to use onboard. Everyone cruises in their own way. You're a pretty presumptuous person.
  13. You make Carnival sound like the movie Soul Plane. Soul Ship, ghetto passengers shopping at Walmart, eating cracklings, carrying on mad soda, removing tips, cramming into cabins on top of each other. Sounds like Carnival is beneath you and you paint a grim picture lol. I'll take the Miller High Life crowd vs the snooty crowd any day of the week. I really miss the late Windell Middlebrooks and his eloquence in dealing with this very issue lol. We could really use a High Life common sense party! 🙂
  14. LOL, well some folks see kids as accessories for photos or simply don't like their kids. I guess it can go both ways. Reasonable was what bothered me. A date night is one thing, a week or more is a bit much unless they are nearly adults. My kids love cruising and would be seriously giving me the stink eye if I tried to ditch them and go with the Mrs. only..lol.
  15. Yeah. No. LOL. Most reasonable people want to cruise with their families and not be away from their kids for a week.
  16. They're not. Hearsay FUD from a travel agent is hardly reliable source.
  17. Citation for saying that passports are required for closed loop cruises.
  18. Having a fantastic and fun filled family cruise on Panorama late Jan 2020 and then falling seriously ill upon returning home. I couldn't breath and thought I was going to die/pass out a few times as I couldn't catch my breath, breathing was very labored and I was too ill to get up or call for help. I haven't been that sick since I was a small kid and had a very bad bout of broncular asthma that nearly took me also. Was completely wiped for three days. Wife ended up with a cough for three months that Dr's couldn't explain. There were no covid tests then (wasn't even on our radar) and we still a
  19. The Wayfair decision could come into play there. Unintended consequences.
  20. Many of us don't sail with only one cabin, we never do, two min unless we bring someone else (like grandma), then it's three min. My wife and I both pay for cheers. I buy outside of cheers also (buckets and wine bottles) and I gamble a bit. I'm sure my story isn't unique. One cabin and two $15 meals would be way cheaper lol.
  21. I'm with you and understand, however, the CDC isn't regulating any of these places, state and local rules apply. Cruise lines are a different situation. Comparing apples to tomatoes isn't really a fair comparison.
  22. The cruise lines want nothing to do with testing. It's expensive, slows things down, causes more problems, creates additional oversight, additional paperwork, and increases liability/exposure. It's not in their best interests. Vaccines remove that.
  23. I don't think they are trying to be political. I think they are trying to resume sailings and survive. The CDC has painted them into a corner and this allows them to deflect some of the backlash on the CDC. I also don't think the backlash will be as big as many think. People throw fits all the time and they eventually get over it once they cool down and think rationally. I'm sure the cruise lines would love to resume as they were prior to the shutdown and maximize profit but that's just not possible right now. It's unvaccinated cruises with a bunch of restrictions, rules and oversi
  24. I'm sure they will be satisfactory for most cruisers. If they run vaccinated cruises, it should be mask free with very little restrictions. This is what everyone wanted and I personally think vaccinated cruises are WAY better than non vaccinated with a bunch of restrictions and masks. Vaccination requirements over masks/restrictions all day, any day. It will be interesting to see what the final rules will be but I suspect the CDC will reward lines for choosing the vaccination route and allow cruising to resume close to "normal". The carrot works much better than the stick.
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