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  1. 51 minutes ago, lobster1313 said:

    Neither is this. Carnival shut down from the mid ship elevators to the forward elevators on Tuesday and it has remained closed.  I was told by mutiple crew members that it was done because of CDC protocols.   This is right outside my cabin so I have had mutiple opportunities to speak with crew members and someone who's cabin was in the closed area. They moved his luggage to another cabin without telling him.



    What CDC protocols? Like a covid positive passenger? Seems a bit extreme to shut down for hours and hours.  

  2. 4 hours ago, coreynjoey said:

    They were 12% off a few months ago when we bought ours. Do they change frequently?


    They sometimes fall under the "extra rewards" category and then they will be 12%. You can make it way more than 12 by coupling it with a new credit card for min spend bonus or points. Even if you don't want a new card, many cards will allow category choice to maximize cashback so that can be another 3%-6% depending on card.   

  3. From what I've been reading, you get slower service and 

    2 hours ago, Lee Cruiser said:

    I've been cruising a while, so things could have changed since then.  But, there were no perks for a first cruise.  I still don't know of any.


    I'd call half empty ships a perk! 

  4. 1 hour ago, scendro said:

    Yikes! Thanks for the link to the color code.  Initially I though yellow was “less” than orange but I read the CDC’s description and that’s not the case: it’s green, orange, yellow then red.   FYI, now that I’ve seen this I’m getting nervous that my July 24th cruise on the Horizon might not take place !  


    I wouldn't worry about a few people. The "threshold" for canceled cruises and suspended operations is much higher than that. They would have to have like 150 people or something like that. That won't happen running vaccinated cruises. Well, unless a variant eventually renders the vaccine useless. Luckily, that's not the case with this Delta variant. Vaccines are still very effective. The only problem might be port countries closing borders or restricting visitors. That would suck but hopefully not equal a shutdown. I wouldn't worry, you're cruise is soon and your going to have a blast! Worry when you get back..lol.  

  5. Usually those deals are based on double occupancy and typically don't include balconies. Try searching again but putting in two persons per cabin, I'd bet it comes back with some $200 options. There is also the chance that they have sold well, I've had the $200 option for several weeks now so it's not a new promotion. 

  6. 7 minutes ago, asalligo said:

    Frankly the stock is a great buy right now if Carnival can get back to its former glory, but how long will that be? 



    Some are asking when? Some are even skeptical "if". If "when" is your consideration and you have confidence in the line (product) and that the industry as a whole will be profitable/viable then scoop up as much as you can. If it stays viable, you can't lose.  

  7. 3 minutes ago, asalligo said:



    Now what

    So why is that bad news for Carnival stock (and for Royal Caribbean, too, which has instituted a similar policy)? Simply because loading on fees and a requirement to purchase travel insurance makes the company's services more expensive, potentially deterring customers from sailing, and without adding anything to the revenue that Carnival will collect from the added expense.


    That's kind of the point, to deter undesirable customers. They wouldn't need to play these games but for the ridiculous FL overreach infringement on their operational independence. 


    There are three choices right now. 1.) Punish them for being safe 2.) Reward them for being safe and hang-tight long-term because you have confidence in the line and industry as a whole 3.) Sit on the sidelines and wait. 

  8. 17 minutes ago, jfunk138 said:

    We've heard many opinions over the past 14 or so months that "opening up" will lead to disaster and be a huge mistake for whoever was opening.  Eventually one of these opinions may be right, including your opinion about the cruise industry.


    It's somewhat unfortunate at this time that we still don't have "The Florida of Cruising" that just pushes wide open without restrictions, so that we can evaluate later which approach was better.


    I agree that the discussion has been interesting and your thoughtful comments are very much appreciated.


    LOL, Wiley Coyote cruise lines? It would be interesting to be sure and I'd make a bundle heavily shorting it but these operations are behemoth operations with a lot of moving parts and a lot of money at stake. Treating it as a simple position on red/black at the roulette wheel and hoping for the best would take intestinal fortitude the likes most will never see. Plus a little bit of crazy for good measure...lol. It would very interesting/entertaining though, I'll give you that. 😉   

  9. 8 minutes ago, jfunk138 said:

    I think you are going quite a bit off-topic on the Carnival stock price.  We have plenty of evidence from Europe that cruiselines can go unvaccinated without issue and from the business point of view this is a better case.  Excluding 50% of potential US customers is not good for the stock.  


    We are ignoring the vaccine issue on every other mode of transportation, on every other domestic land travel destination.  Simply, having this restriction on cruises is not good business.  There's alot of competition for this huge supply of dollars out there:  telling 50% of people with stimulus dollars, child tax credit dollars, and supplemental unemployment dollars burning a whole in their pockets:  "You'll just have to wait" is a bad thing for business.  People won't wait.  They've been trapped in their houses for 18 months.  They are going to spend on the travel destinations that will take them.


    Maybe it's a coincidence that the stock peaked within a trading day of Christine Duffy's comments about mandatory vax, but markets are very attuned to this kind of thing.  I think the market sees the same problem I do.


    Sounds like my comment was right on the money. Opening up cruising to unvaccinated would be a huge mistake for the industry IMO and would probably bankrupt it at this point. Chasing money off a cliff isn't a smart business decision. It's a Wiley Coyote move. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. I respect your position, I just disagree with it entirely. Not entirely actually, I do agree with you in principle, just not practicality. I do appreciate you taking the time to explain your reasoning though.  

  10. 21 minutes ago, jfunk138 said:

    As I said, I'll be a buyer when the vax mandate is lifted.   A company that excludes ~50% of their potential customers is not a good place to be.


    I have been paying attention to Europe, the MOST vaxxed large nation there, UK, has the largest current outbreak of that continent.  But the ships are still sailing.  7-day cruises simply are NOT long enough to seed an outbreak on a ship.


    Meanwhile, longer "sailings", like this fully-vaxxed aircraft carrier have huge outbreaks:




    100 out of 700 fully vaxxed crew is infected.


    You can downplay it all you want and pretend the vaccines don't help by pointing out breakthrough cases. The data proves otherwise with hospitalizations and deaths being nearly all unvaccinated and needless in nature. Ignoring covid won't change the outcomes, restrictions, and rules that are happening. Vaccine defiance may even seem fun and liberating to many. The problem is, simply ignoring it and moving on, while numbers climb, won't be a rational solution to much of the world and/or much of even our country.


    Some states will truck on defiantly no matter what, just as some countries have, and let the chips fall where they may. Many will cheer and celebrate it actually. Letting it rip will never be mainstream though. Truth be told though, once vaccines are available for the younger kids and boosters for those who want, I'm all for it. I say let it rip, remove all restrictions, mandates and give people the freedom they truly want. I've about had my fill of the horses that don't want to drink. That time is not now though.      

  11. 22 minutes ago, jfunk138 said:

    "more passengers equals more profit" - this is the money line.


    Go back into analyst reports from pre pandemic years.  Number of passengers x profit per passenger.  Everything a cruiseline does in their eyes must either:  increase number of passengers or increase how much money they make off of each one.


    This "speculation" about getting "re-shutdown" is just that:  speculation.  We heard the same stories when those first ships sailed in Europe.  We heard this story when Texas re-opened without masks in March.  Each time, the predictions NEVER come to pass.



    You seem really confidant. If you (or anyone else) really believe that then you should go whole hog on the stock. It's a sure bet. Good luck!  


    **Europe is one of the reasons I lack confidence. You should see what's going on over there.  

  12. 26 minutes ago, jfunk138 said:

    Make note of the price action since Christine Duffy's infamous comments that Carnival will require mandatory vaccination on June 4, 2021.


    Whenever this mandatory vaccination course is reversed will be the day the bottom is reached.  Until then, all I can hear is Cramer's "Don't Buy!" button...


    I don't understand this line of thinking. Theoretically, I do, more passengers equals more profit but based on what we know right now and what is happening all over the world, it's quite literally the opposite. That is the day the stock will tank because sensible investors know the bottom can fall out at any time. It may even now with current protocols in place the way things are going. Cruising with confidence isn't the same as investing with confidence. I'll take a vaccinated cruise with confidence but investing, with the way things are going and the disinformation, evokes trepidation, not confidence. Cruising is still tenuous at best. I'm just hoping for continuity at this point.       

  13. 1 hour ago, kdr69 said:

    I have pointed this out a number of times on here and most either say its never enforced or that they were unaware of the Alcohol Policy which doesn't surprise me as there are many discrepancies in the Policies such as according to the Easy Pay rules you have to be from the US to use it and Ive used it on most all of my cruise bookings.  Cheers is just an all inclusive program and the 15 drink limit falls in line with the Alcohol Policy of max 15 drinks per person. Ive heard people say to start buying at 13 drinks to avoid being cut off but i wonder if they have done that or just thought that was a brilliant way to circumvent the program and since they probably never ever reached 15 drinks themselves to be cut off normally that they weren't aware of the limit in the overall Policy on Alcohol.


    I've done it, personally. That said, Joe Bucks is on the money, sure people can do it but it's not a good idea. I'm a big guy but even I can't max out everyday. Depending on what you're drinking, you may be able to max out a few days tops. It'll catch up to you, even if you just stick with lighter beers, eventually. If you're not getting off the ship at any ports then you may even max out more than a few days but the point is still the same. Very few will need more than cheers and even fewer will need more than cheers on a daily basis. 

  14. Change fees are usually stipulated in the cruise contract. Some are as low as $50, some are $150. I get that you don't like it, I felt the same when I tried to change a date of my cruise (booked the wrong week) and they wanted to charge me even though I was willing to upgrade cabin. It's stinks and is frustrating but it was clearly stated what the change fees would be. 

  15. 31 minutes ago, Illbcruzn4life said:


    That doesn't sound right to me.


    I remember reading on many occasions how people with cheers would start paying cash before they reached 15 drinks so they didn't get cutoff.


    Many it was longer than 3-4 years ago .


    Buying individual drinks to avoid cheers charges isn't as rampant as it once was. Many bartenders won't sell you a individual drink outside of cheers because it pops up once they enter your card. You could buy a round of drinks or other drinks that are outside of cheers and uncovered (bucket of beers, bottle of wine at dinner) before you hit 15 though. You'll pay full freight plus auto grats for these though. You could also have a travel companion grab you one who doesn't have cheers for full freight and auto grats.  

  16. It may be a stated policy but it's not really. That's for cheers but even there you can go above 15 by buying bottles to room, wine etc. For non cheers it's even easier as you can buy all the larger format options ( fish bowels, growlers, tubes, pitchers, buckets), bottles of liquor to room, wine bottles etc. They are absolutely sticklers for the 15 individual drinks for cheers though but there are ways around it for sure. I'm pretty sure it is more of a cost control measure than anything (less waste and less sharing than a truly unlimited plan).


    The simple truth is that most people won't want to spend the extra on top of cheers and/or won't find it necessary. Independent of cheers, it adds up ridiculously fast and is simply "not worth it" for the majority of cruisers; but they will surely take you money if you have more money than sense. 😁 

  17. 1 hour ago, TooManyWakeUpsTilWeSail said:

    Sounds like they could make a reality tv show out of this.  Maybe Locked Up Aboard?


    Nah, not that serious. More like "charged out the wazoo", where they stick it to you if you try and slide by without you declaring. They don't really want to be a hassle and most people aren't bringing ridiculous amounts of stuff. It's mostly smokes and booze and many people grab them for gifts or personal use so they usually just waive you through or maybe a very small nominal charge. This is for Long Beach anyway, could be different elsewhere. 

  18. 1 minute ago, wemjam said:

    Actually this is not accurate for all itineraries - Usually it is $800/pp - $1600 (the extra $800 specifically) is only if you went to USVI and bought it there.  This is from Carnival's site directly:  NOTE:  They used to hand out customs forms the last night to all rooms on the ship, they haven't done this for some time!  You are responsible for getting one from Guest Services if you exceed the allowances listed below and completing it for customs:


    A lot of people don't realize there are requirements for how much you spend, how much booze you bring back, and how many cigarettes.  Have seen a lot of people pulled aside going through customs for this very reason.



    The following guidelines pertain to U.S Residents only. Non-U.S Residents must comply with Customs laws set-up by the Customs Office in their particular country. Specific information will be provided on board the ship. 

    Guests who have exceeded the allowance listed below are required to complete one U.S Customs Declaration Form, per household which includes those family members traveling with them who reside at the same address. Guests who have not exceeded the allowance listed below are not required to complete a form

    The Head of Household must declare all merchandise purchased or acquired abroad and which he/she is bringing back into the United States. That includes items purchased in duty-free shops (on board) and in port as well as items received as gifts. It also includes items the guests have begun to use or are wearing. All purchases must be listed on the back of the U.S. Customs declaration form*. Undeclared merchandise is subject to seizure and/or penalty. If the family has exceeded the U.S. Customs exemptions, the Head of Household must present him or herself with receipts to the U.S Customs Border and Protection officers on the last morning of the cruise. Cash is only accepted for payment of additional taxes exceeding the Duty-Free allowance.

    Duty-Free Allowance for U.S Residents

    Itineraries that include any of U.S Virgin Islands (St Thomas, St Croix and St John) 

    • $1600 (retail) of duty-free purchases per person may be spent. No more than $800 can be purchased outside the U.S Virgin Islands or onboard 
    • One liter of alcohol per person and an additional four liters if purchased in the U.S Virgin Islands; one of the additional liters must be a product of the U.S Virgin Islands (guest must be at least 21 years old) 
    • One carton of cigarettes and an additional four cartons if purchased in the U.S Virgin Islands (guest must be at least 21 years) 
    • One hundred cigars (guest must be at least 21 years old) 

    All other domestic itineraries

    • $800 (retail) of duty-free purchases per person may be spent 
    • One liter of alcohol per person (guest must be at least 21 years old)  
    • One carton of cigarettes (guest must be at least 21 years old) 
    • One hundred cigars (guest must be at least 21 years old) 



    The real answer to this is to be honest with customs. My buddy on my Panorama cruise bought a bunch of cases of booze (Hennessy White) and the customs guys just waived him through. This other guy I met on on a short cruise buys 10-12 cases of Hennessy White and then sells them to finance his cruises and buys more. He said customs waives him off every time and doesn't charge anything extra (he's done many cruises this way). If they catch you with undeclared large amounts, they may not be so nice. It seems they reward honesty. Declare any large purchases and they will most likely just waive you through.     

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