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  1. Awaiting notification as well. My parents are traveling from the USA and supposed to do a cruise that leaves on 9/11 out of Italy.
  2. Captain announced about 10 minutes ago that the fuel didn’t arrive until our scheduled departure time from Freeport at 8pm, which is why we left so late. 🤦‍♂️.
  3. Not sure of this was an outlier experience or not, but our boarding time was at 1pm this past Saturday. We arrived at the convention center at 1045am. And did not board until almost 3.
  4. We’re on this cruise right now - and having a fantastic time, even though the ship feels eerily empty. We also were interested in disembarking in Miami (adding a few extra nights), but just ended up extending another whole week.
  5. Just bringing this thread back up - as we’re here at Baha Mar now. Would echo others recommendations on NOT booking the SLS Baha Mar pre cruise package. We typically would do things on our own - and would’ve stayed at the Rosewood or the Hyatt here, but for convenience decided to just do the pre cruise package via Crystal. Waited 4 hours for a room, that has two beds (supposed to be a king), filthy room, and BLOOD on the interior curtain. Front desk service is horrific and indifferent. The crowd is okay. Nothing too crazy, but not really our vibe. Walked over to the Rosewood and it was way more tranquil. A big mistake on our part. I’d avoid the SLS at all costs. That being said, we’re looking forward to getting on board the Serenity tomorrow! We did do a negative Covid test before we left the USA, just to make sure that there wouldn’t be any issues tomorrow. So excited! This is our first international trip since Covid started (we were supposed to do a few legs of the world cruise back in March/April 2020) and are so grateful we get to sail tomorrow.
  6. Just a random question - is this tied towards the Bahamas Travel Health Visa website? Do your results show up there? Do they scan the QR code from your Travel Health Visa? Thank you so much!
  7. Me (36) and my Partner (41) felt very welcome on our first Crystal Cruise back in 2019. Everyone was super friendly, we never felt uncomfortable at all - and enjoyed the non mega ship experience I haven't enjoyed cruises in the past at all, but really enjoyed our first voyage on the Serenity. We enjoyed it so much, that we actually had booked a 14 night voyage for April 2020 from Singapore to Mumbai, that was ultimately cancelled due tot he pandemic. We will be doing one of The Bahamas voyages at the end of July.
  8. Just following up that we received our 100% refund on 5/29 for our cruise that was cancelled on 2/26. We also received our 25% FCC in April. We have not received our $500 per person for air yet.
  9. I saw that i'm added in there - but wanted to confirm/correct the details. Cruise sail date: March 17, 2020 (was originally March 20 from Singapore, then rescheduled to March 17th from Bali) Crystal cancelled cruise: February 26, 2020 Crystal said no action required on our part. 100% Full refund would be automatic, in addition to a 25% FCC. Cancellation requested anyways on 2/28. We've passed the 90 day mark and no refund yet or the reimbursement. Crystal said the refund is "taking longer than expected". We did receive our 25% FCC in April.
  10. Just an update on this. Our 90 days passed and we have not received our refund, nor has it been sent from Crystal. Our agent followed up with Crystal and got the answer that "things are moving much slower than ever anticipated." Whoever he talked too is awaiting an update form their accounting department. This is the information that was relayed to us today.
  11. Thank you for the quick reply and thoughts Vince, much appreciated! Our request was submitted on 2/28. We didn't really have any options (ours was just a refund + 25% FCC).
  12. Just another data point - we're 86 days out now from when our cancellation is. 90 days would be Tuesday on our end to receive a refund. Pinged Crystal - and they told us that our refund wasn't put into queue until April 3rd (our cruise was cancelled 2/26). They told us that the refund can take up to 90 days from when it was put into the queue, NOT cancelled. A little confused now.
  13. Keeping our fingers crossed here as well. Our voyage from Singapore to Mumbai in March was cancelled on 2/26. I think we're about 75 days out now, and still haven't received anything. 😔
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