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  1. Laughing at myself... not you. Guess that's why I couldn't find anything. Thanks lol
  2. Sorry if this was already discussed. I did a quick search and couldn't find anything. Has Royal said that the amplification of Freedom will still happen? Thinking of L&S our Indy to the Southern Caribbean next year. But don't really want to sail on Freedom if she isn't updated. Thanks!
  3. If you buy the thumbdrive or CD on the ship, then yes. If you pre-purchase the package like this post is talking about they email you a link to your photos within 10 business days of your cruise ending, which is 2-3 weeks all in.
  4. Just as an FYI you won't get the pictures until 2-3 weeks after you sail
  5. Wonder what happens if I book a 7 day cheap cruise on the empress or something for next month, then ask them to move it to Symphony next year
  6. Honestly, I am shocked... that you have a home phone
  7. Not on the ships 😉 Cast Member on land, Crew for DCL
  8. This is about as clear as the directions that my wife gives me for just about everything.
  9. Herein lies the problem... What if you are always eating? In line at a bar... walking to my room... walking to dinner... I have found all of these things are made better with a slice of pizza.
  10. They'll be using drones to enforce stateroom and balcony mask wearing
  11. Masks will likely be edible and picked up from the first station at the WJ. You'll put it on while getting your food then will serve as the appetizer to your meal.
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