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  1. The irony is my ds has these shirts and I haven't bought them for myself! Thanks for reminding me, need to get that done pronto! It is SO easy to get burnt in the Carribbean. You'll think it's fine because the temp is moderate, and then you're red, oops.
  2. Thanks, that's really helpful! I'm glad now to have the choice, because it sounds like we could plop at Infinity Bay and be very happy or take the Eco tour out. Did you and yours try to snorkel out through the Blue Channel to the wall? I think both options could be lovely, both just staying close exploring *and* going out to the wall. But I think to get my ds out to the wall, it's going to be safer with the boat. But I also wondered if maybe it's not that far and we could do it? I just think he'd get anxious. It's not the length of the swim or the endurance so much as that anxiety about the depth. Guess you could say I'm a "safety girl" on this, lol. The first time we came to Roatan, we weren't really impressed. We saw the seedy side, felt like we were treated dishonestly, dealt with bad roads and traffic shut downs that could make it hard to get back to the ship, long lines at the sloth/monkey place, disheartening levels of poverty, etc. So I'm hoping maybe we see a better side this time or have a more comfortable experience. Just being with a completely honest operator would be nice, lol.
  3. Where did you find the day passes for $20? They're $40 here https://discoverroatan.net/product/infinity-bay-resort-day-pass/ At $20 that's easier to add on, lol.
  4. Oh that's wonderful! So at Infinity, did you pay for day passes?
  5. Ok, I wrote Roatan Eco Tours, and if they can get us in that's who I think we'll go with. They serve pop, which he'll like, get you to the Blue Channel (which is supposed to be the prettiest) and the drop off, and the boat will help him feel safe while doing the deeper stuff. I think it's perfect. And then they dump us on the beach for a while, so we can do water slides (if there are any close) or hit the snorkeling again if we want. But that way we at least get out there once, guaranteed, without any stress.
  6. Wow, that's amazing!! And did you go directly from the cruise ship or you went to land on the tender, met your group, and then boated out to the island?
  7. We have our own snorkeling equipment, which we used on our trip last January. We're going again, and I think I want a better place to snorkel in Roatan. The first time we did Roatan, we had the grandparents, so we did the whole sloth, iguana, etc. thing and hit Las Palmas, just to be in view of the ship. Ds and I swam out and saw some pretty coral heads, fish, a barracuda, it was fun. But the water was kind of green and murkey. I'm reading about West Bend and thinking that *might* be what I'm looking for? Thing is, I'm not sure what's practical for us. For perspective, to swim out from Las Palmas was just a few minutes of light swimming and the water was always very shallow. The reef sounds amazing, but I'm showing ds video of the Blue Channel and he's not biting. I think it's too much for him. We did the Governor's Beach at Grand Cayman, and that took him several hours to warm up to. The depth, etc. was just a lot for him to deal with. So ironically, something like Las Palmas (going just on the other side of the buoy lines) was really great for him. It was shallow, had stuff, not hard to get to. We spent several hours because we'd swim out, snorkel around, come back and rest, then go out again. Lots of fun. Any suggestions for a spot in Roatan that might work for him? I don't care if we get there by boat or swimming out, but it should be: -relatively shallow (or at least have shallow parts he can enjoy, not all super deep) -teeming with life -either a quick swim from shore or accessible by boat -with the ability to take breaks and then do some more -1-2+ hours, not just 15 minutes Any suggestions? I've kind of overloaded my brain looking at places online and places mentioned in reviews, lol. And I'm left wondering if "just swim from the beach" is fine for the adults writing the reviews and not fine for my 11 yo son. He has autism and some self-regulation issues. Fabulous swimmer, terrific snorkeler, but just we need something kind of chilled, the right spot. Or the right company taking us to the right spot. If I had to take a *guess* on what could work for us, I'm thinking Upachaya. They're small, very personal, and the pontoon would let him rest and get back in. No beach with that and maybe the healthy thing is lost on him, lol. But the peaceful vibe works. Would something else be better? Is the snorkeling up where Upachaya goes pleasant? Maybe I'm overthinking it and the pontoon solves everything? Because really, they could give him a float (if the water is overwhelming him) and he could just float. Because we did all our snorkeling before by swimming out, he didn't have that option to have a float, hmm. And while you're thinking about him, any opinions about Belize? When we went there before we did the ruins and river ride. I've heard the snorkeling is good there, so same gig, need that convergence of doable waters, personal attention or ability to swim out, pleasant with a kid. Thanks! :) Adding: I'm reading this older thread and that type of snorkeling like @ABQrobin shows in her video is FABULOUS for ds. @texancruzer mentions Infinity Bay. Is that what we need?
  8. Here's a link showing the snorkeling areas near Fantasy Island Resort. https://www.snorkeling-report.com/spot/snorkeling-french-key-roatan/ I haven't snorkeled there. When we were in Roatan before, we did the sloths, iguanas, and then went to I think Las Palmas, which is a beach area in view of the Carnival cruise port. It's not an area particularly known for snorkeling, but we had our equipment with us anyway and just went out. We enjoyed it so much, we went out 3 times! We would go just beyond the bouy line, through the sea grass, and there would be coral heads, fish, barracuda, etc. The food was quite good too, probably better than what I'm reading about in reviews of other beach spots. They were smoking the meats right there, so smoked hot dogs, smoked chicken nachos, etc. The bathrooms were clean and it felt very safe. The only peddler on the beach was a lady offering to braid hair, which I thought was reasonably appropriate. Thing is, for that, we were just swimming out a short ways, and most of it was very shallow. I really don't have a sense of scale, but I'd be trying to figure out whether it's better to snorkel the french keys areas by swimming there or by boat. You don't want to get tired. Would you be by yourself and your dh staying on land? Super important reason to have a guide or be really close to shore. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g15070974-d14188834-Reviews-Las_Palmas_Beach_Bar_and_Grill-Dixon_Cove_Roatan_Bay_Islands.html This is the Las Palmas I was talking about. Fwiw, I'd probably do the Tabayana or one of the ones the cruise takes people to. I'm looking for our next trip. Some of the beaches on that west bay area look gorgeous. The water around Las Palmas (and I suspect that east side of the island) is kind of green and weedy, not so pretty.
  9. Ok, so I found a Drive wheelchair on amazon for basically the same price as renting. It's cute and would work for the 3 port days, no problemo. So I'm inclined to buy it, take it myself, and then just let her fly home with it. She's taking the Carnival transportation *back* from the cruise terminal to the airport. So can they handle her scooter and bag and get her checked in and pushed through? I would think so. But then she has to get through baggage claim with her stuff AND her wheels AND a wheelchair. That's a lot. Is that better than renting? Or is it better to pay the same money and rent but not have the inconvenience of getting through airports with this thing? I mean, it's not like I'm going to be traveling light either. I'll have my ds and 3 checked bags and 2 carryons. (We travel heavy because of his disabilities.) As much as it sounds nice to buy, it sounds kind of like a logistics nightmare, lol.
  10. So you're addressing a lot of the issues I'm looking at here. I need to check about the door width and what will fit through. She uses her scooter full time, and apparently it goes where she needs to be. So she'll have her scooter in the airport. I'm not sure how practical it is for her to manage her bags AND drive her scooter AND get a wheel chair through. It looks like it's about the same price to buy a wheelchair or rent, but I'm just not sure about the logistics. We're flying in from separate locations, so I won't be there to help her. Is a transport chair really obnoxious compared to the big wheel wheelchair? It looks like the big wheel adds width. I was just realizing, the width doesn't totally matter, as we could collapse it in the hall and have her walk into the cabin, no problem. Still, the transport chairs are lower price. But maybe they're less easy to take drive through a port?
  11. Yeah, I was wondering about that. It would make Cozumel easier too. We want to go to the chocolate factory. I've been there before, and it's a taxi ride. She won't need her wheels at the chocolate factory, and it's actually kind of tight to have a scooter there. So even though her scooter comes apart pretty easily, a wheelchair would be way more convenient. So is that the kind of thing we would *buy* or rent? I also have this kind of side concern that I think it's really risky taking her good scooter ashore in some of these places. It's not a rental, so if she incurs damage in a rough port with uneven walkways or something, it's really her expense to repair. And I know the machines are durable, but still.
  12. She can walk short distances just fine. This was exactly what I was wondering. Sounds like that's my next step.
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