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  1. Waterloo goes to Southampton. It was a nice ride.
  2. They used to let you into the midnight buffet before it opened just to take pictures.
  3. I got on the Mega bus site and tried to make the purchase. It doesn't have Waterloo as a choice. Could you please tell me what I should choose for my departure and arrival names? Would the arrival be Southampton airport? So confused, please help.
  4. Thank you so much for the information. Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  5. We will be staying in London very close to the Waterloo station. How do we get to the port that Royal Caribbean uses? If there is a train, how doable is it with luggage? How far is the train station to the ship? Will we need a taxi?
  6. Thanks for the memories. We always went to the midnight buffet to take pictures since we were too full to eat! We just got off the Vision and DH got the baked Alaska which got us talking about the good old days of flaming baked Alaska, horseracing, midnight buffets, poolside buffets, better food, more personal service. I said I remembered the passenger lists that were handed out. He said they never did that. Can't wait to show him this thread to prove I was right:D
  7. Just off of Vision 12 day in Europe. They had the $30 laundry bag 2X's. Am pretty sure they have it on all 7 day or more cruises. We watched the Allure pass us to get into Barcelona before us! We looked so tiny next to her:eek:
  8. Thanks for the great information. We are doing Paris pre-cruise. Can't believe we are leaving for Europe beginning of next week :D We are doing the same cruise since I have always wanted to visit Greece since I did a report in the 6th grade!
  9. Thanks for the info. I got a few hundred Euros from my bank. We are doing private excursions and they all want Euros not credit cards.
  10. Can you exchange American dollars for Euros on a Mediterranean cruise? Does the ATM have Euros? What is the ATM fee?
  11. Back a few years ago, I booked a cruise for DH's 50th birthday without telling him. About a week before his birthday (and the cruise) I asked him where he would like to go for dinner for his birthday. He named a few local places. I asked him if he wanted to go to Chops for his birthday. He looked a little confused and said they are only on ships. I just smiled and he figured it out:D
  12. I am reading since we be on her June 9 with the same itinerary.
  13. WC57-come and join us on Roll Call. You will find a lot of information about private tours for the cruise.
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