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  1. Can somebody guide us on the size of the balcony for 7112? Is it smaller than other Verandas? The square footage appears to be the same but the image gives us the impression the balcony is smaller. We may want to change staterooms. We have 7112 booked but are worried the balcony is too small. Just an illusion?
  2. Just off Summit. Definitely a grill in ocean view. Yes there is ice cream including soft serve but not 24/7. Making a 10am flight? Why put yourself thru that stress. Pick a different time. Must have other options. the entertainment was outstanding those that say otherwise I question what they saw or what they expect in the middle of the Caribbean. We enjoyed all the shows in the theater. I will post some videos shortly on you tube.
  3. you are correct on both points... We booked the Summit online using the Celebrity website. We never transferred to TA or better yet we did not know to transfer. The Connie was booked while signed into our credit card account. Now I understand who the TA is for this booking.
  4. thanks we booked the Summit Cruise direct with Celebrity, no TA. Our confirmation for the new booking (paperwork) also came from Celebrity so I did not realize that a TA was involved with the new booking so I did not intend to mention by name. But your are correct...a good exercise.
  5. thanks...i will edit post. oops looks as though I cannot edit. Can a mod delete it?
  6. So...I guess we do have a travel agent...LOL. I guess we will see what is offered on board. The mileage thing expired yesterday and is not a deal breaker. As we all know it takes a lot of miles to have any real value but we do use them for flights. A better price and giving up miles is not the end of the world. Thanks for your insight.
  7. thank you this makes sense. I think our upcoming Summit cruise price changed 3 times after we booked with promotional sales we took advantage of since original booking.
  8. We have not been on our first cruise yet with Celebrity but will be on the Summit in 3 weeks. Of all the cruise lines that are available we feel Celebrity is the right one for us and we want to stay loyal to. Especially since we appreciate what they have done to rectify the Valentine booking we had with Tuscan and chose not to hits us with a cancellation and the new $119 price tag...:). So we booked the Connie for October out of Venice to Rome. We booked this thru United Cruises since we were able to get 7 miles per dollar spent. We earn and use a lot of miles each month so why not
  9. Celebrity has listened and has done the correct thing in my opinion. I need to clarify the menu for that evening as I am not a fan of what they were advertising.
  10. Yes called Celebrity. Made opinion known and was not offered anything nor did I care. I canceled. but... I believe there is a new email that now says “we are sorry”. It was a mistake and they have retracted their demands. Lol. will update here if this is true.
  11. cancelled our reservation...Celebrity offered nothing. I was told that this was "normal" for Tuscan and Murano that these restaurants have something "very special" on the menu for that evening. WHAT!!!!!! You call this menu "special"??? OMG...It's lame. Were we born yesterday? Oh well...too rich for my blood. create a menu worth 240 bucks and you may have me at "hello"...but for now its "see ya". Tempted to cancel all my specialty dining...
  12. they can break it up into 4 courses...still out of their mind. Greater than double the 90 bucks.
  13. well...they are out of their minds! $119pp for this menu. NO THANKS! Appreciate you posting this. thank you KurtMo
  14. boy...let this resonate...an additional $240 per couple to dine. Now don't get me wrong, we have dropped a couple hundred on dinner before but it at least included a bottle of wine. I do not know what could possibly be served to warrant this price tag. even a surf and turf will not justify this in my mind. Better yet...it appears to be a mystery since they are not even indicating what the $240 will provide? At least the $45 (or $90 per couple) you know what your options are since the menu is on the app and documented numerous places. The $119pp is mind boggling in my opinion.
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