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  1. Hi I know very little about her other than the googling I done upon her arrival, the picture was taken on my iPhone 11 Pro as I stood on the balcony of the QV. At the top on the right hand side above the comments you can look at all the EXIF data of the photo.
  2. This was taken in Cartagena Spain it didn't stay for long but looks an awesome vessel.
  3. Maybe a little late now but we have just returned from QM 6098 and yes there is an entrance almost dead opposite our door to the staff lifts & stairwell but the door closed quietly and never noticed it throughout our stay.
  4. The waffle ones are still lush 🙂 enjoy your trip and have fun!
  5. We had the same package, bubbles were great, nice half bottle to go with the room breakfast, flowers almost lasted the whole 14 days, photo is 8x10 just have your photo taken as many times as you like then select the one you want and submit the voucher when it comes to pay (If selecting on one of the digital screens then get one of the girls to place a note on the order of DNC do not charge) slippers and gowns were in addition to what was placed in the room but, they are not the white fluffy ones with the gold embroidery as previously mentioned they have a white logo and the material is like a
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