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  1. 28 minutes ago, 2Oldpeopleinlove said:

    Thanks again for the kind and informative replies.


    we're in a Britannia balcony, but if that means waffle robes, we're fine with those. A fifty-pound lapdog makes frequent washing a necessity, anyway. 

    For many years, this was out of reach for us as well, #55, so I can hope for you that you see some of the same changes we have seen. And thank you.


    The waffle ones are still lush 🙂 enjoy your trip and have fun! 

  2. We had the same package, bubbles were great, nice half bottle to go with the room breakfast, flowers almost lasted the whole 14 days, photo is 8x10 just have your photo taken as many times as you like then select the one you want and submit the voucher when it comes to pay (If selecting on one of the digital screens then get one of the girls to place a note on the order of DNC do not charge) slippers and gowns were in addition to what was placed in the room but, they are not the white fluffy ones with the gold embroidery as previously mentioned they have a white logo and the material is like a waffle pattern. 

    After a couple of days we got upgraded to a grill suite and the dressing gowns were the real nice fluffy ones so I am not sure if you get these in the package if you are in this calibre of room. 




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