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  1. That's frustrating. Our cruise was cancelled by RC. We are still trying to get a refund on our flights also, Ryanair are refusing to give us a refund, I hate them. Haha.
  2. That is fair enough. But we won't be putting down another deposit until we get the money back. We were told it would take 45 days maximum to get the money back, we are now over on about 90 working days. If they weren't going to do it in the 45 days, they never should have said it. Fair enough if it takes 50 days but not 90+.
  3. Yes I done a quick title search. Couldn't find anything directly about Royal Caribbean. I have tried everything at this stage. I am not the type to ring up and ask for managers and cause a fuss. But this is a joke. We were told 45 days and its now well past that.
  4. Good to hear. Ours was the first week in April. Hopefully we will get ours back soon so.
  5. Ok very strange. All of our cards are the same so it isn't due to that. I still cannot understand why we have not got ours but others have. Especially people from June cruises.
  6. I am just wondering is there many other people waiting for cruise refunds? I was due to go on a cruise at the beginning of April and it was cancelled by RC at the end of March. We requested a refund straight away and were told that was ok and it would be processed right away. We still do not have it and every time I call RC they tell me they don't know and there is nothing they can do for me. Just keep waiting, it should be in soon. We are looking to book a cruise for the end of next year and can't do so until we get the refund from RC, we have already missed out on a lot of good deals. It's getting very frustrating now especially as it is almost €8000 we are waiting for. I have heard of people getting refunds for cruises already that were meant to sail in June but got cancelled. Not sure why they got theirs before we did, surely it goes in a queue format? I just want to know is there anyone else waiting for money from as far back as this or is it just me?
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