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  1. Thank you for posting because I had assumed I had to just eat the cost of insurance. I called the insurance company and I have a hold on the policy and I can reuse when I have new travel dates.
  2. I've used a YOSH waterproof case/bag for my iPhone and it worked great. They sell various different brands on Amazon just search. There's room inside for a little cash and credit card as well. You wear it around neck like lanyard. I just tucked it in my snorkel vest.
  3. Anyone recently stay in an Haven OS on the Getaway that can answer a question about bottled (or carton) water? I know you get some on the first day but is that it? Can you get more throughout the cruise? And, yes, I know you can refill a bottle but I would like to know about profiled water.
  4. Can you give an idea what the product is? We sail on the Getaway in a couple of weeks.
  5. OP here, thank you for the information. Now, anyone know if it's good on the Getaway or just fair? Thanks.
  6. The Ultimate Arcade is $161 for the week if I purchase now. Does anyone know if I wait until I'm onboard if it will be more expensive? I know my son would like to play some but I don't know if it's worth that much. I have to go with him since he's only 7 so it's not like he's going to be spending hours in there. And, are there enough games that it covers and is it crowded where you need to wait to play? TIA
  7. Has anyone used NCL transfers to/from airport in New Orleans? I'm curious if they're a horrible choice. Considering them for convenience because I am traveling with old and young and don't want to have to drag luggage to Uber. Will we have to wait for ever at airport for others? Flying in same day. Anyone that's actually used them, I would appreciate feedback.
  8. That would be great if you report back after your trip. I really just want to know how the snorkeling is where they take you. Can you actually see interesting/pretty fish there? Thanks
  9. Thank you, the map is very helpful. I definitely booked Dolphin Discovery and the person that booked it definitely said I had to take cab from port and then cab to park after dolphins. I went back to the chat transcript so I don't know what she was thinking. Anyway, I appreciate the info.
  10. I'm a little confused and I'm hoping someone that has been to both can clear it up for me. I thought Chankanaab Park had Dolphin swim but the swim is actually at the Dolphin Discovery Center. It includes the park but the person at Discovery said it is about a 10 minute taxi from Dolphin Discovery to Chankanaab. Is that correct? If I want to do both, a taxi from port to dolphins then taxi to Chankanaab and then taxi back to port? If true, I'm thinking maybe we need a hourly car with us. Anyone weigh in on distance?
  11. Has anyone done the snorkeling on Daniels tour? We definitely want to hold sloths and snorkel but I've only found a few reviews mentioning the snorkeling portion. I have a 7 year old so I don't really want to snorkel from the beach (keeping an eye on how far out we get) but we want to see some pretty fish. Anyone done it?
  12. Thanks, I checked out YouTube. Doesn't look anything like the promo photo!
  13. Brookie848, thank you for your response. I do like to sit at the cabana and watch my son so distance is something for me to think about. And the pool one is cheaper but offers less. So, does it not look like the picture in real life? These look so close to water and water and sand look beautiful. Very deceptive?
  14. We want to get a cabana on Harvest Caye to assure of us of shade. I have a 7 year old who loves the beach but some of the things I have read, the beach there doesn't sound so great and I'm wondering if we would be better off with a pool cabana instead. Anyone had one or both of those that could give some guidance?
  15. Thank you, I didn't know that could be done. I will definitely ask the concierge because I don't want any accidental charges.
  16. I was looking for the Arcade package in my NCL booking and I don't see it offered anywhere. Can you purchase ahead of time or is it not offered anymore?
  17. It seems that when you use one of your specialty dinners at the restaurants you get apps, 1 entree and dessert. How does it work at Wasabi were sushi isn't really and entree kind of meal. How many rolls and sashimi can we get?
  18. Go back and verify the flight with the airline. I had that problem and my flight number and time had changed since I had booked it only a few days earlier.
  19. Can anyone tell me which shows they offer that would be appropriate for a 7 year old? He loves music and enjoys broadway musicals but I don't know if the material from these shows is appropriate or not. Any help is appreciated.
  20. OP here, thanks to those that weighed in. Next question, trying to figure out the additional charges. At the time of booking there was a "dining service charge" part of the invoice. Once onboard, what do I actually pay when I use one of those "free" specialty dinners? Do I pay 20% based on what I would be paying if I was paying? They make it so confusing (probably intentionally).
  21. Seems unfair when his service charge is the same and the fare for his part of cabin is the same as if he was an adult.
  22. My son (7) and I will be in one cabin and we have selected the "free" specialty dining package. Can he order from the regular menu as I do or does the package require him to order of the childrens menu. I'm sorry, I can't figure all of this NCL way of doing things.
  23. Thank you Genman36. For anyone else looking for a definitive answer - I called NCL again and this time I asked them to go find out from someone that actually knows things and don't make up an answer. After being on hold for awhile, I was told that it did not have a door and only a curtain. Seems like poor design to me in a large cabin for multiple people but whatever. Thanks for the responses.
  24. Thanks, but that video actually doesn't show a door just a curtain. The half bath has a door and the what looks like a door when they show the master is the door leading to the living room. It does not show a door closing off the bathroom. I appreciate you searching for the video anyway.
  25. I'm trying to find out if there is a bathroom door on the master bath in the Getaway Haven OS. From videos online, it appears that there is not a door but only a curtain. I called NCL and the person I spoke to said that's ridiculous, all bathrooms have doors but I'm not sure that's correct. Is there anyone that has actually stayed in 16100 or 16700 that can confer or deny the existence of a lockable bathroom door?
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