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  1. Although I am vegetarian not gf, I would agree about food, as per my comments, I did not like their attitude and everything to me seemed bought in, a real shame as they do much really well, food however is not one of them and I think for the premium price one pays it should be better,
  2. Thanks I have tried that but will try again, x
  3. Thanks I was just curious as we have only just got back I guess it depends on when you book? We were on 8th Feb to New Zealand for 15 nights, but thanks for info.
  4. Thanks for info, to late for us now we only got back 10 days ago, ut booked 8 months ago, nice to know though for others.
  5. When we were recently on 15 night to New Zealand we only had 1 bag per 7 days ?? And we were in Club Continent, we did ask and told this was correct how come the Veranda gets 4 bags on 15 night?
  6. Went 11 years ago on QM2 fab and not too rough going round the horn. Next year going to Rio and then to Amazon, on 21 day cruise. Fantastic place amazing scenery, wildlife, etc, go if you can.
  7. I explained I do not eat boiled, fried, scrambled eggs etc but would eat them as a glaze or in a cake or something similar. I appreciate they have to be careful, but the food was generally very poor not fine dining and they were very rigid in their approach, never mind I guess we have been unlucky like 10 years ago, but are booked onto Oceania for next year, so no worries, still enjoyed the ports of call and azamazing evening.
  8. Hi on our azamazing evening recently in Wellington anyone with a mobility issue was asked to go first, other than that it was done by deck number. All very well organised, no standing around and quick to get people out of venue and back on buses. Have fun.
  9. Sorry meant to have also asked how did you get this booked I have filled out online form on his website and emailed with no luck. Thanks
  10. Thanks I have looked it up, we are trying to change our plans to be able to do this too.
  11. Some lovely ideas thanks, did Oceania do the trip into Boca to the village, I would love to do that. Can I ask why you did not lie the tours with Do Brazil right, they have been recommended by someone else and I just wondered, we were thinking of doing Recife and Manaus with them. I always try to get off if only for a few hours or I go cabin crazy, thanks for all the help.
  12. Oh that sounds good that is the sort of thing we like. thanks.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions, we are in touch with a local company re Rio and Manaus and Recife, also found a few things to do in other places, looks like plenty to do for us. I understand what you are saying, we have been to lots of places that are poorer countries than UK including India, we take it as we find it, and always enjoy!
  14. Thanks, I had thought of that, lovely suggestion
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