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  1. I only know the Flora, but the pre and post cruise as well as actual experiences on the islands I believe are fairly similar. So if price is a factor, and galapagos is a bucket list item, I think going on any is better than not going. So we were also on the younger end of the spectrum, but not really active-active people. I feel like most of the benefits of the flora are better appreciated maybe by those who are no longer young and spry. If you are in decent health for your age, then I don't think the differences are as pronounced. If you like being pampered though,
  2. California is a big state. With lots of different people. It's a complicated situation and anyone who thinks otherwise is naïve. Lots of people think the lockdowns don't go far enough. Basically, the younger and poorer people who's jobs are at risk are the ones who are most at risk at contracting the disease are the most supportive of even more stringent lockdowns (that are actually effective). The older and richer people and business owners who are more able to isolate and are less likely to get the disease are the ones who are upset at their business los
  3. A naturalist told me the biggest difference between the routes is that on the outer loop you get to see the albatrosses and on the inner loop you get to see the red-footed boobies. Otherwise they share most of the same spots. Maybe see if it is the proper nesting season.
  4. About noonish, then they take you to the mariott from the airport so you get there like early afternoon. They had an optional 1 or 2 hour shopping trip to a couple arts/crafts places for souvenirs that I feel like a majority of people went to. Then dinner is provided and you have the hotel room for the night and I think breakfast the next day. The shuttle to the airport is the last thing provided. For the people flying out the next day they had i think 3 tours/excursions that they offered that you can sign up for extra $ that you can sign up for that afternoon you get back.
  5. 1) i think really depends on weather? We had good weather and the landings were basically in like barely ankle deep part of the beach. If you waited for waves on a few of them you could jump over and avoid water all together. I tried a mix of things. If I went back, I might only bring normal whatever shoes (hiking boots are not necessary, sneakers or whatever is comfortable works well enough) and just wear sandals or barefoot for the landings. I tried those hybrid water shoes/hiking sandals things and the beach sand got everywhere and was really annoying. Also, since most of your group a
  6. Nikon makes pretty good glass. It's slightly more pricey but the prostaff 7s is generally significantly better reviewed than the 3s and may be worth the increase. Is there anyway for you to try them in person? How steady are your hands? You could consider trying 7-8x as well. Also since most cruise excursions are in daytime with good sunlight, The smaller _x30 may be good enough compared to the _x42. I have a monarch 7, and there are things that the specifications don't really get a picture of. You can get a better feel for things if you go and take a look through some in perso
  7. In general, you get what you pay for. The stats don't tell the full picture of the binoculars. Even at the same magnification, some binoculars will have sharper images than others. Some will have more or less distortion at the edges. Even with a big field of view, it's not as useful if the outside isn't the same focus as the middle.
  8. A naturalist told me the biggest difference between the routes is that on the outer loop you get to see the albatrosses and on the inner loop you get to see the red-footed boobies. Otherwise can see most everything on either one.
  9. The regulation is that you have to have one naturalist per 16 tourists. That's why a lot of the cruise boats/ships in the area have passenger counts in multiples of 16. But that means all 16 have to go on the same excursion at the same activity level. I don't ask how many naturalists they currently are using for the xpedition, but the benefit with the flora with having 90-100 passengers and 9-10 naturalists is that they can do 3 different excursions at differing activity levels, and keep all the groups around 10-13 people, and not really have number restrictions on the 3 differin
  10. I respectfully disagree 🙂 Having experienced the Flora... it was amazing and gorgeous. so many details worked so well. Just for the nice easy-mode zodiacs... (6 of them) not to mention the huge expansive marina... the high naturalist/passenger ratio (~1:10)... the smooth ride... the elevator Spent a lot more time than expected on the ship... always a few hours here and there. Having a nice room and super nice bathroom was pleasant.
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