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  1. Hmm, not my experience for the cruise I just booked. Perhaps just pent up FCC demand.
  2. Interesting topic. As one of the customers who elected to cancel a few days before the cruise was cancelled in March, I was not offered a cash refund, nor the 125% FCC gross-up. I got 100% FCC (including my insurance premium). That was my decision as I felt it was unsafe to take my family on the cruise, whether it went ahead or not. No one has a crystal ball, but of course I would have taken the cash refund had I known it was going to be ultimately cancelled anyway. Should I have waited until the last minute to cancel? (hindsight 20/20, I'm a pretty risk averse person). As some have mentioned on this thread, the prices of the NCL cruises are going up, and will continue to go up. This is a function of the fact that they need to start to recoup losses once they do sail again, and the 125% FCC which ostensibly is like NCL "printing money" for an inflationary effect on prices. The other thing that weighs on my mind is how restricted will passenger sizes be once they can cruise again? If the passenger ratio is 50% or anything close to that, of course that will further put pressure on prices (if anything is still available), as supply will be even lower, but all this FCC due to expire Dec 2021 is obviously creating a lot of pent-up demand. All these cruises that are fully booked in the coming months, will be cancelled. Then when they do get to sail, how do they decide who actually gets to go on the cruise if they are at 50% capacity (as an example)? LIFO? So if I'm booked on a cruise, but the ship is "overcapacity" based on what the operating decisions are at the time, do I get booted off and then left to rebook (hopefully) on another cruise that I can accommodate with my work schedule, by the end of 2021? What will the price of that cruise be at that time? It's an inflationary trap. So almost certainly I'll need to pay more money out of my pocket so as to not lose my entire initial "investment" in the cruise. One can debate whether they think these additional dollars or a loss or not (I sure think they are), but at the very least it is forcing me to throw good money after bad, else I lose it all. Maybe we'll all be lucky (not just cruising but generally) with a miracle vaccine in miracle time. Failing that, if NCL extends the deadline for using FCC by at least another year, it would alleviate some of the demand vs. supply pressure. But I can't imagine them doing that until they either feel political pressure to do so, or it suits them based on their financial projections.
  3. If you don't like the weather in New England Alaska now, just wait a few minutes! Unfortunately we are pretty much bound to the 'peak seasons' for travel - March Break, July / August, or Christmas / New Years. The videos I've seen of both observation lounges look amazing - huge windows. Views look amazing!
  4. And to steer this back to the purpose, I'm pretty excited - lol - a year away. Any little victory these days. Such a vacation is a big spend, but it's like when we took our kids to Disney World a few years ago - it's not like you're doing it annually. Vacations like this are few and far between. For me and my partner it's also a chance to have the first no-kids vacation since forever. I have watched some youtube (I know that does not do it justice), but the majesty of the Alaskan landscape, just wow. We also have a husky, lol.
  5. What on earth does any of this have to do with Cruise Critic? You research cruise prices on CC? (huh?). You learn of your own cruise next credits with NCL on CC? (not even possible?). You claim to have gone on 50+ cruises to Alaska...unless you are a stowaway (or crew member), that requires quite the resources (re: money). Glad you end your posts with a peace sign emoji, signals that certain passive-aggressive behaviour only found in keyboard warriors. I'm guessing you are trolling me. Not a bad job.
  6. No I meant I don't have the money that you do. Thanks for your sarcasm.
  7. Hi there - it's a good point on the month and weather. We would have to cruise in either July or August. The July bookings all look more expensive and then August dates seem to become progressively cheaper...I'm guessing that is weather related. So your July cruise must have had the best weather, but at the same time...even that can't be guaranteed. Sounds like you had wonderful times each time! It's a long way off, but it's nice to plan and imagine a vacation.
  8. Hi - thanks for your post. I'm not sure about the "more interested in the Haven", but yes, given the amount of FCC I would book the Haven. Part of my thinking is both the Encore and Bliss have huge observation areas, including one dedicated to the Haven. If you stay in the Haven you are steps away from that lounge. To your point about weather, yes we'd have a balcony, but if it is rainy or cold, then I would think the observation area would be the "go to" place. I've read the regular (non-Haven) observation area can get really crowded and people camp out there all day. I'm not interested in playing the "lounge chair game" on my vacation, particularly in an indoor observation lounge, but that's just me. I have spoken to friends and colleagues who have done an Alaskan cruise and they said it was one of the greatest things they've ever done (for the most part...a couple of naysayers). For me it would be a bucket list item - I clearly do not have your resources, if you have been on over 50 Alaskan cruises...that's fantastic! Short of hitting the lotto I do think it will be the one and only trip we take to Alaska.
  9. I guess if I delay my retirement for another 5 plus years! 😂
  10. Glacier Bay does seem to be the consensus on "must see". Although again, both sound amazing and can't lose. For the ships, it does sound like there are some small differences, but again, can't really lose with either Bliss or Encore by the sounds of it. I just hope this guy doesn't upchuck with sea sickness.
  11. I also wonder if the entertainment on the ships may be a reboot with the restart of sailing...I wonder how much will actually be replaced or "updated" whether it be entertainment, restaurants, ports, you name it...once cruises resume.
  12. lol. Well, I guess so much so that I don't feel comfortably saying.
  13. Thanks everyone. It sounds like we really couldn't go wrong either way. The Bliss cruise is a bit cheaper - not sure if this because of the Encore being the newest ship, the itinerary, or both. This will likely be the one and only time we visit Alaska so a lot to think about when considering the excursions too.
  14. Hi there, I know many members here have done an Alaskan cruise, but I do find it hard to search for comparisons on this forum...maybe just me. The search feature isn't very good, IMO. Anyway, I'm thinking at this point that summer 2021 may be the earliest I'll be willing to cruise. I have enough FCC to choke a horse, so looking to book a cruise in the summer (must be July or August) of 2021, to Alaska. We had a cruise booked pre-COVID-19 that I chose to cancel, so I received FCC. To get to the point, I'm looking at two different cruise options for Alaska for next summer. Of course these itineraries may be altered (or cruise cancelled) at any time. I just would like some input on (a) the two different itineraries and (b) the ship. Again this would be summer 2021 booking. Thanks all....hope you are all keeping well and safe! Option (1) Alaska: Dawes Glacier, Juneau & Ketchikan - On the Bliss Option (2) Alaska: Glacier Bay, Skagway & Juneau - On the Encore For either option we are thinking the Haven proper. (our pre-COVID-19 plans were the Haven Aft). We plan to leave the kids at home if we do Alaska, and I've been assured we can apply their original cruise dollars to our Alaska cruise for just me and my partner. I'm really interested on thoughts on the itinerary and the ships. Thanks all.
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