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  1. Agreed, either you believe in prevention and science, or you don't.
  2. Trump took a drug, with unproven benefits but definite concerns, as a preventative measure before being infected. And he then took a non-recommended / untested cocktail to recover from COVID. So I guess he was crazy, both times, based on your definition. This is not a logical argument. You personally took the flu vaccine once, and got the flu. Ok. You in that one situation. Anecdotes are not science, skippy. (had to borrow that form another post) Nothing is perfect, reference: your comments. Who is asking you to d
  3. I agree with what you're saying here - but it still stuns me how much we have skyrocketed in infections. There are certain areas that are much worse. Peel region Ontario is an absolute joke - I think their infections are due to absolute disregard for social distancing and other preventative measures. A disproportionate number of people in Peel just don't care...maybe we could ship them to Florida.
  4. Also - if you are in Canada, no need to record it, just go to the CBC website and you can stream it for free (sort of): https://www.cbc.ca/natureofthings/episodes/the-covid-cruise For those in the States, I have to say this would be the very first time I have ever heard of an American being blocked from content they want to see in Canada - especially the CBC, LOL! We are regularly blocked in Canada from seeing U.S. content if a Canadian broadcaster has the rights...but who the heck would buy the rights in the U.S. for CBC's the Nature of Things? LOL
  5. Thanks for posting this. Really interesting report. They speak about how COVID impacts the heart and kidneys (and of course lungs). And can cause permanent organ damage. And a lot are infected asymptotic...all the more scarier for those at high risk. The captain / management made a huge mistake lying to the passengers about the constant / continuing infections. I could also see myself taping off the vents on that ship (assuming you have a balcony) - let's hope air filters in the future would make that a non-issue. Can you imagine being the crew member
  6. Thanks - I guess that would be the case if they are still cancelling at that point. I should have been a bit clearer with my question - I received FCC due to me cancelling days before the shut down order...I wasn't sure what was going to happen, so we cancelled. I received FCC under the brand new POM, and that FCC expires by Dec 2021. I'm assuming, perhaps naively, that even if cruises are up and running by September - they may still not be quite that safe...wondering if NCL would extend my credit beyond that Dec 2021 deadline if I decided not safe to sail in 2021. When I 'sign
  7. Given that 2020 is entirely a write-off for cruising, and likely up to half of 2021 will be a no-go, I wonder if NCL will consider extending the FCC deadline of Dec 31, 2021 to use the FCC under the POM policy? I booked a cruise for late September next year, but who can say if cruises will actually be sailing then...hopefully so, but even if so, will they be at reduced capacity even then? While vaccine news seems increasingly positive, nothing is for sure. I am not super confident that our rebooked cruise at end of September will go ahead...maybe cautiously opti
  8. Hmm, not my experience for the cruise I just booked. Perhaps just pent up FCC demand.
  9. Interesting topic. As one of the customers who elected to cancel a few days before the cruise was cancelled in March, I was not offered a cash refund, nor the 125% FCC gross-up. I got 100% FCC (including my insurance premium). That was my decision as I felt it was unsafe to take my family on the cruise, whether it went ahead or not. No one has a crystal ball, but of course I would have taken the cash refund had I known it was going to be ultimately cancelled anyway. Should I have waited until the last minute to cancel? (hindsight 20/20, I'm a pretty risk averse person).
  10. If you don't like the weather in New England Alaska now, just wait a few minutes! Unfortunately we are pretty much bound to the 'peak seasons' for travel - March Break, July / August, or Christmas / New Years. The videos I've seen of both observation lounges look amazing - huge windows. Views look amazing!
  11. And to steer this back to the purpose, I'm pretty excited - lol - a year away. Any little victory these days. Such a vacation is a big spend, but it's like when we took our kids to Disney World a few years ago - it's not like you're doing it annually. Vacations like this are few and far between. For me and my partner it's also a chance to have the first no-kids vacation since forever. I have watched some youtube (I know that does not do it justice), but the majesty of the Alaskan landscape, just wow. We also have a husky, lol.
  12. What on earth does any of this have to do with Cruise Critic? You research cruise prices on CC? (huh?). You learn of your own cruise next credits with NCL on CC? (not even possible?). You claim to have gone on 50+ cruises to Alaska...unless you are a stowaway (or crew member), that requires quite the resources (re: money). Glad you end your posts with a peace sign emoji, signals that certain passive-aggressive behaviour only found in keyboard warriors. I'm guessing you are trolling me. Not a bad job.
  13. No I meant I don't have the money that you do. Thanks for your sarcasm.
  14. Hi there - it's a good point on the month and weather. We would have to cruise in either July or August. The July bookings all look more expensive and then August dates seem to become progressively cheaper...I'm guessing that is weather related. So your July cruise must have had the best weather, but at the same time...even that can't be guaranteed. Sounds like you had wonderful times each time! It's a long way off, but it's nice to plan and imagine a vacation.
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