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  1. I did get a reply from NCL last year. "We sincerely regret to learn of the circumstances that resulted in the cancellation of your intended voyage aboard the Norwegian Bliss and hope that you are in better health. As I am sure you know, our cancellation guidelines are quite strict, as is standard for the cruise industry. For this reason, we strongly recommend that our guests obtain travel protection, to cover unforeseen circumstances such as you experienced. As a convenience to our guests, we do offer a "Travel Protection Plan" plan through Aon; and most of our travel partners also sell plans to cover cancellations. While we truly sympathize with your situation, we are unable to offer a credit for the cancellation fees assessed to your reservation. We hope you understand it would be inconsistent for us to make exceptions when other passengers with similar situations have cancelled and accepted these terms." So at the end, we did not get our refund, nor did we have any insurance. (The travel agent never offered us one) and the credit card company does not refund cruises. Interestingly "what goes around, come around" In a span for 5 months, the company went from full arrogance to almost bankruptcy....... You can hide in a Caribbean country so that you cannot be sued but a the end, you could not get a bailout either Hopefully one day, they will learn to be more human like the hotel or airlines industry, empathy goes a long way in building trust with your customers. Karma is a *****......
  2. Thanks for everyone’s feedback, Indeed, this was a difficult lesson to absorb. Unlike US and European Credit Cards, it is not normal for the credit cards from the rest of the world to carry travel insurance. It just not a normal benefit with credit cards outside the west. I bought the ticket directly thru the NCL Representative directly by phone, no insurance option was provided. Maybe I should have asked about it, that’s my fault. This is the reason airlines (American Airlines) and booking companies like AirB&B provide medical reprieve when a trip is interrupted due to medical reasons. This is not uncommon outside the west. I caught the medical problem early and informed NCL, yes, I am supposed to get a 25% refund. Did not get that either. I was simply told “ you travel insurance will take care of it” via email. They no longer respond to my emails. Hence my comment about them as soulless. I was hoping to resolve this amicably before my operations in a few days, but it has dragged out for almost a month with no end in sight. It was interesting to read the comments from the board “ sob story” and “ “ People straight up die and don't get refunds for uninsured cruises. OP, you are not special”. And “ You can't call them soulless for you not reading the contract you agreed to. I am 150% certain you never thought you would need cruise insurance. Unfortunately, without it, there's no reason they should give you anything. So, to all the other 75% of the worlds population that live outside the west who read this, I begin to understand now why NCL does not respond with any compassion. Advice,: simply, do not take your cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line unless you have your own private travel insurance and don't expect a refund even if legally you are supposed to get one.
  3. I arranged for a 3 week for me and my wife on Norwegian cruise lines out of LAX. (3.5K USD trip). We had saved an planned this trip for almost 2 years. One month prior to travel I found that I had a blockage on one of major arteries. The doctor recommended That I do not travel until the heart procedure is completed. The condition was serious enough that the medical procedure was scheduled within 3 weeks of the initial diagnosis which would have been right in the middle of my cruise trip. contact American airlines, Airbnb and told them of the situation and provided them with the proper documentation, they graciously gave me a emergency medical reprieve and refunded me my ticket and booking fees. I suppose neither one them wanted me to die on the trip, I appreciated that. Norwegian Cruise lines however flatly refused any refund, even after I showed all the medical documentation. I was shocked. They said there is no reason that they would provide a refund, I suppose they expected me to make the trip and maybe die on the trip just for kicks….. soulless company I even asked them to keep the cruise ticket refund in my account, so I could use it in a later date, they refused. They were required to provide with a partial refund, because I cancelled early. They said” you should have travel insurance with your credit card, we suggest you claim it there”. I did not travel insurance with my credit card company, so at the end, I have not got the partial refund and or a medical reprieve refund. They even stopped answering my emails. Norwegian is a soulless company that simply does not care about you. If there is a lesson here that I would advise anyone looking for a cruise, avoid vacationing with Norwegian, they are a company that has simply no character, loyalty or care for their customers.
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