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  1. Thanks! So, we have had the adult beverage package in the past. Then, when we got on the ship, we went to one of the bars or specialty coffee stations and purchased a Smoothie card for our kids to enjoy frozen N/A drinks. Do they still sell these on board the ship?
  2. Does NCL have a non-alcoholic drinks (frozen or smoothies) or specialty coffee cards that can be purchased? Or, do you just pay as you go? I had purchased a smoothie card for my kids several years ago, which worked out great when they were not with me and wanted to purchase one without having charging privileges. Just wondering if NCL still has something for non-alcoholic specialty drinks or coffees or if that is gone? Thanks!
  3. Good to know! We really like waves (big or small). Are all the beaches very calm or do some of the beaches have waves for playing in?
  4. We have been on both a western and eastern cruises with our kids since they have been toddlers. It seems like the western itinerary better as it seems to have more of a variety of activities outside of beaches and shopping, at least from what we experiences, which may be limited. There also seems to be a good mix of sea days and port days. However, we are looking at a southern Caribbean itinerary now. When I research the excursions, they are all mostly beaches and snorkeling. These are great fun, however, the itinerary we are looking at has 5 port stops and only 1 sea day on the first day. All fabulous places that we have never been to - Aurba, Curacau, Bonaire, St. Lucia and St. Kitts. It leaves out of San Juan. So, this will be an up early everyday type of cruise as we will not want to stay on the ship for any of these ports for fear of missing out. So, I know a southern cruise is going to be longer, but how is a southern cruise different from western or eastern? Just curious if there are things to do outside of beaches and shopping for these ports. Also, we would want to snorkel 1 day. Is there a best port for this? Thanks so much! Amy
  5. I understand that kids have to be 12 years or older to be in a Havana room. Does this also apply to the pool area? I guess my question is, will kids 13 and up who are booked in a Havana room have access to the Havana pool area during the day? Thanks much!
  6. Hello There! Thank you so much for sharing your map! However, for some reason I did not receive it. Would you be so kind and share it with me again when you have a free moment. I am at beaman1011 at gmail. Thanks so much! Amy
  7. We will be in OSJ in February and looking for a courtyard or patio type restaurant with ambiance. There will be 8 of us, including 4 kids, so nothing too fancy or expensive. Just looking for a pretty setting with decent food. Thanks for any suggestions you have!
  8. Hello Lynn! I would love the tour map and notes as well, what a fabulous resource, so generous of you to share! My email is beaman1011@gmail.com. Thanks much, Amy
  9. Is a 10:30 shuttle too late for a 1:30 flight out of MCO?
  10. We depart Harmony of the Seas on Sunday, Feb 16 at Port Canaveral. We are the only ship in port that day. We will be using one of the recommended shuttles on this board. My question is, what time should we schedule for the shuttle if our flight is at 1:30pm out of MCO?
  11. We are cruising of port Canaveral on Harmony in Feb. What is the best time to arrive at the port where you dont have to sit around waiting to board but also avoiding long lines? Do you have a favorite time to arrive and why so?
  12. We sail Harmony out of PC on Feb 9th. When would the formal nights most likely be? Day 2 - Sea Day Day 3 - Sea Day Day 4 - St. Maarten Day 5 - San Juan Day 6 - Sea Day Day 7 - Coco Cay
  13. Wow, that is fab! I always thought between 11am - 1pm was a really busy time, so we always targeted getting to the port around 10am, however, there seems to be quite a bit of waiting then too. I am curious what is the best time to arrive at port so you do not have to wait in long lines or sit around waiting to board? I guess I am not even sure what time boarding typically starts in Port Canaveral.....
  14. Yeah, I can imagine. I found a 12 passenger van with one-way rental from Hertz for $68. I am a little leery it is legit or may not actually be available.
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