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  1. Doing a tiny thing for avoid disappointment for your children when they are children, what comes around goes around, those children may be the ones caring for this parent in his older age, and having chicken rather than the beef dad doesnt like is returning the favor of avoiding disappointment for the parent in older age, as he did in younger age. This debate is getting old. The children were excited for the ride and it suck its not working, nothing can be done about it, but they can be disappointed just as us adults can be. Have you, never been disappointed? are you more of a human, because you are an adult, and have a right to experince disappointment but children cant.... simple, they chose a vacation, as a family, for various reasons, one being the skyride, its not working, disappointing, period.
  2. You are over reacting Of course the children arent paying for it. Does that mean as a parent we cant understand times they would be disappointed? These children may one day be the children who are caring for you, and saying to their spouse, well lets have chicken because i dont think Dad ( or Mom) really cares for beef. No????
  3. the big difference is, Disneyland has multiple / Cedar Pointe .... they have multiple rides and attractions, if you dont go 100s of feet in the air on one ride you can choose from many others, if you dont get to go up down in and out and about on one ride, you can choose another, there are many.... the ship has ... ONE such ride, period. and i believe OP is more disappointment that seeking $$ realistically. Yes he said hope they give them some arcade credits ( i can understand that too) children can be fickle, not spoiled not uncontrollable, but sometimes when a smile is removed so easily ( the down of the skytrack) something else so simple can help bring it back( arcade credits)
  4. so hilarious to see the ridiculous replies to this topic. Get real people. OP stated it was the reason the cruise was chosen.. so many are so quick to babble oh you let your children decide? oh you expect Carnival to move mountains. NO, Neither! The reality is we all have family vacations and consider EVERYONE in the family. Gone are the days when children were seen but not heard. Vacations are chosen for various reasons, and that INCLUDES the attractions one may or may want to see, the skyride, in this case, being the attraction. Would you insist on going to Disney if most of the family wanted Sea World? Would you buy you children blue or red or green, if they wanted yellow, in a shirt? Of course not. Most of you need to get off the mightier than thou mountain, chillax, relax, and be fair. A decision was made for a particular reason. I remember taking my newphew on a cruise, he was 7. He was SOOOOOO excited for the skyride. Would he had been disappointed if it was out of service? YES I recently did a cruise on Royal Caribbean and i, as a 57 year old adult who has done in excess of 70 cruises, would have been extremely disappointed had the North Star been out of service. In fact, I was bummed the one day it was down due to wind.. ( even though i had the rest of my cruise to do it) So a child being disappointed because something they were looking forward to it totally normal and ok, just as it is for us adults. Its called being human, but too many rather mouth off with bs that relax and look at the simple post the OP made, disappointment
  5. thank you everyone. I am under the assuption that spa access comes with the Aqua Class as well... is this something anyone could use meaning, if we keep the hump balcony we can still do the persian gardens etc.? the is my first celebrity cruise ( 60+ on Carnival) thus the confusion for me. Also, we have set dining as of now, if we move to Aqua and thus Blu.. do we lose our MDR set time?
  6. Good day, first let me explain i have searched both celebrity site and this board... my issue is i have never sailed celebrity before and am not sure of what exactly aqua class will get me. Currently we are on a hump verandah on deck six ( one of those slanted ones) We were offered to bid for aqua for 200 total I have read and it references the spa, does this give us access to spa amenities? Blu restaurant, what exactly is that, seems something special or is it simply a dining room? what else does aqua give us that we will do without in our standard balcony would you give up a hump balcony for aqua? any help appreciated
  7. I did, and great tips too. I can honestly say in more than 60 cruises, i have NEVER had a room steward that i would complain about. I keep my room in tip top order always.. and dont expect a lot from them... however, anytime there may be a small this or that i may need, i find all you have do is ask, or leave a note with a few singles... i have never once had an issue., not once.
  8. not sure.. recently did 21 nights on balcony, our room steward was fully aware we had the travel clothesline and never mentioned it. In addition to this, when they cleaned the balconys, staff other than our room stewart.. actually took down the clothesline while cleaning, then put it back up. Was never an issue.
  9. if you have a balcony... you can get a clothesline on amazon 10 dollars. We take it on all cruises.. comes with pins, and we wash up our delicates in the sink( bring small liquid tide) hang out on the line and dries in no time, saves your delicates from the hot water laundry.
  10. After reading all replies, i in fact do see the logic. and yes what a way to pull a scam. Book 4 people cancel oen and two, and u end up with two people having paid maybe 150 each. Now i agree with the logic ... wow however on a sidenote to that... ( lets assume most wouldnt do teh scam thing) like any insurance, you pay a premium, there are many people on these ships who buy even carnivals isnurance who never ever use it, so wouldnt it balance out in any event, it is what it is, there are insurances who will cover his full fare.. nothing to do with room numbers, and obviousy thats the way to go.. thanks everyone
  11. All im saying is, if i am paying xxx dollars for Mr xxx insurance, should he have to cancel Mr xxx fare is what should be insured. I would expect a refund only for the person who is insured and has to cancel.
  12. So, i have never had carnival vacation protection. I called just now as we may have to cancel one person for medical reasons. Sure no problem, i can pay the $129 per person up to 14 days prior to departure. Perfect. So we got into working the numbers, the agent i spoke with was quite knowledgeable. Amazing to me how it works tho, not for our benefit! if you have the insurance and make a claim, for insurance purposes everyone is considered the last person. Interesting Even though the person who may need to cancel is in fact primary person in room, paid 869 plus taxes and fees... he becomes the last person, in this case a room of four. His refund is calculated on the 4th person rate.. not his rate! so pay 869, and be refunded 139.00 which is what fourth person was. Considering the insurance cost 129, we would get a 20 dollar refund, plus of course taxes and fees. I find it amazing that even though you insure specific people, one two or all, the insurance uses the last person rule, for calculations. Never heard of this , and wonder if any of you have ever run into this type of thing Insure 869 but be reimbursed based on 139?? strange
  13. lets see.. i have 21 days till i do a b2b2b2b on horizon, yes 4 april 6 14th 20 and 28th 76 days till my 14 night Russia Scandenavia June 2 118 till my b2b for australia July 14 and July 22 19 nights total 203 till my 24 nights transpacific to Singapore Oct 6 and 445 to my 16 night transatlantic to iceland greenland ireland etc 461 to my b2b norwegian fjords
  14. Ive been reading through threads in the cruise fashion and packing section i have come across several threads concerning hair straighteners and curling irons Some say the are restricted some say they are ok I have searched the MSC site and cannot find it. I details alcohol and drinks etc not permitted, but i do not see anything else, tho im sure there is a list on their site.. any ideas?
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