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  1. What APP / webpage is this?
  2. Yep, I get it a lot actually. What normally works for me, and I have no idea why. After the message comes up I just click on the Celebrity logo at the top of the page, which takes me back to the Celebrity home page. Sometimes it then, after a few seconds just automagically logs me into my booking page, or other times I have to click on 'sign-in' and then it takes me to my bookings.
  3. Hi @grandgeezer, Just wondering how you were able to get such a good deal in a Sky Suite? I assume you're quoting in US funds, which works out to around $410 CDN per night. How many nights / what cruise location? If you don't mind sharing? I find it hard to get a standard balcony for $400 CDN a night! We have a cruise booked in April 11-21, deck 6, unobstructed with 2 perks (Classic BEV / 300 OBC) 3700 CDN (~2750 US) and to us that was a REALLY good deal. We only got that price as it was part of a group package. I don't know, maybe I'm doing something wrong, or looking at the wrong travel agents... As a side note, I tried to send a message directly to you, to keep the thread clutter free, but received "you are allowed to send 0 messages per day". I looked this up and found out that Cruise Critic disabled private messaging a while ago, apparently to keep information public not private. Yet you're not allowed to talk about specific travel agents. Can't talk about them privately, can't talk about them publicly can't talk about them at all, apparently. So, I'm not sure how one would find out where others are getting such good deals without being able to name specific travel agents...
  4. Was on Equinox sailing Nov.16-23. The spy movie was not played during the muster drill.
  5. Any other suggestions? I'm all ears. Wouldn't happen to have a list would you? Or if anyone has a list, or link to a list that would be fantastic. In the meantime I'll go searching through the forum.
  6. This sounds amazing! Every time I get on the ship, it's like I have a brain fart about what drinks to order. I've recently been looking up 'frozen cocktails' to try on my next cruise in April. Some I've come across thus far. Paloma cocktail w/fresca Midori Sour Midori Colada Chi-chi Rock Lobster Bushwacker Bay hill hummer Orange creamsicle Frozen sex on the beach
  7. I can't remember if they do 3 or 4 month stints at a time. I believe he started beginning of November 2019... Anyone know who the other Captain is on Equinox? I'll be back on in April, and I know it won't be him.
  8. Agreed! Just came off a cruise November 23 with him as the Captain. I've been on 3 other Celebrity cruises and Captain Tasos was by far the best. Not in terms of his ability to pilot the ship, but his communication to the passengers. I felt that he kept us more informed about what was going on, where we were, information during the day etc. more so than previous Captains. Not that prior Captains were bad, he's just better. He is quite funny as well. I also believe he said, during his "learn about the Captain" show in the theatre that he was one of the youngest Captains in the Celebrity fleet.
  9. 123 days - Celebrity Equinox - 10 Night Southern Caribbean 352 days - Celebrity Equinox - 12 Night Ultimate Southern Caribbean
  10. Just my opinion, but I don't think any water should be 'premium'. Water is water, and paying for water is crazy. Again, in my opinion.
  11. I did not know that! With that I say, I know what I'm getting on my next cruise come April! Thanks for the info @gordiej
  12. I just came back from an Equinox sailing in November. We only had the Classic beverage package and coffees\teas are included in the package. The only ones that would not be included are those with a shot of alcohol in them.
  13. If you call, there's quite the wait. Said there's a longer than expected wait times. It said it would be about 20 minutes, I've been on hold for 55 minutes now.
  14. Using said website makes it much easier to figure out the ACTUAL price. Thank you. That being said, I can't figure out how much OBC I would be entitled to. I think 300, but not 100% sure. Especially when I hear people saying they're now getting 500+. Was pricing out April 11, Caribbean on Equinox, unobstructed balcony.
  15. Apologies, I wasn't aware of the rules. I just joined Cruise Critic over my frustration of the Celebrity site and their Veterans Day sale. Appreciate everyone's comments on this topic.
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