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  1. Given a cruise I was interested in, I’d go in a heartbeat. Of course I am signed up for a December cruise even without a vaccination requirement, and it looks like I will be able to take a previously arranged July trip to Iceland now because I am vaccinated. So I am obviously pretty bold. And obviously vaccinated! 🙂
  2. If you want to see how your state is doing at getting doses they’ve received into arms. New Mexico is number one! https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/public-health/states-ranked-by-percentage-of-covid-19-vaccines-administered.html
  3. In Oklahoma I just became eligible this week, and I was able to find two locations with appointments available within minutes on my first attempt. The catch was that I had to drive seventy-five miles, which I did gladly. The clinic was incredibly busy, but run pretty effectively in a vacant former anchor department store in a mall. Took me two hours to get in and out. there were a lot of people around, and even though people were trying to distance, my suggestion is wearing a KN-95 mask if you have one, or double masking if you don’t. If you’re willing to drive, be sure to extend t
  4. Permit me to put on my custom-made Captain Obvious hat and ask, are you sure you don’t have old emails lurking in gmail or similar that can help your case?
  5. I get my first dose tomorrow! Hoping for progress on getting back to travel!
  6. Tried again unsuccessfully to load pics here. I was able to add them under “favorite cruise memories” in the gallery. Five pictures by me. To be clear, this wasn’t an HAL Tour, so your tour may be different. There is a wet season and dry season that will greatly affect the water flow.
  7. I was on a land tour about five years ago. Depending on options, you get pretty wet. I’ll post a few pics. Notice how soaked I am in the shot after we went near the base of the falls, the amount of water droplets on my camera lens in another, and how wet people are in a later boat trip to the base of a cascade which your excursion may not include. On the other hand the views are spectacular! You have to walk over a fair amount of boardwalks with stairs, though it isn’t an athletic day. I’m sure a lot of this depends on exactly what options your tour operators choose. EDIT: I thought I knew how
  8. I had an FCC from a cancelled Asia (!) cruise last March, and had been planning to use it in a 2022 Alaska cruise when those were announced, preferably Seattle to Seattle to avoid international flights. But the prices on those are so high, I decided to go for a cruise in Australia. Similar price for a longer cruise. My feeling is that when the issues of cruising in the age of Covid are solved in one place, they will be solved everywhere, so Australia will probably open up when Canada/Alaska does. I am taking a risk but I think it’s a good one. And I will get an even more memorable cruise out o
  9. I’m excited about the ship, I just signed up today for the eleven day cruise from Perth to Sydney this December. A little of a gamble, but I am looking forward to it! 🙂
  10. Congrats to those who endured the Westerdam, this was meaningful to me because I actually considered going on that cruise! I ended up booked for a cruise leaving Shanghai I believe on February 29th. Of course I didn’t go and the only drama I had was waiting for HAL to cancel....And now figuring out what to do with my credit which expires if not used in a couple of days!
  11. Most City/county health departments in major cities have an immunization group. Mine will research foreign travel and arrange for the appropriate shots based on your destination. Start on it well before your trip. Having said that, I’m pretty sure I didn’t get any immunizations before my Egypt trip, though that was over twenty years ago.
  12. I think they sometimes have a problem with left hand and right hand coordination at HAL. I was on the February 29 cruise cancelled several days ago, but yesterday I received an email admonishing me to enter my flight information for the cruise!
  13. I also got refunded for feb 29 cruise yesterday. Quick work by HAL!
  14. As a North American, my impression is there is a fair amount of tourism and business traffic between Australia and Southeast Asia, especially Singapore. I may be misinformed, but that was the conscious decision I made. Like others in this thread, I’m most concerned about disruption and quarantine and the stress on my worry wart 85 year old mother, though I also have a lot of respect for the risks of catching the disease if that low probability-high consequence event happens!
  15. I wouldn’t plan a trip to Asia, and probably not to Australia/NZ this year, though if I already had them booked I wouldn’t cancel yet. I was on the canceled Feb 29 Westerdam cruise, and actually considered a Panama Canal cruise as a replacement! So I’m not rejecting cruises as a whole. Though if things get bad I may rethink that. I have a Mediterranean/Middle East cruise scheduled on a different line at the end of the year, and am eager to go! 🙂
  16. I think they are hoping delay will cause more people to accept the current offer of a credit for a future cruise rather than cash refund and presumably credit on a future cruise if HAL cancels. Good for the balance book, but not customer-friendly!
  17. I’m booked on February 29th, and I’ve also received multiple upgrade offers, including one yesterday. This morning I received a cabin assignment with a slight upgrade, I believe from VH to VF. It is academic for me, as I won’t be going. My expectation has been that HAL would have to cancel the cruise, but if not, I have the Platinum Insurance.
  18. When this is over, there’s a good chance it will be quick. The SARS epidemic was raging in late April, and two months later in late June, it was declared over. People will take a little longer to start booking travel to Asia, but there will be promotions and this may fade from memory surprisingly fast. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_the_SARS_outbreak
  19. I booked the lowest grade of verandah cabin direct with HAL, and about two weeks ago I received an email offering an upgrade to a Neptune Suite for about $1300 based on two people, and a lesser grade of suite for a lower cost. I found a corner stern Neptune Suite for the $1300, and came within a hairbreadth of booking it. Then the news and some research that evening made me decide to cancel! I received a similar email with a slightly lower price a few days ago. Maybe HAL offers these deals to people who book with them as an incentive? In any case, I’ll bet you have a good chance to upgrade bef
  20. To me that is the sensible thing to do, at least for the first half of the year. Too much uncertainty about getting sick in a foreign land, whether attractions will be open, ships will be able to get into ports, and even travelers be able to get home for me to risk vacation days and money on. Plus I have an elderly worry wart mother, and even I would feel some stress if I went. I do feel some envy for those like Betty in Cozumel who are going. Could be a great cruise, and I got an inexpensive upgrade offer for a Neptune Suite on corner stern that I’ll never be able to afford on a normal cruise
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