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  1. Really hoping we hear something from NCL soon, with their fleet redeployment announcement surely at least one ship may come to the UK?
  2. Looks like the Caribbean season is from January - March and she’s going to Southampton first supposedly for naming ceremony and maiden?
  3. Interesting, I wonder if that means that either Britannia or Azura won’t be going or 3 ships
  4. Hearing from Carnival it will be 3 ships from P&O operating the new cruises. Can only guess that most likely will be Britannia, Ventura & Azura but could be one of the adults only ships instead. 5 & 7 nights and I think they said 4 aswell but could have been 3.
  5. Princess have said since the original announcement it’s going to be late summer before they are sailing
  6. Quite possibly. Still we haven’t see anything at all, we have even seen the inside of Odyssey Of The Seas and she isn’t even finished yet haha!
  7. I think this could be quite likely. Although note Iona does Canaries in the winter so not sure they would put Britannia on this aswell. Britannia isn’t really a cold weather ship so they would obviously need to be cautious about basing her in the UK. The gulf is a good point - I think P&O do plan to go back there so the logical step would be to use Azura and then if they prove popular upgrade to Britannia or Arvia
  8. Where would Britannia go? Year round Southampton? I think this is likely too.
  9. I might be wrong but we haven’t seen any interior shots of Iona yet have we, aside from renderings?
  10. I have also been wondering about her deployment. I would assume if Arvia was to take over doing Malta sailings, Azura would return to Southampton offering sailings to the Med and/or canaries from here. (Or Arvia will do this and Azura will remain). Still I’m assuming her Winter season, thus including her Maiden, will be somewhere other than the UK. Maybe Barbados, but would they want 3 ships based there - it takes two days to fill up Azura!
  11. I agree that it will likely be Ventura and/ or Azura. I’d say Ventura would be the safe bet to book because of the covered pool area - we know what the British “summer” can be like haha
  12. This would be a good idea, the National Express coach park in Southampton is within walking distance of some of the terminals to be honest. If not just a very short taxi ride
  13. Think they might be both due out around the same time, think they might do 22/23 first but not too sure
  14. Isn't it later this month for the itineraries? Princess have gone for 'late summer' - wouldn't be surprised if P&O are thinking the same timeframe, possibly slightly earlier.
  15. I would be interested to know peoples thoughts for what / how many ships will be sailing? I would assume Iona will not be one of the first, but there again neither will Aurora or Arcadia (most likely). Personally thinking it will be Ventura, Azura & Britannia to begin with. Ventura would be strong contender for me with the covered pool area meaning having a higher chance of being able to use the pools etc if you end up with rain for the whole of your cruise! Would love to know what everybody thinks will happen & also the ships they would like to start up first.
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