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  1. So do we think that Quantum is getting pulled from Asia for at least a year then?
  2. This is true and why I think it is unlikely - however if this is still going on in 21 RC are likely to be looking at long term solutions. Sending them to Europe directly, as you said, is probably more likely - although where they would sail from im not sure. Maybe another ship from Southampton? Barcelona?
  3. I’ve seen her popping up here and there in Europe also, if RC decide to move some ships from the China area to be deployed in the Caribbean we could see another ship in Europe possibly. It’s a long shot but possible
  4. Not yet there have been rumours for just about everywhere but nothing confirmed, with the situation at the moment plans could be changing for ships anyway if they have other ships they might send to the caribbean
  5. Maybe waiting to see how the situation with China plays out for a bit, or just some changes going on
  6. Nope, appears to have gone. Probably another revised one coming up soon then
  7. Yes in 2021 I believe anthem is doing the fjords but I don’t think she is in 2020
  8. That’s a good point, a Quantum class would be great in the Fjords
  9. Even if Spectrum came to Europe I don’t know that she would sail from Southampton? Unless she just did all the itineraries that Indy was going to do I guess
  10. Shame it’s not in at the same time as Anthem, would have made for a great photo!
  11. Yep, I think if they were to move her anywhere she would either be there alone or in addition to another ship. Moving other ships this late when they don’t need too seems like it could create unnecessary problems
  12. Don’t forget we already know where Navigator & Mariner are and what they are doing - just no dates / itineraries to book yet
  13. Interesting. What does everyone think they will do in the dry dock? So far Independence seemed to have better upgrades than Freedom so it will be interesting to see what Liberty gets.
  14. We can’t really complain this is still a lot earlier than we would have got it just a few years ago. Also, RC would rather get the deployments right now than have to change a ship around later on
  15. We know where Mariner is going though just can’t book any yet
  16. Nothing on her or Indy. Probably won’t find out until new year, could be closer to when the itineraries used to be released
  17. Same for Independence. Explorer apparently going to Copenhagen, although could be Miami. Independence supposedly staying in Caribbean
  18. I would highly doubt that’s going to happen, would love it too, but highly doubt it will
  19. That’s what I thought it might be, thanks for clearing up
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