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  1. I worked on cruise ships for five years and only got norovirus once. The media really blows up the cleanliness stories about these ships because it gets great clicks. A cruise ship that fails its kitchen health inspection is still cleaner than any land restaurant kitchen guaranteed. The problem is when a virus outbreak happens on the ships its admittedly very hard to contain it that's why when everything is fine 99.99% of the time, that .01% can get out of hand very quickly if not handled prompt and correctly.
  2. The cruise ship employees, minus some of the upper officers, don't receive any form of payment from the cruise lines between contracts and they don't receive any benefits like health insurance so it costs the company nothing to just delay their new contracts. It's technically not a layoff or furlough but to the employee it feels the same as that. No money or benefits coming in until they are joining a ship.
  3. My point is he has been saying this for months and none of it has turned out to be true. Eventually he will be correct but just because he says something now doesn't mean its the case. Just keep it in the back of your mind when hearing what he has to say.
  4. Please re-read what I said since I made no mention of a vaccine. A vaccine doesn't impact "the ability to test people and monitor people during a voyage." Quick result covid-19 testing is what I'm referring to. And yes, I agree people cannot wait for a vaccine that might never happen.
  5. This. These cruise lines know they cannot afford to risk another PR disaster if covid-19 spreads out of control on a sailing when they restart. They won't be restarting until they have the ability to test people and monitor people during the voyage. I still hope something is in place for my end of August cruise on the Panorama, even if its a cruise to nowhere.
  6. John also said this about May cruises then June cruises which have been cancelled. He also said it when the first few months of Mardi Gras sailings were zero'd out online and then the Radiance. When they initially cancelled May cruises, the Legend European sailings disappeared but he said they were not planning on cancelling them when they did just that a week later. Heald is a Public Relations spokesperson for Carnival. Anything he says should be taken as a grain of salt for the time being.
  7. I'm honestly surprised it's only 20%. Hopefully all those impacted by this have jobs to return to later this year.
  8. The general public has short term memory. People thought this after the Carnival Splendor and Carnival Triumph incidents and it was also said about Costa after the Costa Concordia but that is all distant memory now. Other examples were Mandalay Bay deciding not to change their name after the Vegas shooting. I'm fairly confident the Princess branding will continue.
  9. Because he said the same thing when asked if my Mardi Gras inaugural was cancelled, my back-up Mardi Gras cruise and then my Norwegian Legend cruise that were cancelled. He is saying what their plan/information is at the moment. Just like he originally said the mid May re-start date was accurate a few weeks ago. I think cruise lines will follow similar to what Las Vegas does. I know July 7th MGM Resorts plans to open two properties on the strip (Bellagio and Aria) before doing others. I think whenever cruising does resume, we will see a few ships to "get their feet wet" and see how it goes. My friend at NCL corporate says they expect some ships to not be sailing for over a year. Another friend predicts no cruises will happen this year so we will see. If cruises were starting in June they would not be ferrying ships around the world to bring the crew home. Some of these people have just started their contracts. Just lines know they can't afford another PR disaster like the Diamond Princess incident. They are not going to start until they know they have everything they need in place before hand. Testing, temperature checks etc.
  10. Take what John says as a grain of salt in terms of all this. He is a great guy but at the end of the day he is saying what he can say. Plus your quote shows exactly why it should only be taken as a grain of salt. "We will be back to normal by the end of June, similar to the previous expected timelines" and we know how well those previous expected timelines turned out. John is nice but he is definitely following the orders from corporate. I'm on the Aug 29th Panorama sailing and coming up with some backup trip ideas since I would be shocked if this cruise happened sadly.
  11. The only time a Fantasy class ship is heading to India that isn't bound for Alang for scrapping! I wouldn't be surprised if the Ecstasy goes into long term storage somewhere over there until a buyer is eventually found.
  12. Dropping off crew there and then a stop in Indonesia to do the same. A few other ships are near her doing the same mission.
  13. The only announcement coming about these ships is a cancellation/major delay unfortunately.
  14. Even with contracts there are ways to get out of them for a certain penalty. NCL cancelled the Norwegian Epic's sister ships that were under contract during the last recession. Sadly I don't think the Leonardo ships will happen and if they do, they might look at them again in five years.
  15. Damn that is wild! I would love to hear them try to defend some of these unlikely events to the media.
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