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  1. My 11 day cruise on the Wind to Fanning Island was one of my favorites ever. I really loved how open the top decks of the Wind were. The worst seas I have ever encountered were returning from Fanning however. When I was working on the Pride of America it was a nice bonus that every other cruise the Wind would sail next to us all night on our way from Honolulu to Hilo.
  2. Thanks for the feedback all! The location would be Mexican riv and pacific coastal. Luckily this would only be one or two calls a week. Will think about it more. Thanks again!
  3. Not a downer at all, this is exactly the type of feedback I need. Thank you! I know NCL has pretty advanced internet (Netflix can even work) but wasn't sure about the other lines. Thanks again!
  4. Hey Everyone! I'm lucky to be able to work from anywhere and was thinking of booking a few HAL cruises to work from. From time to time I would have to join a zoom type call and was curious if this is possible on HAL? Basically in your experience, was the internet pretty reliable? Worst case I can join by audio only but would prefer video. Thanks in advance! (This would be on the Kon or Zuiderdam)
  5. Doing a nice tip the first day to one or two servers saying "thanks in advance, please keep an eye out for me and I'll have more of this the final night" always works well. In my experience they can be slammed with people in a different part of the casino but if they see you they come right over to make sure you don't need anything.
  6. From what I've been told by someone who I really trust, the itin won't be cancelled but the ship is changing to a different ship in the same class. That was as of last week though so maybe it will change next week lol
  7. I agree I really enjoyed her. To this day the worst rocking I have ever felt was on her while we sailed to Hawaii from Fanning Island. The stretch made her a little wobbly with those swells. The stacked restaurants on her stern overlooking the wake and aft pool was beautiful.
  8. Nice and spacious! I think the Norwegian Wind/Dream had the best pool decks. Plenty of space and didn't feel cluttered.
  9. I think they are just pointing out that the vaccinations don't prevent you from getting covid they just make the case minor if you do get it. A lot of people think you can't get covid if you've been vaccinated. I'm sure when cruises return several vaccinated people will be shocked to find out they have covid and might be denied boarding.
  10. I'd imagine their restart would be almost 100% identical policy wise to the other lines. 16/18+ needs to have had it done and children with a 72 hour covid test prior to sailing. They can't risk having an outbreak onboard again as it would be a PR disaster for their restart. With just a few ships doing the initial restart and smaller capacity it wouldn't be hard to meet their booking numbers with those rules in place.
  11. The passenger count wasn't terrible with multiple ships but the fares were quite lower and the big issue was staffing all three ships. It was more profitable to ditch two, reduce employee rated expenses and turnover and jack the fares of the sailings up 2-3x. Edited out the part about they wanted to own a lot of the land based experiences because it was just explained above better.
  12. The POA has been the cash cow of the NCL fleet since it became the sole ship to do the Hawaiian island 7 day itineraries for them and that will certainly continue for the years to come. When I was working onboard we made more in shore excursion revenue than the the rest of the fleet taking a single ship's combined casino and shore excursion revenue. Add on the high fares and it's a money machine.
  13. Two of us get about four a week total and they go straight into the trash in our mailroom. In the past two years they are batting 0 for 200 at my address. 😄
  14. We are not talking about combining the $600 OBC that Carnival offered to rebook a cruise due to a cruise being canceled due to covid-19. We are talking about the OBC Carnival offered passengers who had their Mardi Gras cruise canceled due to shipyard delays before covid19. A max of one $600 obc combined with Mardi Gras construction delays which was $100 per person.
  15. I recommend calling and speaking to a different agent. Let me see if this attachment works for a sailing. The first confirmation is with the $600 rebooking OBC and then after the supervisor approved the initial $100 pp Mardi Gras cancelation combination credit for a $900 OBC. If you just want to disagree still thats fine since it literally has zero impact on me but about a dozen different reservations I know have had the same success. Other people in this thread have too. 🤷‍♂️
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