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  1. ohioNCLcruiser

    Jewel 2018 drydock updates?

    Similar to above I got off the ship today and had a wonderful time. The ship is beautiful and the service was great. However I'm upset over NCL lying to us about the issues. As said above our second day in Kaula Lumpur was canceled so we had more time to get back to Singapore. The Captain announced Singapore officials requested the ship return early and they had no other choice but do comply. I wish they were just honest. I'd expect a Front Office Manager directing their staff to make up an excuse like that, but something about the Captain saying it doesnt sit well with me. Just be honest NCL! However most importantly we had a great time and the ship looks great.
  2. ohioNCLcruiser

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    I like the hull art a lot better than the Bliss and Escape! I'm tired of the scenes with whales jumping, dolphins swimming etc. Nice colors and a bit more towards the older traditional NCL hull arts.
  3. ohioNCLcruiser

    Visa to visit Shanghai

    Our April cruise from Tokyo to Shanghai resulted in about 200 people having to get off in Hong Kong and miss the rest of the cruise because they did not have a Chinese visa. The visa waiver did not apply to those coming from cruise ship on this itin. I highly recommend getting the multiple entry 10 year Chinese visa.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! We booked direct with HAL so not sure if the person who took my booking is the one who will keep an eye out. Our sailing isnt until March 2019 so plenty of time.
  5. Hey Everyone, I've only cruised with HAL once so not very familiar with how they handle this so I figure I'd ask the experts! My friend and I are doing a 14 day cruise out of Shanghai on the Westerdam and were assigned SY 8068 which is a full wheelchair signature superior veranda cabin. My friend and I do not need this but its the only cabin left in that category. We called HAL and let them know we don't need it and would like something else. My worry is that for selfish reasons another cabin won't open up and we won't get the tub, double sinks etc that the regular cabin has. My non selfish reasons is I worry that someone might actually need this cabin. We answered yes to the generic booking question of, "Would you like a free upgrade if available" but anything else we would do besides calling every so often? I assume if someone calls them and tries to book a wheelchair cabin they will see if we will take a different category cabin? Anyone with any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! James
  6. ohioNCLcruiser

    Fans of MSC..please brag and tell me how it compares to

    First of all I would relax. I clearly hit a nerve. If you go through my posting history you will see it has almost come to a stand still as we tend to use FB groups now. I can't direct message someone a photo but if you want to provide an e-mail I'll send you a photo of my cabin key and wrist band today but I expect an apology afterwards for jumping to the fake "haven" pusher comment.
  7. ohioNCLcruiser

    Fans of MSC..please brag and tell me how it compares to

    Recently did a seven day. I should add I thought the main show room entertainment was great.
  8. ohioNCLcruiser

    Fans of MSC..please brag and tell me how it compares to

    Recently went on the Seaside in the YC and my "pros" will be a little different than what has been mentioned already. The Yacht Club cabins are wonderful. They are not the biggest standard penthouse size cabin but they have more than enough storage, big balconies and overall great decor. The bathrooms are also very spacious. The YC lounge was relaxing and enjoyed the snacks throughout the day. My pros end there. The YC restaurant service was quite lacking in my experience. They were friendly, just appeared to be very disorganized at times. Drinks would often come after appetizers arrived and sometimes almost a 20 minute wait. The food quality was beyond disappointing and I think you will be in for quite a surprise if you're used to X quality in this area. My group stopped going to the restaurant after a few days which on other lines, like the Haven at NCL, we would be looking forward to our next meal while eating the current one. So the YC = nice observation lounge, great cabins, free drinks around the ship but the rest was a big let down. The MSC is a beautiful ship though!
  9. ohioNCLcruiser

    Question about Eurodam April 2018 Drydock

    Just got off the Eurodam and they have already stopped using the Atrium bar. I asked one of the bar tenders and he said it has been almost six months since it was used last.
  10. ohioNCLcruiser

    Liberty fails health inspection.

    Edit: mods please delete
  11. This this this! Agree with 100% of what you said. MSC sure has some absolutely stunning ships.
  12. ohioNCLcruiser

    Everything.. Norwegian BLISS! - launch April 2018 -

    From what I've been told my a friend at NCL is that they are no longer allowed to have new builds with the boats off the side like that. Not sure if this is a change with USCG policy or NCL themselves.
  13. ohioNCLcruiser

    Everything.. Norwegian BLISS! - launch April 2018 -

    The deck plans will be 100% the same as what we already saw. Only thing that would make this more exciting is if they release renderings with it.
  14. ohioNCLcruiser

    Norwegian Aura?

    If that is the name it sounds like it would not be Chinese market based.
  15. ohioNCLcruiser

    Pride of America - replacement or sister ships?

    The Pride of America will be the next SS Norway of the fleet in terms of being the old Grandmother in the fleet. As long as they maintain her well with dry docks people will continue to go. With her being the only 7 day Hawaiian cruise she has zero competition and that ship is the CASH COW of the fleet. Shore excursions alone bring in more $$ than ships twice her size bring in with the casino and shore ex combined.