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  1. @Got2Cruise there will be three of us total. Interesting on the surge pricing, I didn't even know that was a thing! Thank you for that information. @navybankerteacher we will be going from port to airport (it will be the day before and plan to use the Uber then also but will be in no rush if it takes awhile). I guess the same unknown will be from port to airport since I have no clue when we will step off the ship, per say. I'm glad to hear from both of you that connecting and finding my Uber won't be an issue. Thanks for that!
  2. Sorry @1025cruise, that would have been helpful....it is for Norfolk!
  3. Some might laugh and joke but I took an Uber for the first time EVER last month. I was a nervous-nilly on how all it worked but was fine once my ride arrived and I was on my way to my destination. We are travelling next year to a port that we will fly (day before) and I have already loaded more "Uber Cash" onto my app with a gift card to go from airport to hotel. We will be walking to the port since it's only a few blocks away and I am considering NOT booking transfers from port to airport but rather either take a taxi or an Uber. (Approx miles from port to airport is around 9 or 11 miles...somewhere in there.) How difficult is it to get an Uber when you are in a group of folks who might ALL have requested one at the same time? Is there specific pick up location we need to find to request an Uber? Would it be easier to just grab a taxi already sitting there? Or do you all still recommend getting the ship transfer to the airport? They are not up for me to view yet (price wise) but I am thinking Uber or Taxi will be cheaper and faster. Thoughts?
  4. Why decorate a cabin door? I can only answer for myself and our family, but we have done it for two reasons. #1- When our son was young it was easy to get turned around on the ship so he knew what floor we were on (the simple number) and if we had the door decorations up he knew which one was ours. Grant you, he wasn't one of those kids that wandered off but when we were all coming back from dinner he LOVED to "walk faster" to find our door. It was kind of a fun game! #2- We also frequently travel with family and friends, it was alot easier for them to find us by the "door decoration" then making SURE they memorized our cabin number prior to knockings on the wrong door and scaring the be-gezzus out of a stranger! Do we do this at hotels? No, we do not....but to me part of the planning and packing for a cruise has included the door decorations. Just a "thing" I did when I was younger and wanted to continue with our son!
  5. I purchased thin cardboard flower cutouts that were about 12 inches tall from the dollar tree, think of Birthday Party Decorations. I packed them in the front of the suitcase to keep flat. Then took a few layers off of the blue painters type tape (re-rolled it around my finger so it was small) and put that in a snack plastic baggie. Then I would loop the painters tape to put the paper flowers to the door (I was never sure when doors were magnetic and when they were not, so this solved it). I mainly did it so it was easier for us (and my young son at the time) to recognize our cabin.
  6. Hi All, Took a short break from the boards and you all have pointed out great points. I DID see where Legend was posted as sailing from Baltimore in October 2023 until 2024 but also correct that nothing at all is out of Baltimore from April to October 2023 (when Legend returns back). I'm hoping SOMETHING about what ship will sail from there soon because I love to pick my stateroom and jump on the "planning trip" early to know we got what we wanted.
  7. I am finding it very interesting that there are no ships allocated in Baltimore from May 2023 until October 2023 (when Legend's schedule from 2023 & 2024 were just released and returning that October). Someone mentioned maybe it had to do with contracts at the port but if that was the case then Legend wouldn't have just announced being back there in 2023 & 2024.
  8. I have never sailed this ship but am now considering taking a cruise out of Baltimore June 2023. Pride is there until October 2021, then Legend arrives but is only listed until April 2023, with no other ship listed at that departure port after the end of April. We have already been on the Pride from that port and knowing it needs to be a "smaller" ship since it goes under a bridges...if it's not Legend what other ship might it be? Not sure if I want to sail on Pride again, I was hoping for a differnet ship since we don't sail often! Thanks!
  9. I know I'm the one that started this thread and THANK YOU for all the comments....I'm loving them, but now I have another question. We are starting to look at and plan a 2023 "Graduation Cruise" since my son and our neighbor both grad HS together. The other family has never cruised before and I was thinking we might book one of the early/late seating in the main dining room since I think they would get a kick out of the waiters knowing their names, sitting at the same place every night, knowing they will see the singing/dancing/dining room fun....but gosh, what if YTD IS really the way to go? If you were to be a "first time cruiser" what do you think you would prefer doing, knowing what both options have to offer. In total there will be 7 of us! As always, thanks!
  10. Hi All, We are thinking of sailing in 2023 with our neighbors (who have never sailed before and the wife and children have never flown before) so our "driving" ports are Baltimore (5 hrs away) or Norfolk (7 1/2 hours away). But I don't see Carnival listed for Baltimore after April 2023 even though they show sail dates for other ports well into April of 2024. And we are sailing out of Norfolk in June 2022 and REALLY don't want to do the SAME cruise two years in a row. Is Baltimore going to be under construction or is this just a Carnival thing? Just wondering....thank you!
  11. I am looking for pros and cons from the last time you sailed last. We have NEVER done this before but we are going to try it for our 2022 Magic Cruise. So when you have this as your seating in the dining room what did you like, love or hate about it? Thanks!
  12. We are going on the Magic in June 2022 (our first ever aft cabin) and now into that it's close to a year, I am finding myself sail-dreaming while at work today. So if you have ever stayed in an aft on the Magic can you share some pics of what it was like or give me any info. We are on deck 9 (My research while booking showed they had the most shade from the 10th deck above). Thank you!
  13. I called this morning and as stated it has not opened to book yet and they suggested I check back online in July. This is a surprise "Christmas Gift" cruise so I can't put it on my calendar since DH and I have a joint calendar (glad I remembered that while entering it into my phone then quickly deleted it without saving....lol) but at least I feel better knowing they are not booked yet!
  14. I've still been looking to book and even though other hotels in the surrounding areas are showing availability most near the Waterside District are still showing as sold out. I guess I need to figure out that 333 magical date to book it!
  15. I was day dreaming today that in one year we will be under a month until sailing. Not sure if we will drive (7hrs) or Fly yet (4-5 hrs with layover) but do know we want to arrive the day before. So I thought I would check out Expedia of hotels within walking distance to the port and EVERYTHING is sold out that day prior. Am I trying to book it to early or am I looking into it too late? I think we want the Hilton Main since incase we are flying and walking to the terminal we don't have a long walk with luggage....but even the Hilton website (to book directly with them) are sold out. Thoughts?
  16. The final payment due is March 27, 2022. I also bought Travel Protection incase cruising gets back on track but something happens on our side.
  17. Hello All, I have a June 2022 cruise booked on the Magic out of Norfolk. I know right now cruises aren't happening with no clue as to when they might resume. I was wondering if you need to be "paid in full" if your cruise gets cancelled to be offered a future credit or if you still have an open balance to be paid (like $100 bucks) do you get a full refund? My total balance due date isn't until March (I think) but I was considering paying it in full when I get my taxes back this year so I don't have to think twice about it. But I read on one thread that if you still have a remaining balance due you should get a full refund. I surely hope and pray by the end of this year Cruising would be in full swing so this would be a null question by the time 2022 rolls around...but I have learned you never know sometimes. What have others currently experienced when it came to paid in full vs. still having an open balance. Thanks!
  18. No, I can buy them with a CC since DH isn't on my account so he wouldn't see them. He does see my checking so I'd rather not take cash out just to keep to the side. I've seen the gift cards at different locations as well, I just need to buy them when DH isn't with me. LOL
  19. Thanks for all the helpful info. Yes, I am now agreeing with all of you on the cruise cash. Especially since I wasn't aware it was a "use it or lose it" and I mainly wanted it to cover anything we might want to buy (a drink or meal here or there and shopping for a Tee shirt or magnet) and yes, the casino trick I have read about but MY luck it wouldn't work by then or something. I can't open a separate bank account to transfer the $ into, even though it would be simple and easy BUT this is a surprise for DH (reason for it going to be casual) and he would see that transfer into an unknown account. I'm giving the cruise as a Christmas surprise to DH and DS THIS upcoming year! DH can't see any cc statements I get nor what I charge, that is why I was thinking of the cruise cash or normal visa gift cards. I just HATE that stupid $4.95 activation fee. Or maybe I look into those "reloadable" gift cards that I think has a higher activation fee but then I can keep loading the $50 each month and just have that one card to use as the Sign and Sail. Need to read up on those to make sure there is no "fine print" that takes a % if not used etc.. Again, thanks everyone for your thoughts and opinions! I certainly do appreciate it!
  20. We are about 18 months until sailing. I am thinking of getting $50 cruise cash each month until we sail which will give me about $900 in cruise cash by the time we leave. This is our first "casual cruise" meaning we will not be dressing up for the one formal night and might or might not get any pictures taken. I plan on buying a few things prior to sailing (Bottomless Bubbles and Shore Excursions) and we aren't big drinkers (this is for a 5 day cruise). So I am wondering, does cruise cash ever expire? Meaning by summer 2022 I am HOPING sailings would be taking place but IF something needed to change and we don't sail does cruise cash just act like having gift cards? OR should I start buying physical Carnival Gift cards and if so, can they be used on the ship against the sign and sail account? Just wondering...it's been a few years since we sailed and I didn't really "plan saving in advance" like I will be doing for the one next year. Thanks in advance!
  21. I posted this on the "Departure Port" thread but someone suggested I ask here: I was doing research on how far FTTF is offered, but then read some fact sheets on it and was saddened to see that it said it wasn't offered in Norfolk. I was wondering if maybe the fact sheet was older or something and if not, why. Thanks!
  22. I was doing research on how far FTTF is offered, but then read some fact sheets on it and was saddened to see that it said it wasn't offered in Norfolk. I was wondering if maybe the fact sheet was older or something and if not, why. Thanks!
  23. Thank you all once again for all the great information. I looked into NCL and RCCL, I have to admit that I think RCCL will more be up my son's alley. When talking to DH about it earlier he reminded me DS will be 18 at the time of sailing and NOT 17. So I need to see if they have a 17-20 type of thing. If I knew any of his friends would go with us I would get two connecting balconies rather then a larger suite but most of his friend have never even been on vacay none less a cruise OR on the opposite coast then we live. So I don't see that as an option so he has someone to "hang with" no matter what. But thank you all once again for all the info!
  24. Thank you for all the responses, experiences and information. I've posted on other boards and what you all have commented is right in line with what they said. I had a long talk with DS again last night on what HE wants out of the cruise (and grant you this is still over 2 1/2 years away) but he did mention that since he will be "older" he wants to enjoy more of the ship in the evenings. I think Princess might be a better match in that case. He also asked why I was looking at only these 2 lines and I explained about Glacier Bay and his response was that he is sure ALL of Alaska is going to be amazing and if we went with a different line that didn't go to Glacier Bay then he won't know what he was missing anyways. (Right on target with your comments Essiesmom) Thankfully I have plenty of time to get it all figured out! Thank you all once again, I really appreciate it!
  25. Thank you all! I have been reading and reading all day on this forum (for Eurodam) and the Princess forum (for emerald) but many topics seemed geared towards looking for very specific answers. I also DID view a few youtubes until I started feeling seasick watching them (some folks don't know how to slowwwwwly pan vs whipping around to show this and then that and then this again..lol). So I had to quick watching them after the 2-3rd one! Thank you all also for the info on the what I need to do to reserve the "spa pass" I know DH would really enjoy this area!
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