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  1. They were like that for the majority of the time? I guess Carnival realized being in lines wasn't attractive when trying to do bar service as well?
  2. Thank you all For following along with me on this Journey 🙂 I know I am not quite as funny or as through as @Saint Greg But for my first Live I didn't think it went badly :). I Will be back in December on Horizon with my better half for a New years even cruise to the ABC's.
  3. I did an OS on the Sunshine out of PC on an 8 day Eastern back in 2019 and that was nice. I did a AquaTheater Suite on Symphony and that was nice. Whenever I can get my Girlfriend away for a solid week whenever this Covid stuff dies down I wanna take her on NCL Haven.
  4. I don't sail suites usually so that doesn't move the needle for me what so ever. Think I have sailed in a suite like twice.
  5. I don't see the appeal of an Oasis class, After you have done it once why bother doing it again? Sure they are gigantic but Royals other ships ext all have some of the same bells and whistles. I digress though.
  6. No masks required in my 14 days on MG And I had several massages.
  7. Technically my dog got to me first but that is because I am icing and elevating my foot currently but well I haven't seen my girlfriend in two weeks so dirty dirty things happened......... Anywho..........
  8. Just got home I stopped at Urgent Care and got Xrays of my foot since it is really black and blue and I have a fracture in there not a full break. So Thanks Lady for sending me home injured. Anywho, This cruise reminded me why I have missed and love cruising so much. MG is a real game changer for Carnival as will the entire class be as such. It will be hard for anyone to bounce back down to a Spirit/Fantasy or even conquest class after having Sailed on MG/Excel class.
  9. How in gods green earth do y’all drink yourself stupid and stay up all night the last night of the cruise? When we have to wake up at the ass crack of Dawn.
  10. I have no idea I have eaten so much veal Marsala and not having to cook or pay for food? I dunno how I am going to be able to function after fourteen days away lol
  11. Okay some lady just walked by my table and waved and asked me if I had packed yet? I am confused
  12. Went and saw the world works here show, I will upload that video tomorrow since it’s twelve minutes long and a two minute long video took forty five minutes to upload. walking into dinner this dude and his wife are leaving angry saying everyone was going to get bad reviews and wouldn’t wait to speak to a supervisor? I guess it was because they waited fifteen minutes before they got seated? Like what?
  13. Mine have been hit or miss this week, Either entirely overcooked or undercooked lol
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