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  1. Well it looks like there's another drink package on Celebrity. I just read this about The SIP & SAVE Package, where you buy 'blocks' of drinks 5 at a time as many times as you want. I just read the info, and sometimes I'm asking myself if there is an employee at Celebrity in charge of making and changing drink packages and policies fulltime for 8 hours a day. https://onlycelebritycruisedeals.com/celebrity-drink-package-2019-2020/
  2. This site has a copy of all the drink menus from every venue on Reflection as of Dec. 2019. https://celebritycruisecafe.mn.co/ I used it to download copies on my phone and take them with me while I'm on the ship. I'm surprised Celebrity hasn't added this to their app or maybe that's coming in the future.
  3. I use a TA and an AMEX Platinum to book. The AMEX Platinum annual fee is $550 but it gives me an extra $300 in OBC for each suite I book up to 3 per cruise, $200 for each balcony I book, up to 3 per cruise and $100 extra OBC for each inside cabin I book. It also gives me a baggage allowance up to $200 for domestic flights, and monthly Uber credits. Our last cruise we had balcony concierge cabins and managed to snag over $700 in OBC (with a little help from my TA and AMEX).
  4. Check with your Shoreside concierge, because my experience with Move Up is the room upgrade ONLY. This means you get ZERO additional perks regardless of which cabin/suite you you are upgraded into. Check out this link from Celebrity as it explains the policy. https://www.celebritycruises.com/bid-on-cruise-room-upgrade/celebrity-moveup-faqs I specifically asked this question earlier this year after I had purchased the PALL and made dining reservation in Murano and as I was upgraded using Move Up I received no additional perks and no credit for the dining reservation. I've also t
  5. I can't speak to Summit and their service but I was on Equinox for 2 weeks this summer and I had premium internet the first week and the surf package the second week. I was able to stream FaceTime calls both weeks with no problem, and I was even able to use several applications with live streaming feeds like YouTube and some stock trading programs with live realtime stock charts and price quotes. My suggestion for you would be to purchase the surf package and see if it meets your needs, if not, upgrade later. Enjoy!
  6. I use this for drink information https://onlycelebritycruisedeals.com/celebrity-drink-package-2019-2020/ , it's usually updated 2x-3x a week and is pretty accurate. Some of the alcoholic items are variable ship to ship in my experience based on availability, especially wine and wine by the glass (usually the cellar master controls this and is based on what they order vs. demand). Non-Alcoholic items are pretty consistent on every ship, but water can be different, again, based on where you are sailing. Enjoy!
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