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  1. I have sailed on the Sky a number of times for short cruises. Just don't know how I would like her for a week or longer. I have been enjoying the larger ships with Broadway entertainment and Vibe beach club.
  2. Was looking for Caribbean cruises for Sep-Nov 2021 and the only ship coming up in NCL SKY. Also shows a number of ship doing Alaska in Oct/Nov 2021. I have never seen any company do Alaska past September when the weather starts to get bad. Think there is a major itinerary change coming? Or is this a completely new strategy. The lack of ships in Miami is amazing because they have their brand new terminal. Just seems very weird.
  3. Mine is fantastic, deal with them over text. They respond all the time. Once you find a good one don't let them get away!
  4. Hi there, I'll be traveling on the Escape on 2/29 & 3/7. Look forward to meeting you guys. Will you be attending the LGBT meetups? Drew here.
  5. Regardless, I believe it won't come down to a choice. Princess/Japanese Government will come up with a disembarkation plan for passengers, and a passenger cabin will be called and told to pack and given either updated flight information home, a hotel reservation, or a ride to a new quarantine location.
  6. He also said regardless of how long they are in Japan they are going to self quarantine when they get home.
  7. Yes, but people that left the ship because they were positive with the virus and then in turn had 2 negative tests are being allowed to leave the hospital before the quarantine (3 people have left hospital). I would just want off the ship. Even if I have to go stay a week at a hotel. I agree could leave them in a less favorable situation. Could leave them in a much favorable position as well though if quarantine is extended for any reason.
  8. I just hope if they start letting certain "groups" of passengers off the ship, that people leave. David said today they are staying the entire quarantine until Feb 19th even if told they could leave tomorrow. This is just silly thinking. I know they are gaining a following, but when anyone is offered to disembark...take the chance. You never know when/if the Japanese government changes it to a longer quarantine.
  9. Alaska and European cruises are high season during this time. They can get a higher yield on those cruises.
  10. The only other thing you would have to pay is tax if you order a drink while in US and certain country ports. The government needs to get their cuts.
  11. I was just on the sky and there was no surcharge to use the steam/sauna. Just told the lady I wanted to use the Steam Room.
  12. Pay 299.00 for the Villa's. Much nicer than the Cabanas. The villas are air conditioned, have bathrooms/showers, and a nice buffet. They also come with mat and private swimming area.
  13. There have been concerns about the Royal Princess ability to navigate all of Alaska's waterways. Passengers on this weeks cruise north from Vancouver have reported that they did travel the inside passage as advertised and went into the open water west. If this happens on every Royal Princess sailing you would miss out. It was truly gorgeous traveling the inside passage last year on Ruby Princess.
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