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  1. Watching with interest as there are 247 Canadians onboard one or the other ships.
  2. Nobody can accurately answer that question. Any answer is simply a guess.
  3. This is a private island owned by Carnival. Not sure Bahamas has any powers over it,
  4. Any updates on the status of the Zaandam off the coast of Chile?
  5. When I purchased my cruise through a TA, I received a couple of on-board credits. Just over a week away from cruising and wondering when these credits will be reflected in “My Account”.
  6. When making purchases in Carnival owned cruise ports and used by Holland America, specially in the Caribbean, like Half Moon Cay and Amber Cove, are purchases charged to your ship’s account or do you use cash or credit cards?
  7. In check in, I provided my credit card particulars. For my wife, it shows her as being covered by my credit card account.
  8. I can appreciate the objective of staggered boardings, but when you have to checkout of a hotel in the morning, you have to go somewhere. With a 2:30 pm boarding time, I’ll be going to the terminal hours before that time.
  9. Once signed up for Club Orange, what do you get to identify yourself, as such, when checking in?
  10. Don’t know what repairs you’re referring to, but it’s scheduled to sail on February 8.
  11. The app I mentioned above covers the next 30 days. Never mind, I just saw your never mind.
  12. Download the app “Cruise Schedule Port Everglades” The NA will be at Terminal 26.
  13. https://www.portergenie.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgeXC67us5wIVT_DACh3VVAALEAAYAiAAEgL4jPD_BwE
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