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  1. I contacted Regent directly and they gave me the exact date my refund was processed. A couple of days later it showed up on my Credit Card account. You might want to contact them directly.
  2. Thanks Pcardad, I did contact them, and they said it was processed on June 29th. I can seen the pending credit on my credit card..... not that its hit yet Comes as 3 payments, but adds up to the right amount. So the spreadsheet can be updated
  3. Not yet.... I was told 90 days and it hasn't been that yet. We're sad.... would have boarded the ship tomorrow
  4. Nothing yet...... I will keep you posted.
  5. Here is our info.... scheduled sail date 6/30/20cancelled excursions 4/24/20cancelled cruise by Regent 4/24/20 Full refund requested 5/4/20no refund as of 5/16/20 We had not made the final payment, the cruise was canceled days before that was due. Initially we were told we were only eligible for FCC for our deposit. Then on May 4th, we were told that policy changed and we were eligible for a full refund
  6. Irishwitchy, Toolworker and I were talking on our rollcall about my similar issue...... check out the link he posted.
  7. Our final payment is due the end of March.... our Baltic Cruise is the end of June. I can't imagine it going out or if it does ,hitting all of the planned ports. We're brand new to Regent, brand new to cruising. We are trying to decide what to do. Pay the money, hope for the best? Or lose what we've paid so far and look at doing something else with it. We are also in California, have been on lock down all week, and just a few hours ago our governor just put the whole state on lockdown. I do agree with gr'aunt that an update and/or decision for cruises in April/May/June would be helpful ( added the extra months to include ours) given recent events. I know they are flying blind as are the rest of us..... but even a .... Hey we are working on what we're going to do and just hang in there...
  8. Thanks..... good to know, and to aspire to in the future.... Safe travels
  9. As a complete newby to CC and soon to be one of those "in awe" first time cruisers, I have to tell you how much I've been enjoying your blog and pictures. We're on the Explorer the end of June for a Baltic cruise..... your blog has made us more excited for the trip. Although I hate to expose my ignorance, I do have a question.... what is the "upper three gathering" you referenced? e
  10. My husband and I will be in SPB in early July. We will be there 3 days. I have booked a private tour for two days, thinking that on the third day we could explore on our own. In reading the various posts, I'm not sure this will be allowed. The tour company is arranging a visa. Would we be allowed to explore on our own on day three?
  11. You might want to check the general Saint Petersburg forum. Lots of great information and recommendations. We're doing a private tour, with Anastasia when we go in early July
  12. We are also doing a tour with Anastasia when we are in Saint Petersburg in July. When I first contacted them about a private tour they said they had a couple of groups already scheduled for when we are going to be there and would check to see if they were willing to add us. Unfortunately they weren't. But you might want to let your contact know you are looking to add people to your group to lower the cost. They may be able to add someone who isn't on your ship, but interested in a similar itinerary
  13. We are on our first cruise in June 2020, Jewels of Northern Europe. It starts in Copenhagen, ends in Stockholm. We're doing a few days extra at each end. TA contacted them, and we got our flights. So glad we know what they are and didn't have to wait until April 2020 to find out what the flights would be. Guess if you know there is going to be a deviation you can get your flights early. I'm sure you all knew this, but as a newbie I was very excited not to have to wait. Aunty
  14. You mention that you are doing Amsterdam as part of a Christmas Market cruise. We were there in December last year. There weren't any Christmas Markets in Amsterdam. But they do have a wonder canal Light Festival from Late November to January. I know this isn't disability related but wanted to let you know.
  15. I have a folding cane, and it works really well. Used it last year to dance at my nephews wedding. I haven't used it on a cruise yet thought. I have balance issues and use two treking poles. I got mine off of amazon, I was the envy of my knee replacement physical therapy class....
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